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Is it possible to remove the ’/preview’ from the url for portfolio items?

So sitename.com/preview/portfolioitem2

would be



hi, you can change the name [ preview ] , but can’t remove it , do you need that ..? if yes please do that :
1- open [ admin/custom_post_type/portfolio.php ] file.
2- search about this code :

'slug' => 'preview'

3- change the word [ preview ] to what you want.
4- go to in your dashboard : settings > Permalinks > and save changes , to reactive new permalinks for projects.
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hello Jozoor :)

any fix for the blog post in ie8 :) since is not showing correctly even in your demo page :)

and another question is can I change the lightbox you have with fancybox ? :)))


atwatwx Purchased

hehe got it first the code :D n1 ;)


;) okay , i hope every thing is okay now…

atwatwx Purchased

yup :) thanks anyway Jozoor you rock ;)

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Hi there,

When I view my website www.rairdesign.com on my iPad mini it zooms into the top left of the page and I have to pan out every time I go to a new page. How do I fix this?


hi, can you do that :
1- open [ header.php ] file
2- search about this code :

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

3- delete it and test again…
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Perfect thanks!!


thanks for you…

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Hi RSS Feed

how do we remove the rss feed from the footer and contact page?

We are able to remove facebook, etc by deleting the ”#” in the theme panel. We are unable to remove the RSS.


by using shortcode [testimonials], we will pull out the testimonials list.

We are unable to achieve what Home 2 Option shows where there are sliders and we are able to customise total displayed testimonials.

anyway that we can have this in the new pages we create?

Also, can we set specific testimonials to show in specific testimonial column?

Show our client

when we use [client], it looks different from the home 2 option.

how can we set specific client in the page?


hi, how are you…?
1- about remove rss feed icon :
- to remove from footer , open [ footer.php ] file and search about this code and remove or hidden it

<a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>"><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/icons/rss.png" alt="" /></a>

- to remove from contact , open [ contact.php ] file and search about this code and remove or hidden it

        <a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>" data="<?php _e(" rss="">" class="black colorTipContainer"><span class="social-icon rss color" /></a> 
        < /li >

2- about testimonials and clients :
you can’t use what you talking about specific options for that, just you see in theme for shortcodes about testimonials and clients , whatever i will take this feedback from you , and we can see to add it in next update…

Thanks for you.

customo Purchased

Hi thanks for the quick reply. We have purchased the html version before WP and we thought that the testimonial sliders can be customised as well. :)

if i paste the html coding in wp, will it work temp till the updated version is out?


hi, how you want to use html codes in wp theme …? and can i see your online site link ..?

can i make this theme with 2Lang (Arabic) and (English) ?? and how ?


Despite all that I am going to buy it




Thanks for you, i hope you enjoy with theme..

Regarding the issue with not working in Safari on the iPhone 4S. There’s another theme on here which has the same problem and that’s Vibecom . For some reason when you try to tap the portfolio item on the home page it does not work. I think your theme and their theme both use the same JQuery slider for portfolio items on the home page? it does not work properly.

Every other theme on here that I have tested has worked fine with the iPhone 4S, just yours and the Vibecom do not and it seems to have something to do with that portfolio widget/slider.


okay thanks for your feedback :)

Following on from my last comment regarding the tap issue with your theme and the Vibecom theme. The Vibecom author replied…

“It is a known issue & we’re working on a fix for this in the coming update: http://vibethemes.com/forums/showthread.php?4-Issues-in-pipeline

So clearly I am not the only one who is getting this issue!


Will you be updating your theme?


Are you going to fixing that issue? or can you suggest a way around the problem?


hi, okay i tell you , we write this feedback and we will fixed it in next update… thanks for you.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying the theme but I’d like to know if it has got multilanguage support. I mean, could I use it to build a site that allow users to switch between two diferent languages? Is it easy to enable this behaviour within the theme? Thanks, Eva

hi, theme support translation to any language , but about using your site with multi language you can see this wordpress post : http://codex.wordpress.org/Multilingual_WordPress
also you can see this search result :

Thanks for interested in theme…


Let me start off by saying i’m a fan of the theme and the documentation – all good stuff;

When I updated to crevision 1.2 I was able to install through backend of WP no problem. Version 1.3 – not so easy: when I go to upload it the install fails and issues the message “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Is there a reason and possible solution or am I going to have to go around and upload through FTP. I’d note it is my experience that many themes in the past that have registered this error message response upon installation have proven to be broken and don’t install correctly no matter the method of installation.

Also I recall that originally the social media icons located in the footer linked back to the site itself rather than the individual social media sites. EX: instead of twitter.com/jozoor they would carry you to jozoor.com/jozoor or jozoor.com/# instead of the appropriate destination. Any thoughts?

