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where’s the Sidebar Generator??

You can find the Sidebar Generator in the Theme Options.!

I updated the theme and now my Menu and Logo are adversely effected. See http://topchicago.org I have a second site to update using this theme which has too many daily views to risk. How do I resolve the Menu display and Logo issue? Thanks, Marleen for the Copernicus Center

The Theme Options will need to be Setup as it uses a new better Framework. Saving the Theme Options will your new settings will fix your issues.! Let us know if you still face any issues.!

Hello, I just update the theme and Twitter Footer Panel doesn’t work.

sorry, it’s fine now. thanks

No Problem. :) Let us know if you face any other issue with the Theme. :)

Can you help me put icons on the menu? Can you give an example? Thank you.


You can Simply go to Appearance > Menus > then Toggle Open the Menu Item and add the Icon Tag in the Navigation Label.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.!

Very good thank you for being so quick.

Welcome. :)

Let us know if you face any other issues.!

Hi, just starting to setup my site using this great theme and having trouble with getting a slider, features and team members to show on the homepage. I’m sure there’s a logical place where you can switch it all on but can’t seem to find it :-}



Thanks for the Kind Words and for the Purchase.! Really Appreciated.. :)

To Put a Slider on the Homepage, follow the following steps:

1. Create a Slider Group by going to Dashboard > Slider > Groups.

2. Create your Slides by setting up Images, Captions, Links etc.

3. Now create a Page by going to Dashboard > Pages > Add New and Set the Page Template as “Slider”.

4. Go to Settings > Reading > Set your Static Front Page as the Slider Page you just created so that it is defined as the Homepage of your Website.

For Features, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Page Editor for the Page you just created above and then Open the Shortcodes Generator by clicking on the ”+” icon from the “Visual” Tab of the Editor.

2. Then click the “Feature Box” Menu Item and create your Featured Boxes by defining the Various Settings. It is recommended to place your “Feature Box” shortcodes inside Columns Shortcode so that you can have various number of grids (2/3/4/5) of Featured Boxes as required.

For Team Members:

1. First Create your Team Members by going to Team > Add New.

2. Then go to the Page Editor and Open the Shortcodes Generator and open the “Team” from the menu.

3. Simply select the desired Team Member and press insert. It is again recommended to place the Team Shortcode inside the Columns Shortcodes.

Hope this explanation will help you setup your Homepage. Let us know if you face any difficulties. :)

Hi, I have downloaded my version 2.1.1 and when setting up the twitter footer panel, it does not work. I’ve tested putting the username in the widget footer feed and even in the footer panel with no success. Would you give me a hand? Thanks in advance. Marco

I believe I have to set up the twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access token Secret, FIRST! I’ll tell you later.- Thanks!

I’ve put all the necessary keys and everything is working fine! Thanks!

Apologies for the delay in replying.

Yes, you would need to setup the required API Keys for Twitter, Mailchimp, reCaptcha and Instagram to work since it is required by these services.

Let us know if you face any issues with the Theme. :)

I’m really not so happy. Why does my theme not have the slider and look the same like in the preview on here when it’s installed? I installed the .xml file for sample content as well…....there is not even a menu right now.

Sorry for the delay in Replying.!

You will have to setup the Sliders manually since they are not saved in the WP Export Files.

Menus can be activated by simply assigning the Relevant Menu to the Menu Location.

Please activate the Footer by going to the Theme Options > Footer > Enable the Footer Area and then Save it. They you can go to Appearance > Widgets and then add Widgets in the Footer Area.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

I have figured it out and have now fixed the issue(s). This theme is an absolute beauty and you did a great job on it. Hope to see more themes coming from you!


Thanks for the Kind Words. Really appreciate it. :)

Let us know if you face any issues with the Theme. :)

Can you please let me know how to use customs fonts (as opposed to Google fonts or standard fonts) in the site? Where all would the entries for the @fontface syntax need to be added (and what is the syntax)?

You’ll need to add the Syntax manually in the style.css file at the top. Here’s the syntax:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'Droid Serif';
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: 400;
  src: local('Droid Serif'), local('DroidSerif'), url(http://your-font-link.com) format('woff');

You will also need to change the Name of the Font in the include/headercss/fonts .

Can’t it just be put in the custom css section? That way there would not be a need to modify the theme files.

The Font Face CSS is required to be put at the top as it is required to be loaded before the body. Also it is recommended to use a Child Theme as it gives unlimited possibilities of Customization.

hi is the theme rtl supported? if not will it be rtl support in the future?

and how about Qtranslate the best plugin for multilanguage which is way better from WPML?


The Theme doesn’t support RTL and nothing about RTL has been planned in the future updates.

The Theme is Translation Ready but it has not yet been tested with qTranslate.

I am trying to sign in in order to see the answer to this issue: http://support.semicolonweb.com/search/?q=iphone+logo

I have registered with my purchase code for the coworker theme but I did not receive the email I was supposed to get following the registration so I can enter a password. I requested the password again separately and I didn’t receive that email either.

Please help! For reference, my email should be andi (at) epic-design.com

Thank you!


For some reason your account was blocked. We have unblocked it and sent you a New Password on your Email.

Let us know if you face any issues with the Theme. :)


I am experiencing several issues with this Revolution Slider and responsiveness of the website in mobile views which I have outlined below.

First Issue: The Revolution slider cuts of the text of all font formats already pre-defined from the Theme in the CSS. When viewing the site on your mobile device, the font is cut off on the right and left sides of the pages as per the screen capture below. I have not added any additional CSS formatting to this text. This is straight from the Theme’s pre-defined Revolution Slider font. (Image attached)

Second Issue: The Responsive Navigational Menu on mobile devices under the Logo is not the same as the Responsive Menu under the Theme’s Demo site. I have read all the documentation, looked through all the Theme Options and there was no trace of any settings/options to make this menu remotely close to the demo site.

Current Temp Site Location for testing purposes:

Site Location: http://temp-unclaimedpropertybc.ca.s181595.gridserver.com


Please let me know what actions I can take going forward to resolve this issues. Or if these issues may be resolved in an upgraded version of the theme at a later release date. Screenshots have been taken from a mobile device.



1. We’ve been checking out your website for a while and you seem to be using an outdated version of the Theme. It is recommended that you update the Theme since it contains several new features and bug fixes. Also, it consists of the Latest Updated Version of the Revolution Slider.

2. This responsive menu is currently available only on the HTML Version of the CoWorker Theme and not on the Wordpress Version. We are testing out this menu design but it is currently under development and would require several more tests before we import this feature into the Wordpress Version of CoWorker.

Let us know if you face any other issues.! :)

please help… i would like to get the correct pixel dimensions for the slider in full width mode..

the layout slider dimensions on the “editing slider” is not the same as the one on the home page.

when i place an image within the edit slider page set up, it is not where it should be when i preview it on the home page..

please advise…


Which Slider are you using..? Layer or Revolution.?

Here is the screenshot of the settings we are using on our Demos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/job2yq1m8zbjuy1/layer-slider-demo-settings.png

Is there a problem with this theme working on 3.8.1?


We haven’t received any reports of any issues yet and neither we are facing any issues on our demos.

What kind of issues are you facing.? Please let us know so that we can fix it up.

When i install and activate – the menu and settings options do not work, and there seems to be no theme settings available to modify or set up the theme?


We’ve checked out repeatedly and everything seems to be working fine at our end. Also, we have not received any such reports from other users.

However, since you are facing this issue it would be great if you could send us your WP Username/Password/Login URL from here: http://themeforest.net/user/SemiColonWeb#from so that we can check the issue out and provide you with a solution.

Hi there just thought I’d pop in to say great theme! I seen this one a while back and I am surprised it hasn’t done much better. Just looking through all the themes and there are lots of good ones with low sales and poor ones with good sales, quite baffling really.

Good day.


Thanks for the Kind Words.! :) Really appreciate it.!

We guess our inexperience with providing support and some unexpected issues worked against us. But we have learnt from our mistakes & we trying to do better.

Thanks for appreciating our work & inspiring us.! :)

Hi, I have a problem with reCaptcha. I inserted public key and private key in theme option (contact settings) but it not works. I did not see reCaptcha code in any place in the website.


Did you also enable the “reCaptcha” Option in the Page Options for the Contact Template.?

Hello, ok now it works in the Contact page. Can i insert reCaptcha code in contact wigdet too?


It is not possible out of the Box but a bit of customization will surely make that possible. But for one reason we didnt include it in the Contact Widget is because it looked very messy.

Yo! I can’t log into your support site. I submitted my user name, purchase code, and email, and I haven;t received the confirmation link to log into your support site.

Please help!

We sent you an Email with your Username/password.

Hello! I’ve updated Coworker theme from 1.2 to 2.1 version and the Twitter bar doesn’t appear. The Twitter plugin does’t work too, even if I’ve inserted the api key via admin panel.




Looks like some plugin is causing a Conflict. Can you please provide us with your WP Username/Password from here: http://themeforest.net/user/SemiColonWeb#from so that we can check this issue and fix it up.?


Sure! Thanks

Hi everyone,

This is a great template indeed!

I just wanted to ask you something about the footer. When we imported sample data the footer was not there. Would you be kind enough to send us the code. It would save us enough time.

Thank you in advance, Yannis


Thanks for the kind words.! :)

Actually 4 Widgets can be added in the footer area of which 3 can be added directly from the Widgets page. However, the Fourth one is the Text Widget for which the code has been included in the Theme Package in the Sample Content Folder. Please check it out. If you are unable to find it, we can send it to you to your Email.

Let us know if you face any other issues.! :)

Hello. I have a problem with the Cyrillic fonts. The theme supports Google fonts and there are some Cyrillic fonts which if chosen from the Theme options (Theme Options > Typography > Body, Primary and Secondary Fonts) are not reflected. And now for the Cyrillic only one font is working … Could we fix it somehow? Thanks.


This can be fixed but will require some Code Modifications. Please Open the Appearance > Editor and Open the Theme Functions (functions.php) File. Then find the following line of Code:

wp_enqueue_style( 'semi-primary-font', "$protocol://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=" . urlencode( semi_option( 'primaryfont' ) ) . ":400,400italic,700,700italic", '', SEMICOLON_VERSION );

and replace it with:

wp_enqueue_style( 'semi-primary-font', "$protocol://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=" . urlencode( semi_option( 'primaryfont' ) ) . ":400,400italic,700,700italic&subset=latin,cyrillic-ext", '', SEMICOLON_VERSION );

Hi. It worked for the Primary font. Thanks. But for the Body and Secondary fonts it is not working. Should I make another modification somewhere else? Regards.


Just around these codes, you will find the same codes for the body and secondary font. So you can add the following:


at the end of the enqueue string.