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Very nice work!

Any chance of making the main menu sticky?

Thanks..! :)

I have the Sticky Menu Code ready, but didn’t make it because the menu in our Live Preview is too long and it gets stripped off from the bottom when the menu becomes sticky.

However, it wont be a problem if you have less menu items.

Finally, It’s here. GLWS

Thanks..! :)

Yes Finally indeed..! ;)

Amazing, good luck with sales ;)

Thank You.! :)

well done, Congrats! Friend :)

Thank You Friend.. :)


Good work, this theme has everything. :)

Thanks..! :) Really glad to hear that.!

12 Premium Sliders? Are you kidding me btw Nice jobs :) Are you buying all of those sliders extended?

Only the Layer Slider and Revolution Slider requires Extended Licenses and permission of the Respective Authors.! You can check the List of Slider on our Live Preview inside the “Home” Menu.!

Thanks..! :)

Delighted! Didn’t think I’d buy it but have a new project that needs it and bought it anyway. Really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

Thanks alot for the Purchase and really sorry to keep you waiting..! We hope you like it..! If you face any issue with the Theme or if you have any suggestion, please let us know..! We would be very glad to help you out..! :)


Really sorry to keep you waiting.!

Just purchased ! :) ?s the demo content available ?

Thanks a Lot..! :)

Yes it is available..! In the “Sample Content” Folder inside the Package.

Before I’d buy this theme, just one question: Is there any possibility to insert widgets that are right below the menu bar and above the sliders?

I found only description to use the widgets in sidebars and in the footer.

Which widgets are you talking about that are below the Menu and above the Slider..?

Widgets can be used only inside the Sidebars and the Footers.. However, you can use the Shortcodes anywhere..!

Actually none of your widgets. Just want to place some plain text or shortcode into a text widget which shall be displayed right under the menu bar. Can this be achieved?

Ok.. So you mean that you want to use the Shortcodes between the Menu and the Slider..?

If yes, then yes it is possible. There’s a Slider Shortcode which shows the Flex Slider and the respective Layer and Revolution Sliders are also available so you can simply Generate the Shortcodes and place it according to your wishes.!

Slider Shortcodes only work for Flex Slider, Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.

I have a question, I would like to use blog as home. Can you put the title above the picture or video post instead of the defaults listed below?

Does this modification will not cause errors in other parts of the subject?

Nope not at all..! :) We will just have to replace the position of the Page Title and Meta above the Image.. That won’t cause any error.

Hi ,

I have question . When I choose menu- Header2 , there it shows contacts page . I add it to the menu but on the site it doesn’t show.

On the other hand , in the main menus when I click on sub menu it suddenly disappears.

What should be the solution *

Thanks for the reply

How can I add custom image to the footer area ? Is there any solution for this ?

Custom Background for the Footer or simply an Image.? Please Open a Topic at our Support Forum so that we can track your requests better: http://semicolonweb.com/support/forum

Hello! Pages can only be within the template? Is there a Page Building?

Thanks alot.. Really Appreciated..! :)

And yet, somehow I can customize a page in its own way?

Yes definitely.. There is Shortcodes Generator included so that you can easily create your content.. Even the blog and portfolio can be included via shortcodes..

one last thing is it possible to expand the size of the sidebar? 210px why now? I need 250 or 300px

It is possible but this will require a bit of CSS modifications in the main stylesheet as well as the responsive stylesheet.. I can help you out with that..! :)

Child theme is supported? What about updates?

Yes it is supported and has been already included in the package. An auto updater has been already included inside the package so whenever we update the theme, you’ll get a notification on your wordpress dashboard just like native wordpress updates..

Really good theme!!! But I can’t find social share possibility for portfolio single item. Can you add this please!. It is very necessary. Thanks in advance!

Thanks..! :)

Well that can be added easily and I’ll try including it in the Next Update for sure.! :)

Thank you so much:)!

One more question, Is it possible, can we add custom meta labels for portfolio single items?

Yes you can add your own Custom Meta Items for Portfolio Single and the instructions are provided in the Portfolio Single Page itself.!

Greate!!!) One more question, is it possible to have next/previous function on portfolio single item or any page ?

The Portfolio Single Page and the Post Single Page already has Prev/Next Functionality. Pages do not have Prev/Next Functionality.

Hello, I have a question before purchase: it is possible add Pattern or texture in body when theme is in full width? Now the patterns just possible in boxed mode, and just appears in background, and I will like to add Pattern in when Full width. I don’t like so much in white.

Congratulations for your theme. It is very nice.!!

Yes it can be added..! I can give you the Code and you can simply paste it in the Custom CSS Section.. That’s all.!

Thanks..! :)

Fast Customer Service!!! Great!!

I’m a Real Beginner, unfortunately, and is easy to add the code at CSS Section?... I don’t know about code, sorry…Hope will be easy to add.

Also a second question is if it is possible to add a New Gothic Font, because is not a Google font.

The 3 question (sorry, maybe is too much) is about the easy build page, like drag and drop or similar?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry for my english and for too many questions!

1. You’ll simply need to copy/paste the code in the Theme Options > Custom CSS. That’s all, no need to know coding. Just Copy/pasting ;)

2. Well it is certainly possible but this will require a bit of development and I can help you with it for sure..!

3. There are no plans to add a Page Builder at the moment. Sorry.

Ask as many questions as you want before you buy to be completely satisfied. After all you’ll paying your money. We are sure you would be satisfied with the Theme.. :)

Love love love :) Looks perfect. Question: Can you set it up for me on my server? The exact demo.

Thanks..! :)

The Sample Content has been included in the Package which you can easily Import with one click and within minutes.! :)

Thanks for the replay. I tried to install it and them is up now but i cant get exact same look as your demo :( Slider, widgets and etc… could you please take 5 in of your time and help me fix it?

Yes you will need to setup your Widgets, Theme Options etc yourself after the sample content import. The Layer Slider export file has also been included in the Package. Send your Wordpress Username/Password to our Email so that we can setup the initial settings. Other things you’ll have to setup yourself..!

Very nice, the header options are bealtiful

Thanks..! :)

bad slider examples: too much motion and that rainbow of social sharing icons …not so good

We are sorry you didn’t like it..! You can definitely control the Speed of the Sliders and also there are 12 Slider Type so we are sure that you’ll like at least one of them.

We have tried to do something different with the Social Icons instead of the regular style of icons which all the themes are including nowadays.. However, we would surely add an Option to add your own set of Social Icons..

Thanks for your Comments and we would surely try to improve..! :)