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On my website, ssskyork.com, for the DDblock, could you please help me turn off the links in the images and the text? I do not want it to link to any node.

For example, on the first image, it says “Commitment” which is a link. I would like it to appear as text only (not link to node).

Same for the image, I would want it to only be an image, not a link to node.

Please help. Thank you!

Best Regards,


The purchased download is missing the accordian.js file. Can you please let me know where to get a working copy of the purchased theme?

perkyo Purchased


is it possible to redirect a Piecemaker-Slider element to another link destination other then the own source story-page or any method to disable the link (option) ?

Hi themesmania, love your work and I am going to be stalking you until you give me your fabulous themes in Drupal 7 :)

I like very much your theme, but will have to upgrade drupal 7 ???

Hi- I am out of practice with Drupal and am having a hard time figuring out how to enable/view/edit or do anything regarding the 3D piecemaker slideshow. It seems easy enough in the theme description but it is not showing up in my Module list (should it?) in the Creative theme and whether i create a block or a story there doesn’t seem to be a way to activate the slideshow or add an item to it. Do I need to preface my html with some JS to call out and reference piecemaker or something? Is there a specific area where i need to add an item to this slideshow?

@Themesmania- I wrote you an email end of last week but have not heard back from you.

If anyone else sees this post and is familiar with setting up the Piecemaker slideshow it would be much appreciated if you could point me in the right direction as far as setting it up. There is probably something very simple I am missing or perhaps I am missing a file somewhere?

Thanks, Nick

Hi, Can you provide further instructions on how the Our Partners section at the bottom works? I had a previously setup drupal site and have been merging the files. I tried using the jCarousel module but no luck. I currently use the Advertisement Module to run the ads and track clicks and would love to display them as you have done in this. My web address is www.autoshowsonline.com

Good morning, I am trying to get rid of the “Link” button on the piecemaker slider. Anyone know what file I need to access and what code I need to change?

site: dev.golfemeraldhills.com

I appreciate the help!

Hi, on the home page for this theme is written…

NOTE : – Though Drupal 7 Core is released but still there are lot of modules/themes that need to be ported in Drupal 7 to make it fully functional theme like this one.

...I don’t know when the above was posted to the Creative theme page so I am wondering, as at 14 May 2012, is this still the case ”...a lot of modules/themes that need to be posted in Drupal 7 to make it fully functional…”

If somebody at CMS Themes / Themeforest could advise please – or perhaps a purchaser.



baha_tr Purchased

Unfortunately themesmania (author) stopped the answering questions long ago. Latest CKeditor and other wswyg editors do not work properly with theme and there are some other issues as well. Drupal 7 version of theme already very late. Theme is great but do not hope support :(

Te?ekk├╝rler Baha bey. I will be patient and keep hoping for a reply from Themesmania. It does not advertise his themes well if user feedback is negative in respect of the support (or lack of it) to the themes.

Just curious why the Drupal 7 version has not yet been released?

This is a reply to kelcey -

You can remove the link by disabling/removing it in views piecemaker_slider. Add a link this field to its node for the image.


I’m in agreement with baha_tr. I do not believe there will be any further support for this theme or any others done by themesmania.

The last support email reply from themesmania I received was back in Nov 11.

Overall a good theme.


Whoever owns this theme needs to grow a pair and just say, “I don’t think there will be an upgrade.” I’ve seen at least 5 or so questions asking about a Drupal 7 version, and it just gets ignored. Nobody’s that busy.

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Checking on availability of D7 version? When may we expect?

D6 to D7 theming version is big work and D8 is near, thememania for me is the best.


Thanks David you are welcome :)!

vaneggia Purchased

Hi, I have bought this theme and I’m working on it! I really like it and I find it complete and very nice. As I am not skilled in Drupal CMS I had some difficulties with installation and customization, but when I asked support to the author he replied me very quickly and he is very kind.


@vaneggia: – Thanks for purchasing the theme and your kind comment :).

mechmg93 Purchased

Hello all,

i purchased this theme some days ago. Today i installed it and i am unable to change creative custom theme settings. All these menuse are gray and impossible to open/choose.

Any suggestion?


@mechmg93: – Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page so that I can help you better.

Many Thanks themesmania

baha_tr Purchased

I installed the new ckeditor (ver.4.1.2) to /sites/all/libraries/ckeditor. I use garland as admin theme and it is ckeditor operational but it not operational /viewable at creative custom theme. So what could it be wrong?


@baha_tr: – Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Sounds confusing, Please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page so that I can help you better.

Many thanks themesmania