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Hello, I have a problem to upload the logo. No matter which size/format it is, after clicking “use this!” it never shows the logo in the display options. But the file is uploaded correctly, because I can see it in the media library. Can you help me, please, to solve the problem? Thank you. Toni

hello again, it’s really strange. When I do it with my admin account it doesn’t work, but when I do it with the new account I created for you, it works :/ I used another theme before and today I switched to yours, is it possible, that this is the problem? And if yes, do you have an idea how to solve this? Thanks. Toni

Hey Toni,

Yes, this might be the reason.. It’s really hard to say. The best way is a clean installation when everything is fresh and quick ;)


I’m sure you are right :) Thank you for help! Toni

Hey there, I just checked out the site i made (not finished) on an iPad 2 and I was horrified to discover that the pictures (even the logo) look awful.

They look fine on my mac. Presume it’s to do with the resolution. Can you tell me what resolution and size I should be uploading the pictures at. Do you have an iPad you could look at it on? It looks ok on my iPad 2

Thanks, James.

Hey James, thank you for your purchase. For any additional support requests please write to us through ThemeForest contact form on our profile page. Regarding iPad2 images issue we will investigate it and let you know asap.

Cheers IshYoBoy

Awesome. Will do.

hi, I do not know if it happens to you, I can not run the blog page from your blog. There is a shortcodes to insert? also the widgets do not see them myself. What to do?

Replied to your email ;)

Hi is there a way for the images not to appear so large eg – is it because of the responsive design? The image is being scaled up far bigger than it actually is.


Of course there is. ;) Can we send our reply to the same e-mail we have previously been contacted from? Or could you please write us an e-mail as the comments are not meant for Support issues. You can use the contact form in the sidebar of our Profile page.


Amazing theme, really complete and attractive.

The only thing missing to make it double-amazing would to have a resume-builder feature included.

Will be installing it soon, hope everything goes fine!

Hi Wilhelm,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Could you please describe more in detail what the resume bilder should do? The current set of shortcodes with all their settings are giving you the opportunity to create nearly anything..

We’re sure it will ;) If anything pops up feel free to contact us via the Contact Form in here.

Looking forward to you reply.


There’s Resume-centric themes and some plugins that will help you easily create a resume, probably using a page template.

Yes, Creolio is powerful enough to create an amazing resume-ish page, but sometimes (even designers!) need the “classic looking” self-contained resume to display (with some creolio goodness of course).

Is it a deal breaker? Of course not, just something It’d be nice to have as part of the theme.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Wilhelm,

Thanks for sharing the information. We will discuss this within our team and we might decide to provide it in one of the next updates.

Thank you very much, we’re trying to do our best.


Having a frustrating issue. My posts on the microblog link to no where and alway bring up a 404 Error message when you click it, even though you see the content on the Microblog preview page. Here’s the link Only one of the posts actually work when you click. The rest of them use the EXACT same settings and category and won’t work at all. I don’t understand.

Please reset your permalinks settings under Settings -> Permalinks. Just hit the save button

Aww, thanks so much! Will I have to do this after every theme update? Just double checking.


You will have to do it whenever you experience the 404 error on a link that you know should be working :)

Another question similar to what someone has already asked about regarding resolution and size. The resolution looks bad when viewed on like an iPad because it’s scaled up so massively to fit the media or screen size. Is there a setting a change or suggestions for how to upload images so they will look better? Here’s the url:


Please contact us using the Contact Form on our Profile Page. We can provide a fix for this behavior.


Howdy! Very interested in purchasing this theme, although I’ve a question – how well does it integrate with WooCommerce, if it does at all?

Hi frtnc00k13,

Unfortunately, Creolio is not WooCommerce ready. If you’re interested, our latest theme (Minicorp WP – Not Just a Corporate Theme) is WooComerce ready, WPML ready and also offers the paid revolution Slider plugin in the price. It also offers a great set of content elements ready for you to use & lots of great features.

Here’s the WooCommerce part of it:



GREAT theme, i have a question:

I have done this:

/* Header padding adjustment */ body > header { padding-top: 33px !important; padding-bottom: 33px !important; }

and now the navigation text is not central (slightly too high) in the box, how do i make it central again?


Hi, Thanks. Got a reply.

Hello, i cannot see the reply? also does it come with a pricing table? or how do i add one?

