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im checking our your theme and notice that the revolution slider doesnt show the shadow at the bottom. Is there a way to make this visible easily?


What kind of Shadow are you planning to place beneath the Revolution Slider.? Can you please provide us with an Example so that we can provide you with a more exact solution. Thanks for your Patience.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else. Thanks. :)


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hi, has something happened to the testimonials part? before, i created a testimonial page, where i saw all the testimonials one next to the other (in a pinterest-style) all over the page. now it shows me only one testimonial, with the option for auto/manual scroll. is this because of some WP update? how can i get back to the pinterest-style page?


hi is it possible to add photos for testimonials? And how can i change the form in the contact template? I need to add some fields and to remove services.

Thanx for your help

I am using a Child theme from 1.1 version of this theme and recently upgraded to 2.3 but lost my Logo images.

In the Header settings of the theme, the image I had selected now shows an odd beginning to the file path:

How do I fix this?

How do I change the content upper the top main menu text on home page?

Hello guys, are u tfine?

Congrats about this great theme but I have some questions.

1. Where are I can fine the extend documentation? 2. Its possible put 2 last blog post at the home, side by side? 3. im with kinda difficult to do the fotter like demo. 4. The slide, wasnt came with right css, can you guys help me with that too?

Thank you

Guys, are you at?

In responsive mode arent work properly tho.

I was able to get these themes through themesclub.net and the site is down now. They are my favorite!!!! Any ideas on what happened?

H! woocommerce 2.3.* doesn’t supported. Is there any update for it?

Anyone alive?

Hi SemiColonWeb!

I have a little trouble.

In portfolio page, there is an arrow at right for go back to portfolio home page. When you click on It, It goes to another website page by default (coworker theme).

I’ve been trying change It, but I couldnĀ“t. How can I change It correctly and put a right url to go back?

Thank You so so so much.

DP: sorry for my english :S

Done! Resolved!


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I have a HTML version of the theme. I was wondering if this WP version supports single-page/one page post or page?



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What’s up with support?

Hi I am finding a typical issue after a certain length of menus which i have added , No further menus are being added and rather they are discarded and the menu also gets removed. Can you help on this ?

Hello SemiColonWeb!

I have a Linkedin code for share content from the blog (this code is generated by Linkedin):

<script src=”//platform.linkedin.com/in.js” type=”text/javascript”> lang: es_ES</script> <script type=”IN/Share”></script>

In official LinkedIn page say ‘Use the Share Plugin Generator to generate customized Javascript code that you can drop into your HTML so that you can be sharing your content on LinkedIn within minutes.’

My question is: where should I paste that code? In wich html page and where?

Thanks so much!

hi sir i want to ask one question? will u guid mee

hi sir i want to ask one question? will u guid mee

Hi. Thank you for your great design :) Does this theme support RTL languages?


Thank You so much for the Kind Words. :)

Yes Definitely! Canvas support RTL Languages. We have included the RTL Templates in the HTML-RTL Folder in the Package.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else. Thanks. :)

Hello guys, are u fine?

When I workin on home page, anything I do, when I save got all misaligned, all lined to right, do you know why? Even when I do SEO, happen this thing.

Another thing is when I put telephone number at header top, the text wont appears.

In responsive mode, the logo got different, can you help me with it too?

url is: dcarh.com.br

Thank you!

About the Home Blog, how can I put always the last post on home to showing every last post at home automatically? thank you!

Hi, I can’t seem to get the Revolution Slider to display on our blog. I purchased the license for it and have tried adding the php code to the page.php file but it still doesn’t display.

the blog pages are messed up, none of the themes stick :(


I set it to small layout, i tried them all and no matter what it all looks like that.

I know nobody is really checking the support comments now but in case you ever do there’s a problem with the child theme. When I upload a new “shortcodes.php” in /includes/ for the main folder it works fine. When I upload it to the child /includes/ it doesn’t work. It must be attached to & relying on something else that I’m not copying across but I can’t work out what. I sorted the issue for now by putting the changed file in the main folder but I’m using a child SPECIFICALLY so I don’t lose customisations like this. What file do I also need to move?