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Are you going to offer a mobile version of this site?



Thanks for interest but we’re going to put Responsive on this.

Sorry abou that


I’ve noticed that in your theme there are no language codes to translate it. I mean code like: <?php _e(‘Title:’, ‘creativesans); ?> I’m adding this codes because I need a multilingual website. I’ve created the .po and .mo files with Poedit without problem. When I try to use Code Styling Localization plugin to translate the theme it doesn’t find or understand the .mo and .po files and it doesn’t show the option to translate the theme.

I’m feeling a little dissaponted as I thought all so called professional themes include the _e code to make the translation process painless. Well, apart from that point, do you know if there is something in your theme that is making Code Styling Localization plugin doesn’t recognise it.



Sorry but it isn’t 100% compatible with localization since the first time. Do you have any certain point to translate? I’ll guide you where to make change.

Thank you! :)


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The site will be in two languages, so all words in the theme files should be translatable with localization. I’m using this method since the last months and I’ve never had a problem before. Maybe you could please tell me what is making your theme uncompatible with localization and the steps to solve this uncompatibility.


Hello, with the page builder is it possible to place a full slider above the blog function?


Sorry but this theme doesn’t have page builder.

There’re the theme since Modernize.

Thanks for interest :)


Our website also needs to be multilingual. We have used a translation plugin (WPML Multilingual CMS ) and with it we have been able to translate all the pages without any problems, apart from the homepage itself.

Since this page is created in the “creativesans admin panel” section and is not among the normal Wordpress pages, can you explain how I should go about translate it into several languages?

thanks and regards, Elaine


sorry but admin panel itself doesn’t support this feature since the first time.

This section can’t be used for multi language…

Sorry abou that.

I couldn’t setup this theme! WordPress told me “It’s lost the ‘style.css’ file.” What’s wrong? Please help my, thanks. By the way, I can’t creat a new account on the GoodLayers.

To install wordpress theme, please follow these steps.

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend.

Hope this help :)

about the forum, Please make sure that you followed this article >

If you already followed but still doesn’t work, please send your purchase license and your themeforest username(Username that purchased item!) to ‘’. We’ll do that for you.

Thank you! :)

Any update on responsive?

This theme only supports 1 menu. Can more menus (which can be shown as custom menus in sidebars) be implemented?


sorry but we’re not planning to add responsive in this theme :/

hm, you may need to use custom menu widget in sidebar area. BTW, this theme doesn’t support unlimited sidebar.

Cheers! :)

Are you planning to upgrade this theme to support WP v3.5? Responsive to theme will be a great advantage !!


We already update this for WP3.5

You can try to update the theme.

Cheers! :)

Thanks for the quick reply. I will update it.

If you can make it responsive …... it’ll be superb !!

Thanks & Regards :)

I really like your theme. I think I won’t regret this purchase. Still got some problems though

I followed every instruction I found on the internet and in the support section. I installed the theme manually and via backend. But it still doesn’t work right. (I’m pretty sure I installed it correctly. Never had problems with installing themes.) Not even with older wordpress versions. It looks like js and css is missing. Would you take a look please:

Seems i can’t solve this on my own. Please help me

Used versions:
  • PHP 5.3.18
  • mySQL 5.1.66
  • Wordpress 3.5
  • CreativeSans v1.01
  • Thank you for your support! Best regards,


    you need to go to admin panel and press ‘save changes’ first.

    Please let me know :)

    Thank you! Now it looks much better!

    Still one thing isn’t working: The widgets in the footer are not displayed side by side. They are stacked. How can I fix that?

    Go to ’ appearance > widget’ and you will see footer1, footer 2, footer3/...

    each one for each footer column. try to play around it ;)

    Hi, I purchased and installed this theme last year. It was working fine at the time. Now, the creativesans control panel, specifically the menu for the slider, to add/remove pics, etc has stopped working. I am unable to add or delete photos. Please help


    Can you please try to update the theme? I assumed that you update WP to 3.5?

    Same problem as above – WP 3.5 and slider buttons not working to add new images.. Any fix?

    OK, I re-downloaded the theme, and uploaded / replaced the files (other than images) and it works now.

    Cheers! :)

    Hello, I just intstalled the template: Creative Sans, but its giving me an error in the images. It doesnt let me upload any type of multimedia, slider or image. I want to know what i have to do to make it work.


    Can you describe more about the problem please? Screen shot + description would be great.

    thanks :)

    I’m having some trouble setting this theme up with the demo content. Getting quite some errors when WP is importing the data from the xml file. Is there any information out there that I can go through to sort out this issue? Thanks


    Was it an error of importing media? If it’s state that it can’t import media, in this case you need to contact your host provider to solve this because your host won’t allow to do that. Sorry about this :(

    You may try to switch to default theme too. The same error will still persist.

    Any plan to update this template to the current wordpress 3.9 version?

    Yes but make sure that you’re using latest version of theme. Also make sure that all of your plugins are compatible with 3.9 as well ;)

    Are you updating the theme for the Slider Revolution problem???

    No worry, this theme is not using Revolution slider ;)

    hi there – is this theme ok to upgrade to WP 4.2?


    BTW, make sure that all of your plugins are compatible with WP4.2 as well.

    cool – we are running theme version 1.03 – to save time rather than upgrading theme, will it be ok just to move to WP4.2 (currently running 3.8.8 – yes all plugins are updated (and would be updated after if needs be)

    Let me know – thanks for the quick reply! :)

    Oh that should be fine then. :) (However, current theme version is 1.05, you may consider to upgrade ;) )