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i don’t know why but, there is no support, i’ve posted on the support site no answer for about a month now, many posts no answer, i see that no one is getting an answer, is this template still supported, because people are buying it and it does not work with any of new wordpress versions…. hope Envato will take care of that….

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Is this an update is planned for the shortcodes are compatible with the new version of wordpress? If not, what simple solution you propose to me? I tried with this tutorial: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/tutorial-how-to-change-zilla-shortcodes-for-wp-39/129078, but it does not work. Thank you for your reply.

Is coworker integrated with WHMCS?

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Hey Guys, anyone that needs shortcodes I have created a nearly complete list form an older version of WP. I hope these help anyone who needs them. If you need the complete list with ALL the options, install WP3.6 and install the CoWorker theme, then play with them on a sample page to get all the options. Here is the list;

Co Worker Shortcodes



[divider type=”line”]

[divider type=”doubleline”]

[divider type=”dottedline”]

[divider type=”clear”]










Tabs – (tour) is other option for ‘type’

title="Title" id=""]Content/tab

Individual Post

[ipost id=”” layout=”full” media=”true” meta=”true” desc=”true” tlimit=”“]

Post Block

[posts layout=”default” number=”5” pagination=”true” paginationtype=”” include=”” category=”” order=”ASC” orderby=”” author=”” tag=”” search=”” postformat=”“]

Portfolio Block

[portfolio columns=”2/3/4/5” number=”12” filter=”” pagination=”” include=”” group=”” order=”ASC” orderby=”” type=”image/gallery/video”]

Portfolio Carousel

[portfoliocarousel number=”12” include=”” group=”” order=”ASC” orderby=”” type=”image/gallery/video”]


[slider width=”” height=”” number=”5” include=”” group=”” order=”ASC” orderby=”” caption=”true” animate=”slide” easing=”swing” direction=”horizontal” slideshow=”true” pause=”5000” speed=”500” video=”true” class=”” style=”“]


[faqs number=”5” include=”” category=”” order=”ASC” orderby=”“]

Google Map

[gmap height=”” latitude=”” longitude=”” address=”” zoom=”12” type=”ROADMAP” scrollwheel=”false” pan=”false” zoomc=”false” maptypec=”false” scale=”false” streetview=”false” overviewmap=”false” markers=”|||; ” class=”” style=”“]

Pricing Box

define="" title="Title" subtitle="Sub Title" price="" pricesub="" tenure="" button="" url="" icon="none" best=""]/price


[team id=”” shape=”” tsclass=”“]


[testimonials number=”5” display=”recent” auto=”true” speed=”500” pause=”5000” tlimit=”” include=”“]

Clients Scroller

[clients number=”12” display=”recent” include=”“]

Icon List – (reference font awesome for icon codes)


Newsletter Subscribe

[subscribe listid=”” inputtext=”Enter your Email to get notified..” buttontext=”Subscribe Now”]

Blockquote (quote is other option for style)

Responsive Content

- Visible ONLY on mobile
- Visible ONLY on tablet
- Visible ONLY on desltop
- hidden ONLY on mobile
- hidden ONLY on tablet
- hidden ONLY on desktop
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Sorry – didn’t translate properly; second attempt with tag;

