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still waiting for the update

I’m unable to configure the Search feature. There is nothing in the documentation and the link to your support site is not working.

How do I configure it?


When is this update happening? I have read at length all the ‘talk’ about it, but nothing solid to download. Very disappointed that the support is in limbo at the moment.

Please advise your REALISTIC timeframe for the update and the fix of your support forum.


Aaand here we are again… so disappointed..

Any update yet???

Today is the tomorrow we were promised weeks ago: any update out there…?

Your lack of information is really unprofessional, I just can’t believe it…

I am unable to change background images in title area or main site. Tried uploading my own and using the ones provided. I read somewhere on here (can’t find it now) that you had a fix for this. Can you please let me know what that is?

Based on your assurances I am postponing some updates to my site from some time now. Can you please let me know the correct date so that I would know if I have to postpone further or not?

Please give us a final date for the update release. Otherwise I cannot go on with thtis theme. I bought it because you promised a Woocommerce integration within some days. This is months ago now. Very sad story! The Problem is not only the long waiting but the worthless promises you have given so many times.

Just got my money back from Themeforest.

Is this theme WP 3.8 compatible?


Yes it is completely compatible with WP 3.8

Hi there thanks for the update, it has sorted out the instagram widget, however it still does not seem to load the twitter feed.

API Keys have all been used, but I am not sure if I have done so correctly.




The Twitter oAuth Library sends external requests to the Twitter APIs.

Hi there, thanks for all your help on this, my hosting say this is forbidden and blocked on there severs. Is there a workaround? or shall I just use another plugin?

CURL is enabled on most of the servers. Not sure why your Webhosts have not enabled them.! Most of the plugins use the Twitter API Authentication so you will face the same problem enabling them.

You can use the default Twitter Feed but it is not at all pretty. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines

The main menu is not appearing after the new update!! Please help!!

The problem with w3 total cache is happening when upgrading to 2.0 and downgrading back to 1.5.

After spoiling my entire holiday I have found out that only Header Style 1 works and that too not in the way it is supposed to. All other header styles do not work. I have gone to the extent of creating new sites (not just purging existing DBs) to see if the theme files are the problem and it is. This is totally disappointing – after waiting 3 months, it looks like both the author and themeforest just wanted to push something as an update. On top of it, the price has been increased (not that it impacts me but the others). This is disappointment beyond all levels.

We’re Sorry about the bugs which you had to go through. We have been working on improving the Theme and due to a delayed update release things were a bit frustrating. The Latest Update solves all the issues. Also the Support Forum is now online and you can now post your Questions again. Let us know if we can help you out with anything else.!

Can’t believe it.. the update is here!

Sorry for the Delays..! Let us know if you find any issues..!

Dear Sir, I am ready to buy this theme. I have just one question. I will use the theme for my website in Czech language with diacritics with these letters š,?,?,ž,ý,á,í,é,?. Let me know, if the letters with diacritics will be displayed correctly with your theme CoWorker.

Thank you in advance

Slavomil Olsak

This will depend upon the Font you choose from the Google Web Fonts. If the Font supports these characters, then the Theme will also support these. :)

As with ‘ipraveen’ the menu isn’t visible after the update – any ideas guys??

Thanks for the headsup on the forum. We just fixed it and it is working fine now.! Feel free to post all the Questions/Issues you are facing.! :)

No worries – its working now thank you.

Can you give me some insight as to how to set up alternate configuration files in the child theme?

I realise that you alter the css through the stylesheet, but cannot get other adaptions to apply with files like ‘theme-functions.php’ and ‘portfolio.php’ etc.

I am probably missing something simple, but there are a few changes that I have made that I would love to not have to manually update in the core files with updates.

Thanks, Chris

You can surely setup your Custom Functions/Modify Existing Functions in the Child Themes by duplicating the function name but with your own modified codes. This is the sole Purpose of the Child Theme so that you can update the Parent Theme Files without losing your customizations. You simply need to add a file in your Child Theme Folder with the same name/location as in the Parent Theme but with your custom codes. More info on this can be found here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes .

The menu is not visible for me either after upgrade. PLEASE HELP!

Fixed in the Latest Update. :)

I dont see any WooCommerce Intetgration in the Demo. Worst Theme & Support ever!

The WooCommerce Demo was not added since we had some Bug Fixes coming up in the Updates. They are available now and can be viewed at http://themes.semicolonweb.com/wp/coworker/shop .

Let us know if we can help you out with anything else.!

The main menu is not working after the new update! :X

Version 2.1

Even 2.1 has not solved the primary menu problem! URGENT!!!!!

Fixed Now.!