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Can this be used with COWORKER WP Theme????

VISUAL COMPOSER http://demo.wpbakery.com/ UBER MENU http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703?ref=sevenspark

Plz Reply Fast!!!

Oh….Ok….Thanks for detailed reply….I am really looking forward to use VC….hope you can put it in a pipeline for Future Updates….

We surely will have in the List of Future Updates but this might be implemented till mid-January 2014.

Its ok…I can wait.Plz…Thanks in Advance…I am trying to check Uber Menu….will update you, as in my website options are increasing & I need a bit bigger menu….

Hello? Anybody out there? Any news about the update that was to be release at the end of October?—as we are actually in December…

Hi! Do you know what happened with the update? Was it accepted? Still under evaluation? Rejected again? Very much looking forward, thanks.

Hi the Update is under Evaluation and should be available tomorrow.

Here is a Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ftwf59c5ua34z6/coworker-v2.png

The Demos will also be updated in some while..! :)

Hi, I’m glad you’ve added the shop, but what I’m actually looking forward. for nearly 2 months, are the proper po files, as the ones included in the actual version are not working 100%—frontend is ok, but not backend (you even asked me for screenshots to show where were the problems)... Still looking forward it. Regards.

Is the new update version 1.5??? with woocommerce??

Can you email it to me? I bought the theme and need to get it soooon!

Whats going on????? I still havent seen an update!

The update was rejected and we are re-working on it and it is almost complete. We will reupload it within a few hours. Sorry for the delay..

The admin panel is not working correctly.I am unable to add the shortcodes. Also the them option page is not working. Can anybody help ???

Please email your Wordpress Username & Password so that we can check out the issue and fix it up..

Where can we find an update history to see the features of the new build? What WooCommerce features will be included? I have WooCommerce already included on my own so I would like to see if an update makes sense at all.

The update will be re-uploaded today within some hours and we will also provide you with the Update list.

Hi, the support forum support.semicolonweb.com does not seem to be working. When I try to login, there is an internal error. Can you please let me know where to post queries?

Yes we are working on it and it will be online in a couple of days. Please email us with your queries..

Support Forum = internal 500 Error.

Since weeks.

I am sick and tired of waiting for you and the promised update. will report these problems to themeforest. Sorry guys from semicolon, but this is not how we work in the western world. You promise dan update by the end of october. IT is december now. You stated that there is an update in the approval queue of themeforest 4 days ago. Ypur support forum ist a piece of * and returns 500 internal errors since weeks. Anytime I check if it finally works again, I only see the 500 error. It’s like your support. a big mistake.

Sorry. Really I am just fed up with empty excuses.

Sincerely a Very unhappy customer


We are here and working on everything. You can surely contact themeforest regarding your issues. This isnt how we like to work either. We are trying to fix everything up and surely it is not going the way we wanted it to be.

1. The Update was rejected due to some issues and we are re-working on it and reupload it today within some hours. Since it is a big update, we do not want any chances and we have already mentioned on the forums that we are new with WooCommerce, thus it is taking a bit of time but we have fortunately solved everything.

2. We can re-install the forum and make it up & running right now but we do not want to lose the content and the previous questions. And this is the reason it is taking time to fix it up.

3. We are providing support by Email, so if you have any questions or issues with the theme, why not send us an email and we will answer you promptly..!

We dont like to make our customers wait either and we have not done so in the past. And we are making hard that this also doesn’t happen in future and we are surely working on it. It is 4am on a saturday here at the moment and it definitely tells that we are working on stuff and trying to fix things promptly. Nobody likes to hear such feedback and we dont too. We care about you and will always do. We respect your feedback and are working on it. So we would like to request you for 2-3 days more time for the Update and the Support Forum to come back online and you can count on us this time. Hopefully we will be able to redeem ourselves. :-)

Thanks for your detailed reply. I am sure this will also help others, who are thinking of buying this theme. And others like me who already purchased it.

