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Hello I want to apologize, the developer was ill. We will try to answer the questions went out as soon as possible!

Best regards, Roman

I just downloaded the template and so far so good ! Very professional content, all the files seem to be there and the documentation make setting up that HTML5 wonder a breeze ! Thank you very much !

You are welcome. Thank you for purchasing our template!

Hi, I purchased the template a few days ago … it is great … but I was wondering how I can add social share icons to the lightbox… to be exact in gallery_2.html … could you let me how?

Hi. I’m sorry for delay, but still didn’t resolved your request. Will reply as soon as we will add the social share icons to the lightbox. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Jeihoon,

Finnaly, I have found how to show the social icons on the lightbox. I have checked and for me works.

Edit the file ”/layout/js/main.js”, find the function:

function init_pretty_photo() {
    if(!isMobile || isiPad) {
            deeplinking : false,
            keyboard_shortcuts : false,
            slideshow : false,
            counter_separator_label : ' of ',
            gallery_markup : '',
            social_tools : ''

Replace with this function:

function init_pretty_photo() {
    if(!isMobile || isiPad) {
            slideshow : false,
            gallery_markup : ''
            deeplinking : false,
            keyboard_shortcuts : false,
            counter_separator_label : ' of '

Best regards, Weblionmedia

I tried , but it didn’t work.I want to add social icons to this gallery: http://aminrahnama.com/aminrahnama.html so when the picture is zoomed in, you can see the social icons on the bottom.

Hello I am wondering why the Gallery Item Style 1 does not have a button on the left side to allow viewer to scroll back to previous images ??

Hello. You have to use scroll to go up to view the first images.

Hello again, the gallery that best suits my project being the Grid Slider I am wondering how I could use this nice design and instead of having a slider at the bottom to scroll the images have a back and forth buttons on the side of images like in Gallery Item Style 1 or Gallery Item Style 2, thanks.

Hello. It is possible, but the design was made in this mode with the styles that are on our demo site and you or your programmer need to have php/html/css knowledge to make any modifications.

Can someone explain me how to change the Google Map in the contact.html, I tried to enter latitude and longitude in Main.js ( var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(0,0); ) and so far it is not working, thanks.


This is code for google map in the “contact.html” file:

<script type="text/javascript">
        '14 Rue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France', //write here address you need
        'My Office, 14 Rue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France', //write here description you need
        'images/icon_map.png' //path to your custom marker

Change the address in this line:

'14 Rue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France', //write here address you need

Best regards, Weblionmedia

You are the best !!!! Thanks !

Hi, how can I change social icons in header? How can I change the accordion to be closed initially?


1) Find the social icons code from the header in the file ”/creativepearl/functions/shortcodes”, find the function:

function theme_social_links($atts, $content=null)

2)Use the parameter with a big number active_index=”100”

This is a full example:

[accordion active_index="100"]
  [accordion_item title="Established fact that a reader will be distracted" first="first"]Unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem.[/accordion_item]
  [accordion_item title="Many variations of passages"]A pulvinar ut, parturient enim porta ut sed, mus amet nunc, in. Magna eros hac montes, et velit. Odio aliquam phasellus enim platea amet. Scelerisque in.[/accordion_item]
  [accordion_item title="Have suffered alteration in some form"]Duis sociis, elit odio dapibus nec, dignissim purus est magna integer eu porta sagittis ut, pid rhoncus facilisis porttitor porta, et, urna parturient mid augue a, in sit.[/accordion_item]

Regards, Weblionmedia

Hi, I use “gallery_w_filter_2.html” like home page. Under the previews there is a button “see more photos”. If I use the button, the page out photos repeated, no more pictures. The previews are repeated. Also, if I insert 40 previews, when you open the page, there are 40. How can I do to make display only 15 photos? and when I use the button I can see other previews? Thank!!!! Great template!!!!


The button “View More Photos” works with AJAX, so you have to connect via AJAX and other HTML files or PHP files. So you have to know HTML/AJAX/PHP knowledge to use it. Or try our WordPress theme where these features are implemented.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

But i do not want Wp version….

In this case, you have to implement the AJAX with PHP, or AJAX with HTML files where are stored others portfolio items.

Hello, The double click from photos gallery that are in index.html, doesn’t work on google chrome with touch screen function works only by clicking with mouse.

Hello, do you mean on this page http://creativepearl.weblionmedia.com/ when you click on images from the slider doesn’t go to the details page?

Yes. Doesn’t work on chrome with touch screen devices. In Mozilla or internet explorer works fine.

Thank you for all details. Will test and will reply soon with results.

