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jaisula Purchased


Great template, doesn’t render properly on iphone when held vertically, but I’m far from complaining for this price :)

I would like however to get rid of the film-roll thumbnails that come up on the left side of the screen when you click on the portfolio image. Can you tell me how to do this?


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breebeg Purchased

When I saw this template I knew it was perfect for an author client but saw your warning that it was for ‘professionals’. I can’t code but I can manipulate and move code around sometimes so I took a chance and purchased. It is a tricky template for sure and there were times when I’d move or remove code only for the whole page to completely change or disappear! There’s always the undo button though and I used it a lot but in the end I got there. Visually it’s a stunning template and I have a happy client with a website that reflects her work and her personality very well. Thank you. :)


Thank you very much for feedback and sharing the link (and rating)! :)