Honestly, you told me in the forum two weeks ago that you’d release the update within 2-4 days at that point of time. Why don’t you just update us customers, and tell us whats going on, when something isn’t working as intended or when an upload gets delayed out of any reasons? This would make things so much smoother and more transparent.

Also, if the support forum isn’t working right at the moment, then why not setting up a maintainance page, telling us customers, that it is being maintained and will be back and running let’s say on tuesday or wednesday next week? And that maintainance page should also cover the email support option, so customers will not just turn around and think, “darn, this is crap.” Just my two cents.

So now I hope that the update will roll in within these again promised 2-3 days… nothoping for much, but maybe you proof me wrong.

Best Sas

Hey there,

You promised me Events feature – but what if I just make it in-house? ))) Really, no trouble at all, and I was planning to use another Event Calendar anyway. I asked just to make sure that my editing of code won’t contradict with yours when they are up.

Support might have been better, that’s true. But I loved the theme once I saw it, I patiently waited for it to be Wordpressed – and I am happy you did :)

Best of luck with restoring support forum etc! ;)

I think there is a Space-Time Problem in India. Maybe there the time works differently and 2-3 days for them are actualy 2-3 weeks\months\years\decades for us.

Time is Relative

Please read the Previous Comments..! We have already mentioned that we are re-uploading the Theme Today.! Should be available by Thursday.!

I follow the steps in the documentation installing the wordpress coworker theme, but it not works i cant see the same showed in the theme preview, it appears like misconfigured. Wordpress version 3.7.

Link: http://www.wethinkmarketing.net/i2/

Hi.. Thanks for the Purchase. Really Appreciate it.. :)

Everything seems to be working fine. We see you have imported the Sample Content and it is getting displayed as it should. But you will have to setup the Theme Options and the Widget Areas manually as these do not get exported to the Sample Content XML. They are fairly easy to setup. But if you face any difficulties, we are always here to help you out. :)

In the live preview i see full screen, in my site is not the same. Please send me any link or manual to install the template and can see the same than the live preview

Can you please provide me with the link of the Live Preview Page so that we can help further with this..?

Ok, I think I’ve understood your issue. You probably are looking for the Full Width Layout. Please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options and Enable the Wide Layout.

Can you tell me if there is a way to change the width of the clients images? I need some more width. Thanks!

and may be disable the option that they are croppped…

I found get_resized_image but the cropping cannot be disabled somehow


Please add a target=”_blank” to the clients slider logos. THX!

It has already been added.! :)

Hi Guys..!

The WooCommerce Update is still in the Review Queue and will be available hopefully by Today. :)

Where and how can I update to 1.5?

You can download the Latest Update from your Themeforest Account Area and then Upload all the Theme Files via FTP replacing the old files.

I am trying to use the Tabs shortcode – have entered content for 6 tabs, but when I save it, that page on my site is just empty – nothing on it at all.

Is there an error with the tab shortcode that you are aware of?

Make sure you also enter the ID of all the Tabs. It will work fine then.

The Twitter API doesn’t appear to be working in your theme – and I see i’m not the only one with the issue. Please provide a fix!!

Can you please provide with the link of your website so that we can check this issue..?

Make sure the include/twitter/cache folder is set to 755 permissions.

The include/twitter/cache folder in the parent theme is set to 755.


I am running the Twitter API in the footer widget, but it doesn’t load the tweets.

I looked in the logs and get these errors: PHP Warning: fopen(/var/www/html/dev/wp-content/themes/coworker/include/twitter/cache/carfeysoftware_3): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/html/dev/wp-content/themes/coworker/include/twitter/tweets.php on line 48 PHP Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/html/dev/wp-content/themes/coworker/include/twitter/tweets.php on line 49 PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/html/dev/wp-content/themes/coworker/include/twitter/tweets.php on line 50

First of all, there is no such cache file as “carfeysoftware_3” in the cache folder, though the permissions are set to 755.

Please help fix ASAP!

mail you 1 day ago, no response!!

What happenend with the update of this theme? Every time I read it will take only a few days…. but until now – nothing. What is going on? Please explain so we can understand why it takes so long.


No Update…