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bichiie Purchased

Hi there, I am having pagination problems with pagination with this theme. My site is http://ploff.net/

What is wrong? I cant go back next or previous.

Thanks, Ed

hi, i replied on your ticket :
sorry for late reply, wait you.. thanks

Hi im having a few issues with the footer on my site. It seems to only be displaying full width on a few pages the rest are within the container which is causing a grey border around the edge.

These pages are examples where the footer is full width: www.coxtails.com http://www.coxtails.com/services/ http://www.coxtails.com/blog-2-2/ These pages are examples where the footer is contained: http://www.coxtails.com/bar-staff-hire/ http://www.coxtails.com/cocktail-course/

Thank you

Hi, okay i solved this issue which missed closed [ div ] in page.php file when using featured image like you said, so i added this missed div tag and pages working fine now.. thanks for your feedback.

Hi Great thank you :)

Just one more thing – is it possible to change the colour of the menu font on mobile devices – the white on grey is quite difficult to read


hi, okay please do that :
from crevision theme options > styles options > form section [ Add Custom CSS Code ] add this code :

@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) {

.js .selectnav {
  color: #000 !important;


@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {

.js .selectnav {
  color: #000 !important;


and save changes.



cgart Purchased

Hi, I’m having issues replicating the testimonial page like this. http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/testimonials

What I’m getting is a long grey panel with the testimonial one after another with a comma without the white break spacing.

What I have done is populate the testimonials page and then created a new page and place the short code [testimonials]. Is that correct?

There is any instructions I can follow to get it looking like your example.

Hi, please send to me your site and admin login info on email from my profile to check what happened exact in your page and hide the category title as you like, so we will be here in this comment section and i will remove other comment section okay ? so please reply here.. wait you.. thanks


cgart Purchased

I worked it out. As usual thank you for the quick response.

Great i hope everything working fine now.. thanks


very nice theme! I want to use it for a client, but they need their logo to be on the right hand side above the menue. Can that be easily done?


Hi, theme not support that, but we can change that for you but please after purchased open ticket here : http://support.jozoor.com/ and we will be with you.. thanks


How can I change the colors of default buttons? I use this provided code in a post;

[button url=”#” size=”small” color=”color”] Small Button [/button]

but whenever I add a color code, button turns invisible.

Thanks a lot, Ezgi

hi, can’t do that direct from button shortcode, you just need to change theme colore from theme options and will change button color, check this page : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/shortcodes/

Hi, I’m waiting your support 4 days ago. What happen? Where are your Support Team?

hi, i replied on your ticket : http://support.jozoor.com/discussion/1853/how-to-get-icon-in-services#Item_10 sorry for late reply.. thanks

Hi, my site is showing as responsive on a mobile etc but when i run the mobile friendly test is shows as not mobile friendly?




hi, when tested theme demo : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/ here : https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ appear fine [ Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly. ] but with your site i don’t know why give me [ Not mobile-friendly ] so you can check from your plugins like custom menu you added on mobile or you added custom css code affected on that.

sorry for late reply..


I am very happy with your theme but I have one issue. I think, my site looks a bit narrow(width) in Google Chrome compared to the original demo. Please connect the link below to find it. http://www.koreancleaners.com.au/


hi, no your site and demo width is the same [ width: 990px ] so i didn’t see any different between it.. thanks