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I can’t get the twitter feed to work anymore, even though it works in the demo. Please help!

hi, did you make this update ? :
also please provide your site link.

I cannot access the support website. It says my purchase code is wrong, so no unfortunately.

Hello, the problem solved now, so you can register again from here :

sorry for late reply.. thanks

i have a problem on ie … every time the slide changes the image the page go up and down :(

hi, please provide your site link, also did you tested template demo :
and happened the same thing with you ?

Really a nice theme

Thank you


I would want to know if this theme supports multilanguage. I want to use it to serve different languages depending on the visitors country (using WPML or similar plugins, but i want to know if this theme is compatible).

Is this possible? How?

Thank you.

hi, first you commented on [ crevision HTML template ] not WordPress version, whatever sorry theme not support WPML plugin..thanks

I love the template and i want to see if the twitter feed can be change to instagram

Hi, sorry template not support that and can’t change it.. thanks

Hi, in the purchased version, Index 3, the box of “Our Services” doesn’t work well when I use a tablet (h2 is not well aligned). In the online demo it works… Do I have to update something? CSS? Js? Thank you, antonio

hi, i should see your site online, whatever please do that :

open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code :
.sti-menu li a h2 {
    padding:0 !important;
after that will work fine..

now it works, thank you!

Thank you

I have a client that wants to add his own input from time to time … a bit of a blog – comments and a few pics. I thought the blog page on this would be the way to go. But …. how do I make the blog page ‘active’ so he can log into just that ? Do I make a wordpress page, use the formatting from the template and link them or what ….. ?

Hi, this is static HTML template so can’t do that, just you can use WordPress version from here :

Hi, I love your template, but I am a complete beginner and I was wondering if the theme is “stupid-proof” enough. :) Does the package include tutorial? Is it easy to personalise? I would love to buy the theme if you could provide me with some help. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards, Timea

Hi, template have docs here : and if you need any help with it you can open ticket on support forum here :

Pls. Can you tell me HOW I remove “Please enter your message. It should have at least 15 characters” in the emailform.

I do NOT want any distriction in the emailform.

So WHAT do I have to do that clients can send the emailform with only 3 characters or remove it all?

It is urgent. Hope You will and can help me pls.

Where can I find the script and remove it????? THANX! THANX!!!\

You’re welcome :)

Hi Jozoor. I send an email this morning to you….. Hope to hear from you! :-)

Hi, i replied on your msg ..thanks

Is it possible to get code to add to the contact-process.php file along with code to add to the contact form to add a spam check, like asking 2+3= ? and requiring the correct answer to be 5 before allowing the form to submit to help cut back on robot submittals?

Never mind, I added the following and it works fine. In the contact-process.php below Check Message script and before Webmaster_Email script,

if(empty($spamcheck)) { $error = ‘Attention! Please answer 2+3=?’; } else if(trim($spamcheck) != ‘5’) { $error .= “Spam Check: The number you entered is not correct! 2 + 3 = ???
”; }

Then in the form, below the message box, I added…

<label>Spam Check, Answer 2+3= ?</label> <input type=”text” name=”spamcheck” class=”text”>

Works for me if anyone else desires the same. Thanks : )

Hi, okay i hope every thing working fine now and thanks for sharing this for other clients.


jkopac Purchased

Howdy! How can I set a regular full size background for all pages instead of using a pattern?

Thanks! :)

hi, this because you don’t using logo and this is background which should appear like that.

Thank you. Is there a way we can fix that?

this is not issue, because background should be under any content, so you can remove background and using logo and everything will be fine.

Hi Jozoor,

What is about the update of 25 of june…. Important?? :-)

Hi, it just fixed this announce issue [ prettyPhoto XSS fix ] so we just replaced [ jquery.prettyPhoto.js ] file in [ js ] folder by the new version [ 3.1.6 ] so if you want to replace this file enough, so just download it from here : [ ] and upload & replace it in [ js ] folder.

Hi! I am trying to customize the Single Project 1 page of Portfolio, and noticed that the div “sixteen columns top-2” has next and previous options, I guess for sliding each Project inside this div.. But did not find any ul tag inside this div to add more projects… as I can see at Related Projects bellow, for example.. Is it possible to slide other projects inside this Single Project 1 page?

hi, are you talking about next& previous project in top page under title or next & previous arrows in related projects in down ? whatever if you want to add more projects in related projects section you can easy add new div section with the new project, like this code here :

Hi there!

How can I put a custom header design up top?

This one –

hi, okay please do that :
open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code :

header {
background: #fff url('') 50% 50% / cover no-repeat;

and save file.



dbainla Purchased

I was unable to start discussion in your support system…

Crevision Theme HTML

Is there anyway to put breadcrumbs on same line

as class=”page-title”

instead of underneath?

hi, sorry template not support that.. and what is the problem in support forum ? it’s working fine.. regards