Thanks again



hi, how are you.. i hope you fine.

1- about social links in footer in under construction page :
this links you will found input fields for it in theme options > general settings > when you close site this fields will appear , so you should change this , not links in footer options in normal open site.

2- about slider images width :
you need to upload images with big width .

3- about make category posts page :
you can do that by going to : Menus > and select any category you want from left side block and add it to menu , will appear link which can go go this page and show posts in this category enough.

but about talking for create custom page by different posts with categories : sorry theme doesn’t support that.


1.What is the standard optimum slider image width supported? 940×200?

2. You already have templates for multiple blogs – is it not possible to go in to the code and make one blog template contain options for choosing and displaying only certain category posts from blogroll? Or is there a short code you can provide for inserting blog roll posts of specific categories as content in to pages?

Going about it by creating a menu page from each of the specific categories limits layout options including choice of sidebar and also displays the unwanted “posts in the <blank> category” title header. Is there any way to then add sidebar and edit/modify the header for category pages?

I understand the theme is designed for optimum use for a services style page but think of the opportunities for usage created if you were to tweek and add to the blog customization options…

Will wait to hear back, Thanks.


hi, you will do that about category page :
1- you will create category link from menus in dashboard.

2- download this file from here : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/34057974/12-2-2013/archive.zip

3- extract zip file , you will found [ archive ] file, copy it and past & replace it in main theme folder.
( this update file, will remove heading title in category page and other like search and tags …. )

4- go to Crevision theme options > blog options > in section ( Other Pages in Blog like [ archive, categories, author, tags, search ] page ) : you will found options named [ Select Layout Page Style ] & [ Select Blog Style ] & [ Select Sidebar Type ] , select what you want and save changes.
this will be for this pages [ category page and other like search and tags ].

Hi I dont know why widget facebook like doesn’t work on page stlb.pl in footer


hi, can you try that :
API id : 539296302763801
page name : jozoor

also can you try to copy codes from http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/
and add [ jozoor – custom content ] widget to sidebar and add the code which you get , and test it without my code.

whatever i used the code which you will get from facebook developer …. wait you.


Hi I use jazoor and its work without any problems. But I try STLBPL and idt not work I use [ jozoor – custom content ] and its work.


hi, really i don’t why that happened, is the same code , also when you use our page, work fine it’s strange !! , i will search about that again .. and if i found any new thing about that , i will replay for you … but i think maybe because you have small number likes …? ...whatever i will search again about that….thanks

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Hello Jozoor :)

One quick question, is it possible to have the thumbnails always visible and below the slider like to have thumbnail slider and not only show when mouse over ???

I’m talking about this code:

[slider type=”2”]


[slider_2_item link=”#” img=”http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/photo-1-1.jpg” title=”Crevision” desc=”Crevision is a creative responsive WordPress Theme ..”]

[slider_2_item link=”#” img=”http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/slider-1-2.jpg” title=”Crevision” desc=”Crevision is a creative responsive WordPress Theme ..”]


  • Current
  • Crevision
  • Crevision
<!– ei-slider-thumbs –>


Hope you can help :)


:) thanks for you..

atwatwx Purchased

Jozoor :) where can I change the mouse over don’t stop the slider of clients??? because when I mouse over it stop the slides :)


hi, sorry this carousel slider work like that, because if you mouse over in slides stop auto action ..you can see here : https://github.com/Wilto/Dynamic-Carousel , in section [ Auto-advance ] ..

Hi, I purchased this theme and notice something that someone else noticed. Paragraphs of text don’t have spaces between the paragraphs. They all run together. See this page: http://www.test.explorics.com/new-faces-and-new-digs-explorics-steps-boldly-into-2013/

How can we fix this without messing up the formatting throughout the rest of the theme?


hi, just enter to down twice … or you can use [br] shortcode…

Is it possible to have services items link to other pages that describe the services in more detail?


hi, this option added in theme version 1.3 , you can see example for that here : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/
also you can see v 1.3 updates log : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/updates-log-v1-3/
also see this post before update to version 1.3 : http://support.jozoor.com/discussion/281/instructions-for-update-crevision-wordpress-theme-to-version-1-3#Item_10

Hi. Please tell me where can I find how to make Custom Portfolio: http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/dark/custom-portfolio/

By the way – awesome theme:) Love it. 5 stars.

1. I found in dark-styles.css (lines 279-287)
.recent-work .item img.pic.column-3, .portfolio .item img.pic.column-3 {
    height: 220px; }
.recent-work .item img.pic.column-4, .portfolio .item img.pic.column-4 {
    height: 161px;}
Can I change those values? Is it ok to do so? Or will this destroy the template totally?

2. I found how to remove categories under photos like this
.recent-work .item p, .portfolio .item p {
  display : none;}

3. After changing image scale values (see 1.) – (I did some testing) – image looks great:) But I still get that “image box” (under the image where project name and category is) too big. How to make it smaller?

