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Hello, Does anyone face the same problems as me ? I have downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and I have downloaded and installed the last version of the template. I have set up the galleries of my website using : gallery_item_2.html to notice that the back and forth sliding buttons does not appear in Google Chrome making it impossible to see next/previous images… And I also keep having problems seing correctly the same page with the latest version of Internet Explorer : There is a huge white space appearing at the bottom of the gallery and the back/forth buttons are gone ! This webiste seems to work correctly only with Mozilla Firefox. I am using Windows 7…Thanks.

Please send more screenshots with details to my email. Thank you.

I just checked your online demo and when using Google Chrome the very same problem appear with : gallery_item_2.html , the gallery back and forth buttons does not appear ! It is impossible to view the images on the portfolio, only the first image appears…..

Forget about it I am going to change template..

As far as my concern the buttons does note even appear in Google Chrome making it impossible to scroll the images

Okay I have sent you the screen shots of Creative Pearl on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, thanks.

I have bought your HTML template today at themeforest. It is still v1.0. The menu on the home page still hide behind the slider.And a third level is not possible. How can I fix it??? Thanks for your help.

please check at test.hegewald.info . I have to say that it is running perfectly now. The menu error only exists in the internal browser of my html software. Sorry, to blame you. It all ok, now. Still the question left, how to manage a third level in the menu. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I have tested and can’t duplicate the bug. What browser do you use?

Everything is ok. It is no bug, I have used the internal browser of phase5 software. But now it is on the server and runs well. Thank you.

I really can’t figure out how the ‘Gallery with filter’ works. For example i changed some ‘pic_gallery’ pictures into ‘real’ pictures, but the wrong (large) ‘pic_popup’ pictures appear. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. It would be logical when you click on a ‘pic_gallery_1_1’ picture, to get the large ‘pic_popup_1_1’ picture. Can you tell me please how this works? Is it possible to add quite a number of pictures? Before i purchased this template extensive documentation was promised, but i only have a html-file as a documentation, which is fairly small. Is there any other documentation? Where can i check which version i have? Thanks for your help!


This is a html template and you need to have html/css knowledge to work with it. In portfolio html file, you have to change just title, description and image path with your details. In documentation file is wrote the version number, anyway was released only one template version.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

I made a mistake. I finally discovered how it works. I’m certainly not a pro, but i know a little html and css. Enough to change things and so far i really like the results. Can you tell me how i can change the size of the pictures (thumbnails)in the ‘Gallery with filter’. Pictures with different aspect ratio are all showed with 350px width. I do have panoramic pictures and lots of portrait pictures (instead of landscape). Fortunately the enlargements do have the original aspect ratio. When you have for example a maximum of 5 pictures in a category and you click on the button ‘view more photos’, you get duplicates of the same 5 pictures. Is it possible to maximize the amount of pictures to the actual amount after clicking on ‘view more photos’? I hope you know what i mean…. Thanks for your help!!

Is it possible to reply on the above message, please? Thank you!

Thank you very much for fixing the problem with the “Our Projects” thumbnails in Index_2.html when viewed in Internet Explorer 11, I just downloaded and installed the last update (18th February 2014) and it now worked perfectly. I imagine that the screen shots I mailed you a couple of weeks ago did contibute a little.. Have a nice day ;)

For sure. Thank you. Have a nice day too :)

Hi! I can’t seem to change the creativepearl logo with one of my own. I have uploaded and selected the logo image I want to use, but it is not updating on my site. Is there something I’m missing? Can you give me a step by step?

Hi, I don’t see the badge of purchasing the theme. Please send a message via our Profile page on TF and I will verify. Thank you.

Viewed on a smaller resolution (for example 1366 width) the slides on index_2.html are cropped. The size of the ‘border’ seems to be responsive, but the picture inside is not. Part of it is lost. Is there some kind of resolution? Thanks again!

The exact dimensions could be 232×350 (portrait) and 232×657 (panoramic). If possible in a mix with the ‘normal’ 350×232 (landscape) thumbnails. So the idea is to have the ‘Gallery with filter’ with mixed thumbnails (in different aspect ratio’s).

Other issue: when you have for example a maximum of 5 pictures in a category and you click on the button ‘view more photos’, you get duplicates of the same 5 pictures. Is it possible to maximize the amount of pictures to the actual amount after clicking on ‘view more photos’?

Thanks again!

Is not possible to display mix pictures.

The featured image that is set do not upload again in “Portfolio Options” gallery. Actually you can upload unlimited images in the gallery. What theme version do you use?

Thanks again. I use the CreativePearl html version, if that’s what you mean. I found a way to use mixed pictures. For portrait i use a height of 232 px, for panoramic pictures a width of 350 px. I gave the remaining space the background color. I’m happy with the result.

Along the way i’m facing some other issues. When i choose in ‘Gallery with filter’ option ‘All’ (so i like to view all the pictures in different categories), and i click on the ‘view more’ button of a random picture, the larger picture is shown. With the arrow button you can view the next picture. The point is that you can show only the pictures of the category from which you used the ‘view more’ button. So initially i chose to view ‘all’ pictures, but only the pictures of a certain category are shown. Is there a way to show all the pictures?

I hope you don’t mind that i’m asking all these questions….. Thanks!

Can you please tell me how the block_header_search works? Thanks.

i mean: is it possible to type keywords en (search) link them to pictures?