Co Worker Shortcodes Columns [full class=""][/full] [half class=""][/half] [one_third class=""][/one_third] [two_third_last class=""][/two_third_last] Dividers [divider type="line"] [divider type="doubleline"] [divider type="dottedline"] [divider type="clear"] Button [button url="http://" scrollid="" icon="none" size="" target="_self" type=""]Text[/button] Stylebox [stylebox type="success"]Your Message[/stylebox] Alerts [alert close="true" type="success"]Your Message[/alert] [alert close="true" type="error"]Your Message[/alert] [alert close="true" type="info"]Your Message[/alert] Promo [promo title="Title" button="" url="http://" icon="none" target="_self" style="" class=""][/promo] Toggle [toggle title="Title"]Content[/toggle] Accordion [accordions class=""][accordion title="Title"]Content[/accordion] [/accordions] Tabs - (tour) is other option for 'type' [tabs type="" style="" class=""][tab title="Title" id=""]Content[/tab] [/tabs] Individual Post [ipost id="" layout="full" media="true" meta="true" desc="true" tlimit=""] Post Block [posts layout="default" number="5" pagination="true" paginationtype="" include="" category="" order="ASC" orderby="" author="" tag="" search="" postformat=""] Portfolio Block [portfolio columns="2/3/4/5" number="12" filter="" pagination="" include="" group="" order="ASC" orderby="" type="image/gallery/video"] Portfolio Carousel [portfoliocarousel number="12" include="" group="" order="ASC" orderby="" type="image/gallery/video"] Slider [slider width="" height="" number="5" include="" group="" order="ASC" orderby="" caption="true" animate="slide" easing="swing" direction="horizontal" slideshow="true" pause="5000" speed="500" video="true" class="" style=""] FAQ's [faqs number="5" include="" category="" order="ASC" orderby=""] Google Map [gmap height="" latitude="" longitude="" address="" zoom="12" type="ROADMAP" scrollwheel="false" pan="false" zoomc="false" maptypec="false" scale="false" streetview="false" overviewmap="false" markers="|||; " class="" style=""] Pricing Box [pricing col="3" style="" cssstyle="" class=""][price define="" title="Title" subtitle="Sub Title" price="" pricesub="" tenure="" button="" url="" icon="none" best=""][/price] [/pricing] Team [team id="" shape="" tsclass=""] Testimonials [testimonials number="5" display="recent" auto="true" speed="500" pause="5000" tlimit="" include=""] Clients Scroller [clients number="12" display="recent" include=""] Icon List - (reference font awesome for icon codes) [iconlist icon="none" class="" style=""]List Item[/iconlist] Newsletter Subscribe [subscribe listid="" inputtext="Enter your Email to get notified.." buttontext="Subscribe Now"] Blockquote (quote is other option for style) [blockquote style="" align=""][/blockquote] Responsive Content [responsive layout="visible-phone"]Content[/responsive] - Visible ONLY on mobile [responsive layout="visible-tablet"]Content[/responsive] - Visible ONLY on tablet [responsive layout="visible-desktop"]Content[/responsive] - Visible ONLY on desltop [responsive layout="hidden-phone"]Content[/responsive] - hidden ONLY on mobile [responsive layout="hidden-tablet"]Content[/responsive] - hidden ONLY on tablet [responsive layout="hidden-desktop"]Content[/responsive] - hidden ONLY on desktop
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Very strange from an Elite Author to give no answer and let so many people in trouble about the evolution. So thanks to come back and give us news.

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Doesn’t appear I am going to get anywhere with support. I noticed when client shares link from the website it backfills “By SemiColon Web” into the link on facebook after the site name. I can’t find the text or spot where this text is pulling from. Does anyone know?


Should I expect an answer to this inquiry?


Sincerely, Mika

Answer your dam support! Theme Forest need to ban people like this! Taking money and running is totally wrong. I won’t buy any more themes you make even if they look good. TERRIBLE Come on theme forest, stop taking commissions and deal with issues that buyers have!

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DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM! It sucks! No Support at all.

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For those who has the shortcodes issue I created the updated version. Download from the link below and replace the folder (shortcodes) in: yourwebsite/wp-content/themes/coworker/include/shortcodes with the one in the archive file.


Don’t forget to do a backup of the folder before just in case. The new shortcodes icon will look like this: http://grab.by/z7n8

Could anyone post this page layout codes? In my download it doesnt included.


thank you


The shortcode icon not showing on my post or pages. How come?

I have just installed a new version of the theme again and it is still not there.

Sincerely, Mika

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Hi, quick question. With the new v2.2, do we just download the latest woocommerce plugin and add it to wordpress and it will be running fine? Is there anything we need to know prior to installing/activating the plugin?


your theme compatible with wpml and RTL ?

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So, Will I be able to get the patch for the Revolution Slider update for this theme according to Envato blog?

Thank You Regards

// As usual – Hope no reply from the author. but still posting here ;(

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Can you confirm if you are planning to resume support or should I look for another theme since support is very critical (WP 4.0 is released)?