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Wow, excellent work ! I really like the JQuery slider and how you can modify it in the admin.

Beautiful piece.. With some customization it will be perfect for just about any company!

Thanks for the comments!

Awsome functionality, and very clean looking.. Great Work!

How do i get it showing the home page and not the blog … ?

And is there a quick way to make the content area thinner?

Hi, This is included in the documentation files. First, create a page called ‘Home’ and select ‘Homepage’ for the Page Template.

Also create a page for your portfolio (with the ‘Portfolio’ page template).

And a page for your blog (with the default page template).

Now go to Settings -> Reading. Set the ‘Front Page Display’ to use your ‘Home’ page as the frontpage, and your ‘Blog’ page for the posts.

Again, this is covered in more detail in the documentation PDF . Thanks!

I purchased this theme but it doesn’t run jQuery scripts in a fresh wordpress 2.7 install

Hey Dan, nice theme thanks.

In the jQuery sliders

tags I keep getting a \ before every ’. e.g. we\’re

How do I make Latest Work display random posts.

Is it easy to make two portfolio pages, one for bikes and the other for accessories.

temp site: http://s59476.gridserver.com/

Thanks for your time Muzza!!!

Sorry it was meant to read like this.

In the jQuery sliders h1 tags I keep getting a \ before every ’. e.g. we\’re


Great theme but does require some fixing to work properly with sub-pages. I would love to see the option to provide a drop-down menu for sub-pages.

Custom jQuery slider on the homepage….. Just bought and installed theme, but this is NOT showing up?!? Do I need to “activate” the slider or something???

Also, don’t see any “documentation files” (.pdf) in the download…

Please excuse and ignore the jQuery NOT showing up…. although I still can’t find the .PDF w/ docu I did try this and it worked!!! :

First, create a page called ‘Home’ and select ‘Homepage’ for the Page Template.

BTW : I’m done posting now…. for those browsing and considering this design: “I highly recommend it!” Seriously, the price is right as well…

Thanks Dan!

@mackmorg: Glad you’ve got this working, however the documentation is included.

Inside the .zip download, you have 3 files/folders:
  • Creative Industry Documentation.pdf
  • Creative Industry Logo.psd
  • /creativeindustry/ (theme folder)

I cannot get the slider text or graphics to display, beyond the first tab.

wpmatrix’s problem (solved by email) was that he was using a WordPress plugin based on MooTools – this was interfering with the jQuery-based slider.
I will be updating the theme in the next couple of days for it to be compatible with the other JavaScript frameworks.

Thanks for your help, Dan. I second stevewest’s request for drop-down menus. Adding that would perfect the theme.


Love this template – suits my needs perfectly. Just one thing – i contacted you on it, but in case one of the other commenters has the solution too:

Is there a way of linking from the features slider to pages, without the page titles showing up in the menu? not sure if this is a template restriction or global WP?