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How to install theme for magento 1.9 and how to install the extensions given with the theme

My Ticket Id is : #QSD-816-52750



We got your ticket, our team mate will contact you soon :)

Regards, joomlart

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Ticked ID: MQN-758-60947


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We need urgent help

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Ticket ID: BCE-558-53524
Subject: When will you HELP TO US?
Department: Sales - Installation Service
Type: Issue
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Priority: Critical

Hi, your live demo isn’t working. It just loads a blank page. This theme looks great too, is it possible to sort that out?



Thanks for your reporting!

Demo server was down, We fixed this :)


I’m having an issue where the menu doesn’t show or work on mobile??



Could you please send us a screen shot and site url, we need to have closer look to debug this issue.

Thank you


ticket id : #VHH-369-92850

I want to remove the language option (at top, with gear icon), how do I do that .

I just want one language(i.e. English).

Also, mega menu is not working properly.

I have three main categories and then sub-categories , when create a submenu for Drawings / paintings categories , the dropdown menu stays, it does not go away when its not active. Help needed to resolve this bug in the theme.

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I purchased the template JA Crafts. I installed everything but I can’t update the active profile of the theme. the error is : An error occured while creating the profile! How can I fix it?

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Hi There,

I have bought your JMCrafts theme and installed to my magneto website. But I got a issue with quick-view as it dosen’t load when click the quick-view button.

I love your theme and please help me with to resolve this issue as then my site is ready to go. Here is my site below


Also i would happy change the wording of “quickview” to “Buy Now”. Please let me know how to change that as well. Waiting for your reply.

Many Thanks Dil



Could you please submit a ticket at our support system “with detail information of your site URL and FTP Credentials, Our developer will have closer debug on your site to provide you the solutions.

Hope this helps!


We are having an issue where we can’t check out with this them enabled. When we disable the jmbasetheme the checkout works fine. But as soon as we enable it, the checkout breaks again! Can you assist with this??


Hi, I am sorry for not getting your points. It would be awesome if you can possibly PM me your site’s url, admin and ftp credential. I’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting.

I am happy to help you out.

Regards, UberThemeTeam

Can I use this theme for ASP.NET development ?



We are so sorry that out theme for now is not compatible with ASP.net



when will the 1.9 update happen? i have contacted you through ubertheme and have heard nothing back . please send the 1.9 version to me.

hi Team,

confirmation message here by ephraim danny.

Ticket title: how-to-install-jmcrafts-theme-on-magento-ver-1-9/#answer-139792

thank you!


We got your ticket please follow the ticket to have the solution :)

What are differences in new update?


Hi, New package support magento 1.9 and some extenions are updated to improve the loading performance .

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ziven.design This is Sam please replay to ticket thanks

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hello, could you please let me know how do i remove the color selector from the frontend settings menu ?