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Great Great Great. Man you dint leave any chance for other :P… I absolutely love it. Buying it 2day after im back home. :D

waooow… something new… fresh n great stuff

Awesome! awesome! awesome :)

Truly an amazing wordpress theme. Well done!

WOW best seller incoming, awesome job mate :D


Great to see such originality! Bravo!

Great work, Very detailed, Fresh and clean. Awesome job!

It’s really a thing of beauty!

This is a very well crafted theme, there’s no doubt about it. However, from a buyer’s perspective there are a couple of things that I find hard to reconcile. First of all the size. I find it very cramped and difficult to read. Had this been developed for mobile platforms, particularly the iPhone, then it would have made more sense. I wonder if you have it in mind to port the theme to a mobile platform at all?

The second thing is that the theme is fairly design-hermetic, which from a modification standpoint leaves little room for maneuver. I suspect the majority of buyers will be quite happy to use the theme as is, and that’s brilliant, but for me I’d like the ability to personalize it.


Hi mate! One camp of buyers wants simplicity, high ability of customization, 99 color options, 3d sliders etc. And the other one wants original, beautiful, representative and easy to use theme where you can just shoot some logo, some content and it looks great! Well this is for the other camp I guess :) I am sure many people will find this theme very usefull for their needs, not everybody needs a huge site, because they don’t have enough content or skills for customization. Anyway, as I stated in item description, you can just change one line of code to resize the body text and line-heights throughout the theme, check it out ;) I think I have got your mail somewhere, would you mind if I could send you some preview of my upcoming simple business theme? You seam like you know what you want, so I would really appreciate your insight in this. All the best, fresh

I’d have to agree with size – this is just not appealing for a standards -based web site.

Good attempt though – i’ll consider buying if this is reworked to something more accepted.

Thanks, Ryan.

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments! It’s a wonderful feeling to have such a support from all of you, this is simply the best community ever :D

Hey _freshface,

very nice theme and the effects in the gallery are awesome bro. Can you send me your next theme, too. Maybe its something for my new client.

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Massix! Please shoot me an email so I won’t forget, because I have to first get ready some preview of it, thanks and cheers! :)

truemonk Purchased

Just installed it, OMG it’s perfect!!!!! So easy to install and there are all options I need, everything, just like in ‘big’ themes. Definitely worth much more. Also looking forward to your other new themes, saw your profile, great stuff you got there ! keep it up FF …...

Super template. Can you send me your next theme preview, too?? I like this kind of themes.


Hi Commpas! Please shoot me an email so I won’t forget, because I have to first get ready some preview of it, thanks and cheers! :)

SO AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think there is nothing out there like this….. It’s so original and certainly one eye catching template… You deserve a huge pat on the back for this one- and I will mention your new release on my site….. All the best with the sales buddy !

Very beautifull work, congratulations. One question, can i resize it with CSS ? i want to have it in 1920×1080 full touchscreen and there is a bit small. Keep up the good work.


Hi! It would be hard to do such tweaking. Have a great day and thanks man! :)