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Very nice!

This should have been a 15$ template here, Nice one Basically I’m saying but they are some little things that you should have done that would have made it $15.

Thanks, Elianus and MarkDijkstra!


This look great, nice job!

This is a great site! Nice Job! I’m going to purchase.

Template.. too.. awesome.. Can’t.. stop.. myself… Have to.. purchase…

Wow guys, thanks for the compliments!

hey grubforce, great template, some questions:

can i embedd video either from something like youtube or any other host, or by adding a folder with the vids?

can i show swf and flv?

can i change the pink-ish color to any other color?

the thumbs both on the landing page as well as the portfolio page, is that xml? can i turn off the hyperlinks ie?


i knew it, forgot to ask:

can i add menu items?


Hi TMW ,

You can place any presentation material you like in that section, like youtube movies, swf etc. Just keep the dimensions in mind when implementing.

If you purchace the theme you will have 5 different colours to choose from (completly coded). If you like to have it in a other colour, simply edit the psd files that are also included.

About the XML and adding menu items. Thats completly up to you, like I said this is a html/css themplate, you can do anything you want with it!

hey thnx,

can you show me this template entirely working? im bit noobie but i need to see whats ‘behind’ the level after for instance “services”. is that like the portfolio section all external links to other websites or is it linked to a page that is still part of this template?


This template contains 5 general pages. Home, about etc. No pages behind them yet. But you can build them easily with this themplate.

Each html page has inline comments that specifies the area of the page. css tags like h1, h2 are all specified, so whatever you want to do with the design of the site wil be the same.

If you want a page for a detailed service item just take a page and adjust de contentFrame area with new html/css code.

Remember, this is not a fully working themplate like a wordpress theme. A html/css themplate gives buyers the option to build it into any cms they like or just leave it like this and insert own content.

Hi Grubforce, I am purchasing the template today but I do have a question on editing the home page. Will I be able to change the the pics at the top to get larger upon rollover instead of the visitor having to click the link under the picture? Do you already have something like that?

Newbie question…I know

Hi improvinc,

Just drop you a mail

Again @improvinc,

I can’t send you a mail! :-p

Anyway, offcourse you can change the home showcase. Simply by changing the link tags.

Its even possible to make it one big picture as long as you don’t change the list structure.

If you need some extra help on this drop me an e-mail and maybe I can help you out.

live preview showing error , please correct it , Thanks


Working on it, I chanched hosting account…

It will be back in a couple of hours from now

Very nice template, joust bought it. Keep up the good work!