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@boynamedgoo03 Please send me a PM, we’ll fix that issue. Everybody else if having any problems, please PM me. Tnx

UPDATE : Fixed issue with the contact form script.

mtaris Purchased

Loved this, so i purchased it. Can the random gallery pics at the bottom link to another section instead of the pic itself? If so could you tell me how to do this.


Sure! I just sent you an email.

Hi, I’m looking into buying this template for a simple website for a law firm and I have the following questions:

What are the possibilities for customizing the background? I was also wondering if it includes a contact form, so a client can send an email and how easy it is to setup.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi joseariel, the template includes PSD file with some header color variations. PSD file is very organized and it’s easy to change the color scheme inside the HTML /CSS file. PHP form is included and implemented. There’s no need to setup form except to change the email adress where you want emails to be sent. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your response Segen, it helps.


Hi, I really like your template and am thinking of buying it. Is it possible to get it further customized with different a theme color to match an existing logo we have?



Sure stroberr! Send me an email and we can discuss it ;)

Very nice work!

Hello Author you artwork is great but fonts i missing (PSD)

pleace send me fonts Dincond thank you marcinsipowicz@gmail.com Marcin Poland