I have a probleme: in “gallery_w_filter_2.html” if I put 30 photos it run good on iPhone with safari, But if I put moor photos (45/50…) It does not work…. When in iPhone i scroll down to see photos, safari closes always. With pc and iPad it works well.

I have tested it better, also with 30 photos. If I scroll down very slowly it works, but if I scroll down quickly, safari closes always. Can resolve it? Thanks

Any help?

Hi, Please send the page URL where you had add the 45/50 photos and I will test. Thank you.

On local version there is a problem with view more photos

Hi. Sometimes on local server doesn’t works as expected, please upload to the real server and test. Sometimes this happens because of the images path used in theme.

Hi there,

I purchased your theme a few days ago and I have the same problem as described above. I don’t find any zip file to install just the theme. When I click on the link that you indicating (

Yes, this is the problem. This is a simple html template not a WP theme. Please find our WP theme here http://themeforest.net/item/creativepearl-photography-responsive-wp-theme/4731467 ) it does not give me a way to download the proper template. Please help! This is urgent.


Now I understand! I wanted the Wordpress theme not the html site. How do I get my money back on the html version so that I can purchase the wordpress theme? Thanks

Please contact the Envato support. Thank you.

Hello, I am trying to get slightly wider images on the index.html slideshow. Instead of 1480×427 pixels as it is set up on the template I would like to have images of 1480×768 and I could not figure out by myself where to make the change. Can you help me please !? Thank you and I wish you in advance a Merry Christmas from Costa Rica ;)


We are using images with 1480×427px size in the file: index_2.html

There are lines like this, where you can change the image name with your images name:

<img src="images/pic_slider_home_1.jpg" alt="" />

And finally, you have to calculate and to set the image height for responsive modes. The css is located in the file ”/layout/style.css”. Find all lines that begins with this code:

.block_slider_home .flexslider .slides img

Merry Christmas :)

Okay I got it ! Thank you very much for your clear explanation

Thank you for this theme!

You are welcome!

Hello, I just uploaded my website and I have sent you a private message with the link of my website. Basically everything runs smoothly with Firefox however I am having a problem with the Index_2.html that I used from your template to design the homepage of my website the “Our Projects” section does not appear to work with Explorer, the thumbnails are on top of each other, would you be kind to check for me please !?

Many thanks.

Dominique ( Bibodom)

Hello Dominique, I’m sorry for delay. I have found your email. Will reply to it shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Hello I have a problem with the menu : I use second home version and menu goes behind the flex slider. I checked the markup but it is conform to the one on the online demo, where there is no issue. Could you please fix it?

Hi. What theme version are you using. This issue was fixed in on version 1.1.0. Also the third level is available in this version.

Hello , I am using the version available for download after purchase. It is definetely not fixed!

Hello. You get the same issue in the html template, that you received to your email?

Just purchased your template and it’s very nicely done. The document is a bit lacking tho. I only have a simple question.

For the gallery, I want to be able to click on the thumbnail to go to a page. I tried adding an href around the thumbnail image but the class=hover is blocking the a href on the images.

Please help! I am sure others will have the same question.

Does that make sense?


Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi thanks for getting back to me, your contact forum is not working. I emailed you also.

Please use the contact form from my Profile page on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia#from

Hello, I have notice another problem when viewing the template on tablet Blackberry Playbook that I am using ( I don’t know if the problem remains on other type of tablets..). I am using the Gallery : gallery_item.html to show my work; On PC the library works fine however on a tablet the scroll to the next image button on the right side of the screen only show the images number and the “Next Project” option does not appear so it is impossible to reach the gallery_item_2.html and so on…

Thanks for your comments

Hello, unfortunately we are supporting the most used mobile devices and tables, in general iPhone and iPad. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

Okay as long as it works with other tablets its fine !

Hello, how do I make the small contact widget form to work ? And how do I make the blog “leave a comment form” to work ? They are both in blog_post.html. There is no .php form for them or should I use the same .php from contact form ???

Many thanks.

Hello. The contact form works. Please check if you have last update. You can’t leave comments in blog, this is a html template. You have to use WP version to have this and other features.

Oki thanks ;)

You are welcome :)

How can i change the social icons in the html-version of CreativePearl? I like to ad the Linkedin icon (and delete some others). Seems to be “nr. 22”? Do i have to change the html page and/or the stylesheet?

To display the linkedin icon in the header, you have to add the icon in this image sprite_social_1.png and to add css code like this:

.block_header_social li a.social_22 {background-position:0px -132px;} .block_header_social li a.social_22:hover {width:78px;}

Thanks! I’m not shure i did the right thing, but i copied and pasted the Linkedin icon from the image sprite_general_social..png into the image sprite_social_1.png. In Photoshop i changed the tekst into ‘Linkedin”. Works fine.