You have to include PHP script to make it to work.

text sliding out animation on gallery html is work well on android phones ( samsung , sony ) but iPhone & iPad didn’t.

here is my website : www.fixerphotography.com use apple device to check on galleries

please help.

yes , demo site also same happens . i am using Gallery Style 1

and i check it’s work well on Gallery Style filter . i am considering to re-work on it . copy my details from style 1 to filter . or you can let me know others way , a better suggestion ?

I need a screenshot to understand the issue. Please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest. Thank you.

Hi, I am building the site for a client who bought the theme, I just have one very simple question,

I need to increase the width on the menu on the me page I had a look at the CSS but mussed have missed the code.

If you could tell me how that would be great. Awsome Theme by the way

In the css file /layout/style.css find the css code

#header .section_top {
  height: 88px;
  background: url(images/bg_header_top.jpg) repeat-x left bottom #fbfbfb;

I am facing issues with the resolution. I have created my website as www.viragvision.com. When I open my website on a laptop then the website is viewed properly but when on a 21 inch monitor then the website resolution gets stretched images get too much enlarged and the alignment changes.I want the alignment to be centred leaving empty coloumn space at right and left so that even though the browser is fullscreen or not the website is displayed properly. Moreover the site works well on chrome but in IE it has many issues regarding to the visibility. Please suggest i am stuck.

Hello. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. I will reply to your email, I will need a few screenshots for this issue. Thank you.

My html5.js is not loading. in IE8 i am website is not loading properly many functions are not loading www.viragvision.com. Please let me know what is to be done. Also for earlier issues let me know your email id so that i can mail you the screenshots pertaining to the size/resolution issues.

I got your email, will contact you via email to get more details. Thank you.

I have been successful in revising everything, except I am unfamiliar with ajax. In the file “main.js” line 181 you reference “instead of this do ajax request and get new elements-this line only for demo”. Being that I purchased the product and this is no longer a demo- where is the ajax code that will enable me to change the images that are currently being cloned and appears after the “view more photos” button is clicked? Thank you! Love this site by the way.

Hi, there is used JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX. So you or your developer need to have these knowledge to implement them into the site.

That is fine…I will modify the code, please provide me with the AJAX code you are referring to.

Please contact me via our Profile on ThemeForest and I will send the files with AJAX from WordPress version.

I am having problems with the home style 1. Those thumbnails couldn’t be click with android phone. I tested with samsung s3 and s5 and they doesnt response. However they works on Ipad and iphone works.

The logo which I uploaded looks fuzzy on mobile devices but looks good on desktop. Although it is a responsive template, I find that it does’t auto resize my logo when viewed on mobile device. In the end I have the make my logo real small in order to fit mobile device but they look small on desktop.

What can be done? Please help ASAP. Thank you.

Regards Kenny

Hello Kenny,

Please contact us from the account where was made the payment for CreativePearl WP Theme. Thank you.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi. I paid using this account.


Please contact Envato support regards the issue with payment and purchased info. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

In gallery “gallery_w_filter.html” and click the button “View More Photos” how do I see new photo?

This is a html page, so you can create new html page and add the link to this page in “gallery_w_filter.html”.

Hi, whi i can’t do clic in rhe images of index, using a mobile. In my pc it works great, but in my Note II and my tab does’ nt

Hi. If you mean the images from the slider, then you are right, on the mobile devices they are not clickable.

The form in contact.html does not work. I changed my email in php file. The button “Send Message” does not send the message and does not show the message “Your message has been sent!”.

Is already working. Thank you.


in the homepage style 1, how to get the same style for “Our Latest Blog Posts” for the homepage style 2 ?

In fact, i would like the exact content :

1. projects isotope
2. slogan site
3. content (simple paragraph)
4. Our Blog (Our Latest Blog Posts)—> same style like homepage style1

Is possible ? how ?

Thanks for reply

Note : sorry it’s for WP theme version


Will reply to WP theme version shortly.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Instead of

var content = jQuery('.blog-row-item' ,container).clone(); You can do : var content; jQuery.get("/request/request.php?id_site="+idSite+"&id_type="+idType+"&pagenum="+pageNum, function(data){ content = jQuery(data); jQuery(target).isotope('insert', content); jQuery(this).removeClass('loading'); pageNum++; jQuery('.blog-load-more').text('Voir plus de page'); if (pageNum > maxPages) { jQuery('.blog-load-more').text('Vous avez vu toutes les pages'); } }); Kind regards Patrice ruault http://www.ubimedia.net

Thanks :)


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I think I have a problem to connect the Twitter Widget to my account. I’m trying to connect it with HTML editor and don’t know what I’m looking for. Can you help me?


The twitter details are in in the “get-tweets1.1.php” file, change twitter username, tweets count, consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret:

$twitteruser = "your-username";
$notweets = '2';
$consumerkey = 'd3mHsfMexZNOrfuU5VhQtA';
$consumersecret = 'owrII6Imsw4B1szOKsmxleVsHMIdqfjSaSANkFyY2T8';
$accesstoken = '2445621255-BKM0TaVI6NsjuX3ggLdtg75C5n6FANSmltyPSQZN';
$accesstokensecret = 'lLBZ5InbNbUd7VOIpBlLs3KGdZ2Sk7KOspG3uw6YBs';

Best regards,


octa84 Purchased

Dear team Web Lion Media,

Ah, I See.

Thank you.


i try to use shortcode to display youtube video but it do not work, can u help me ?

I try this in pist : [youtube url=’https://youtu.be/J75E_ywTxbM' width=’800’ height=’400’]

Thanks for help.


You have to use the embed video link with the shortcode, and when you’ll copy the text from browser delete and replace the simple and double quotes:

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/embed/J75E_ywTxbM" width="800" height="400"]

Best regards,