Hi Ben,

The reply was sent to your e-mail as a reply to the one with the link to your site. Please check it if you have not done it so far.

The theme comes with no built in pricing tables but you can try to look for a plugin that would add them via shortcode.


The theme is not compatible with smartphones blackberry. Are you going to fix it? Thank you.

Hi Faustob,

From what we can see it seems to work well, it opens as it should and can be used to navigate through the pages. There are some additional styles applied on the and additional content elements which are breaking the layout.

If they are styled further to fit within the content the page will look as expected.

For further support please use the Contact Form as comments section is not meant for it. Thanks


Ok, thanks very much

Feel free to contact us if you face any issues or get stuck.


Hi IshYoBoy

I’ve just looked at my site,, on an iPad and there’s an issue. I am using the homepage as a portfolio and all the featured images for each portfolio are slightly blurred. It looks fine on my mac but not on iPad. Is this is an issue you are aware of? Do the portfolio featured images need to be a certain size?

Look forward to hearing from you


Hey Simon,

This is caused by the Retina displays. We have just e-mailed you instructions how to make it work on perfectly on retina screens.

Please use the Contact Form or e-mail us directly for future support requests.


Very cool looking theme,

Can you change the side or height of the main menu to have more of the page content appear above the fold?


Hi corepath,

Thank you very much!

Yes, the height of the header (logo + menu) can be easily controlled with a few lines of CSS Styles. These can be entered directly in the back-end in the “Custom CSS Styles” field.

There is also a FAQ section, where we have provided an example code:

Hope to see you soon on board!



How do I control the alignment of the drop down menu? Currently depending on how many pages are on the drop down dictates where the second level sits. How do I keep consistency throughout so the drop down level aligns under the above word?


Hi side_side,

For support requests, please use our dedicated support forum. The comments section is not the place for technical info. All support requests are handled through the forum only.


I purchased html version but I want to buy WP version also. Is it possible to add TABLE/TD/RD elements to next version? Thanks for asnwer.

Hi spyros,

In WP Table, th and td can be easily entered via the HTML/Text tab of the editor. Adding styles for them to look as they should is very easy as there is a “Custom CSS Styles” field where you can tweak any part of the page to fit your needs.

We’re sure you’ll love the WP version. Cheers


how do i decrease the size of the top widget bar before the navigation bar



For support requests, please use our dedicated support forum. All support requests are handled through the forum only.

This can be achieved with a little custom CSS. Just Inspect the element to see what css classes are used to be able to target it.


Just FYI: If you keep getting the “No image uploaded..” try renaming the file to something without underscores, hyphens or other special characters.

Nice notice :) I guess removing the special chars is enough. The underscores and normal dashes are fine :)

I am stuck in changing the icons, when I try to fe: change [one_third icon=”icon-eye”] this into another one, I cant find the list of icons such as icon-eye

Is that documented somewhere?

Yes it is ;)

You can find it in the documentation which was provided along with the theme in the zip-file downloaded from here. Look for “Fontello Iconic font – available icons”.

Everytime an icon is used there is a link saying “For a list of all available icons go to Icons.” which redirects you to the section where the complete list can be seen.

For other support requests, please use our dedicated support forum. All support requests are handled through the forum only.


Yeah thx, i found it! well, you can see your template at The core is ready, only content is not complete yet and logo is upcoming too :)

Nice, pal ;) Hope it will serve you well! Looking forward to seeing the logo.

Any idea whether this will work with the Visual Composer plugin?

Also, I love your design but do your later themes come with a visual composer?

Hey there,

Creolio and Minicorp were not VC compatible and use simple shortcodes. Therefore we’d say they will not work with VC. Or at least we cannot confirm it.

Boldial and Leepho however have their own PageBuilder based on Visual Composer so the back-end editing is much easier ;)

Hope this answered your question?


Hey there, Tried to update to wordpress 4.0 and got Cannot activate! FPW Post Thumbnails plugin requires WordPress version 3.3 or higher!”

Is FPW post thumbnails part of Creolio?


Nope this plugin is not a part of Creolio. Please check all your plugins ;) It might be a part of one of your active plugins.



jcnick Purchased

Great theme!

Possible to have the header/menu stay visible while scrolling down?

Cheers :)


Thank you very much, we’re happy to hear this.

Unfortunately Creolio does not have “sticky menu” functionality a it is very simple but functional theme :( We have added this functionality in newer themes but they are more complex and customizable.