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Some crazy cool feature sin here! Is there a portfolio item details page? good luck

There are some alternatives, keep up with updates by the way. Thanks

hi NovelPixels when did you submit your item and how many hours takes to submit because i submit my item 1 around 30 hours ago and no answer thanks good luck

Hi, Well it might take a little bit more time sometimes. Usually i get the answer from the review team in less than a day but sometimes it takes 2-3 days.

This is stunning! your blog sidebar right and fullwidth looks weird on FF but is fine in Chrome.

Sorry to re iterate Charlie4282 – the portfolio detail page… Is this coming as an update or is it already there somewhere? Could you post a link if I am just missing it now.

thanks and good luck!

You’re right, there’s issues in FF. Yes, an update will release during today and it will add an portfolio detail page and also will fix FF bugs.

Just fixed those FF bugs. Thanks for feedback

One of the coolest designs here! forgive code beginner question but why can it “not be validated” in W3?

If we buy it is there any technical issue you can think of that would make putting contact info/icons in the push out bar under the menu list?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks

It’s HTML5 validated. you can be sure about that cause marketplace won’t accept templates with validation issues.
You will not gonna have techinical issues, but if anything happened, you can be sure that the template is fully supported and we’ll gonna fix it up.


Can you please add a Home Page type 7 which illustrates a different heading (not using the left side bar for navigation ) as shown in this slide:

Hi, I’m sorry but this is a rejected layout by review team.

Hi there! I have got a problem with the script. The left side navigation menu is automatically sliding out when slide toward the right when using mobile devices or tablet. please kindly assist.

Thank you.

It helps you get the rid of nav-menu when you want to see the other sections of the page. how ever, you can disable it by commenting or removing this code in js/script.js file.
$(document).click(function() {
$.sidr(‘close’, ‘sidr’);

Thanks it work! Awesome!

You are very welcome :)

Very nice and a needed item for the marketplace;


Hi .. Do we have option for TOP menu instead of Left side menu on the Internet browser on laptop?

How much you will charge for this small change ?

Also in real how quickly this will load the website with this scripts ? in less than a second ?

Please get in touch via email: