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OK so quick guide how to fix this error when you see a blank page, if you don’t mind downgrading your wordpress version from 3.9 or the Latest to 3.6 then continue [best thing is you will “NOT” lose your files, your themes, your settings, everything will stay the same, in-fact you wont even realize you have downgraded unless you have plugins which only support higher WP than 3.6] so if your happy to continue you need to;

1st – Download 3.6 wordpress from here – http://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/ (Download the zip) (DO NOT download the beta) Look for “3.6”

2nd – Once you download this, you will need to follow these steps from here, it took me 10 minutes with a slow server, http://etuts.org/manually-downgrade-wordpress/

Before you start anything make sure you backup your server, and save all your website files, then all you will need to do is simply use the guide from http://etuts.org/manually-downgrade-wordpress/ – instead of deleting the your folders “wp-admin” change the name to [rename] “wp-admin1” and instead of deleting folder “wp-includes” you can rename it to “wp-includes1” this way you can always have a saved backup.

Simply upload the whole folder 3.6 to your server, make sure you extract it first and upload all the files… DO NOT INCLUDE “wp-content” in the upload

DO NOT TOUCH “wp-content” otherwise your website will not work!!!

This is easy, if you need help contact me on pavel1990@hotmail.co.uk

If there are many people with this problem let me know i can make a video step by step guide

Best of Luck

Acquired the topic in 2013. Together with the support of those dealt with errors when sending emails from a website and everything would be kind of nice , and with peace of mind I “forgot” about the site until today. Support the developer refuses to support today on this topic. And I’m a moron, in turn (a year ago ) have not checked all the functions promised by the developer . I have always believed that if they take money for the work , then it meets the minimum requirements listed in the description in the sale . BUT it is not. Dear themeforest . Do not mislead people . This theme does not work in the WP over 3.4.2 ! It can run on the latest version , only run at 100 % will not. Starting with 3.5 (which is 11.12.12 ) it refuses to run a gallery of images . It is buggy . Not sort the pictures in the manual mode . When you add a new work places them as she pleases , and again refuses to sort . Again. 3.4.2 – the latest version of the WP in which the topic is working 100 %. In recent weeks, I am very sorry that contacted with the developer ( DT ) . In sweat , I’ll try when no contact with them , and nothing they do not buy


Priobrel dannuju temu v 2013 godu. Sovmestno s teh podderzhkoj spravilis’ s oshibkami pri otpravke pisem s sajta i vse bylo by vrode horosho, i ja so spokojnoj dushoj «zabyl» pro sajt do segodnjashnego dnja. Tehpodderzhka razrabotchika otkazyvaetsja segodnja okazyvat’ podderzhku po dannoj teme. A ja, debil, v svoju ochered’ (god nazad) ne proveril rabotu vseh funkcij obeshhannyh razrabotchikom. Ja vsegda polagal, chto esli za rabotu berut den’gi, znachit ona otvechaet tem minimal’nym trebovanijam, kotorye perechisleny v opisanii pri prodazhe. NO jeto ne tak. Uvazhaemyj, forest. Ne vvodite ljudej v zabluzhdenie. Dannaja tema NE rabotaet v VP starshe 3.4.2! Zapustit’sja ona mozhet i na samoj svezhej versii, vot tol’ko rabotat’ na 100% ne budet. Nachinaja s 3.5 (a jeto 11.12.12) v nej otkazyvaetsja rabotat’ galereja izobrazhenij. Ona gljuchit. Ne sortiruet kartinki v ruchnom rezhime. Pri dobavlenii novyh rabot, razmeshhaet ih kak ej nravitsja, i opjat’ otkazyvaetsja sortirovat’. Eshhe raz. 3.4.2 – jeto poslednjaja versija VP v kotoroj dannaja tema rabotaet 100%. Za poslednie nedeli ja ochen’ pozhalel, chto svjazalsja s dannym razrabotchikom (DT). V pret’, ja postarajus’ ni kogda s nimi ne svjazyvat’sja, i nichego u nih ne pokupat’


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