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this is unique. nice job.

Woow man this design is awesome specially the way you exposing the blog articles

Very nice

This kicks some serious @$$. Awesome work man!

Very nicely done. This is a seriously cool little theme.

Gorgeous, unique, I love it :)

WOW !!!! I am going to buy this asap

Ive said this before already, but nice job :D Good luck with sales!

WOW just wow…

Very different, nice job. Hope to see more of these kind of templates!

Really loving the contact form. Great work.

Great design

I like the fact that the size will enable viewing it completely on nettops with limited screen resolution, on the other hand it does get quite small on 1920×1080 screens.

A few questions: - The vcard option, were do I find it? Can’t see it on the demo. - Is it possible to have subsections under portfolio? - The gallery of photo’s that you can link to a post under the blogsection; if you click on the photo it opens up in a lightbox but there is no way to go to a previous or next photo inside that lightbox effect, is that intended like this? - I see you can play video as well in lightbox, are flv files supported that are located on a server?


Thanks for telling me! :) I had the VCard function turned off, so now I turned it on and you can see it in the upper right corner. You can disable some animations effects too, check theme options screenshot, bottom section


Here is a documentation of the lightbox I used http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/ you can check there. Arrows are not there atm, maybe in one of the future updates.

Seems that you worked really hard on it, last time i saw it was still in development, but now looks even perfect with more content, good job my friend!

Very unique. Great job!

Incredible ! unique ! ,brilliant !

One question: Can we change the backgound color ?


Thanks Alexandre! :) Sure, but if you want to preserve the lightning effect, you would have to edit a photoshop file.

I just woke up and wow, so much comments already! :D You have no idea how much I am happy you all like it, so thank you guys for your nice comments so far!

ye mate this is nice, don’t think I’ve ever commented on a TF file but this is nice :)

Crazy work _freashface! Nice details and some really great ideas :)

Incredible theme! The contact form is purely insane! Congratulations!