Update to question #3. – after changing lines in dark-style.css line 281 and 286 and disabling category seems to scale that box under image OK in Recent Items. But I still get too big box under Portfolio4. Maybe that custom CSS is incorrect? Sorry for posting so many questions:)


hi, please i see you have more questions , so please can you go to support forum here : http://support.jozoor.com/categories/wp-crevision-theme
and open ticket for you asking to can replay one by one , because here i see all your comments more… i will wait you their. thanks for understand.

Great theme Jozoor

I saw somewhere here that you need to double enter or press the return twice just to create that single space in a paragraph. Well my client got about 470 posts, dont tell me that we need to always do this thing everytime we update the posts? This destroys the current NORMAL formatting mate. Is there any fix?

The annoying part is it ads NBSP code always, in SEO, that is a NO NO in terms of adding extra bytes in your database.

The ahrefs color is also hard to recognize in the post, any fix that could help will make me feel no regrets of replacing my thesis theme with crevision…

P.S. dont tell me to go to forum, was looking for solutions but no answer.

Thank you


Thank you mate! You rock Jozoor!

One last request, you can add custom content on home pages right, probably by using the shortcodes. But I want to add a quick contact form to get more leads and I need it on my home page. not on the footer but on the body or the slider. I tried to add a contact form 7 but it doesn’t fits in.

I hope you can add a contact function that gets name, email, subject and message within the home page. A quick contact form.

If it requires money for you to add this, would be happy to shed some. Email me : linkerati [at] gmail.com


The links color in single post did changed, but the thing is that the read more button on my domain.com/blog also became orange, u can only see the read more when u hover since it turns into gray and white.


hi, about what you asking :

- about content form
theme doesn’t have contact form shortcode , so you can’t use that and what is the problem for contact form 7 …? i think using it easy … you just add code in content and should work fine…
you can open ticket here : http://support.jozoor.com/categories/wp-crevision-theme
and i will be with you to solve that..

- read more link , please do that :
go to crevision theme options > styles options > in section [ add custom css code ] check [ ON ] textarea will opened to add this code :

.button {
color : #fff !important;

just a few queries before I decide to buy the theme;

1-  is it possible to have/turn on slider arrows in the home page slider?

2- on the home page where it says RECENT WORK and there are x 3 call out boxes, ‘creative project’ etc..

Is it possible to have 4 boxes here, either smaller and not wrapping, or else 3 and another wrapping to the next line?

3 – does it work OK on IE8, on a pc it doesn’t seem to be responsive on IE8?

thanks p


hi, about what asking :

1 :
yes you can view arrows or hidden in slider 1 and slider 3

2 :
you can use other homepages templates like : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/home-2/http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/home-3/
but if you need to change home 1 template to view 4 columns , i can make this change for you after purchase.

3 :
theme work fine on IE8 , but responsive work on IE9 enough .

Thanks for interested in theme…


ok thanks

Wow that’s some big text in the question above, anyway…

When is the next (with the iPhone tap issue solved) update coming? if you fix that issue it’s very likely I’ll buy this theme, as I really do like it!


hi, after we publish new update , we will make comment here , and write in twitter and facebook about that… thanks for you.

hi, i see in source code you have one more
< /div>
so can you send to me the content code for this page to see it …?
you can open ticket here : http://support.jozoor.com/categories/wp-crevision-theme , and write code …wait you.
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Hi Jozoor, I just bought and downloaded the theme today but within the admin it is saying that I have version 1.0 and not 1.3 and it is telling me to update to version 1.3 – how do I do that as surely I will be downloading the same files?



hi, you have two choice :
1- upgrade to latest wordpress version .

2- make this changes and updates with old wordpress version :
1- download this file from here : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/34057974/28-1-2013/index.zip
2- extract zip file , you will found [ index.php ] file , copy & replace it in this folder [ admin/jozoor_panel ] in main theme folder.
3- open this file [ inc/update_notifier.php ] , and search about thid code ( note : you will found this code 3 times , so change the 3 times )

$theme_version = '1.0';

4- change it to:
$theme_version = '1.3';

after doing that every thing will be okay..

basecre8 Purchased

Perfect,thanks – everything is working now, thanks for the help and quick response.


thanks for you … and sure welcome anytime..

suzanka Purchased

Hello! Amazing theme i love it!!! I have a question: can we have instead of a FLICKR footer and sidemenu widget, can you make one for INSTAGRAM, it’s the next best social media platform for images!!! Let me know if this will be in development or if it’s easy to implement!


hi, thanks for you..
about INSTAGRAM can’t do that at now , but really i write this feedback with me , to see can add it in next update for theme… thanks again.