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I’m either very stupid or missing style.css is a disease I have. I just unloaded the zip in wordpress… should that work?

I like this theme I want to buy this theme , but I want make sure if there is a file simple data.xml with theme

hi, yes sure found Demo-Content.xml in download folder and here : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/docs-videos/ , you can found how [ Insert Demo Content ] in your site with theme.

Thank you. I always for get about finding that right folder.


Thanks, we hope every thing is okay now…

Thanks alot :)


just wait your purchase :) ..., thanks and sure welcome anytime with purchase or not for asking about anything.

how can i add this (see screenshot)to my blog posts?


hi, it’s very easy adding this, just do this steps :
1- get any code you want from here : https://www.addthis.com/get/sharing
2- from your wp dashboard go to : Appearance > Widgets .
3- you will found Top Post widgetized area and Down Post widgetized area, just add for any area this widget [ jozoor – custom content ] and just past code which get it from addthis.com site in textarea content, you can let title empty and after saving widget it will be appear in single page for all posts
you can see this video also : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGJRi9HhFvQ

thanks a lot


welcome anytime..just ask we will answer :)

Hello Jozoor,

I like the wide layout style, but I would like to add an image in the header of each page. Is it possible?


hi, yes sure you can do that :
just you will need add css code in custom css codes section in theme options panel , and after purchase just add comment to tell you code you will be adding or you can open ticket in support forum here : http://support.jozoor.com/categories/wp-crevision-theme

OK sir… please confirm me if any option for auto image size.. i wanna purchase if any that option… because whatever great design but if image in that website not proporsional… i think make bad…

Thanks for reply sir :)


hi, please do that :
1- download this file [ functions.php ] from here : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/34057974/functions.zip
2- after that copy file after extract to main folder in theme
3- after that you will be found all images sizes
NOTE : i will add this options in next update , make resize image or not in theme options, so if you need it now, download file and replace in main folder , if no’t just wait our update.. thanks for you.

Hi, please what is the code for add image on header?

Thank you


yes you can do that :
in the file [ header.php ] search about :

    <div class="container clearfix">


add your code like that :

    <div class="container clearfix">

<div class="sixteen columns">
<?php putRevSlider(“Inicio”) ?>


Perfect!! Thanks

I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Thanks for you :) , and welcome anytime…

Great work . good luck with sales ! ;)


Hi Mohammed, very thanks for you..

Hello, I may be braindead or blind today.. but I cannot see where to change the content of the “Welcome Box”.. Thanks !

hi, why that , it’s easy for using, just do that :
[text] Welcome to [text_color]Crevision[/text_color] Clean & Responsive HTML Template.This intro text can be modified and is  a good way to say hello to the visitor. [/text]  
you can change text easy to what you and, when you adding any shortcodes, just make sure you select HTML tab in editor no’t visual , and every thing will be okay


Sorry for dumb question, but does comment section work? And can I play videos on my server (.flv, .mov, .mp4 or similar) or do they need to be on Vimeo or Youtube?

Thank you.


hi, rendertom
now comments for posts enough, but projects details no’t yet, but i can add this in next update , really now i write all important feedback for theme to add it in next update and sure if you purchase now and when i upload theme with new updates , you will receive notification in dashboard for worpdress tell you about new update
about videos, just now youtube and vimeo videos.

which is the code? and where i need to insert … for click the photo and going for example in a page like that?


hi, if you talking about adding new project :
go to portfolio > add new project , and when you add content for project , just select [ Details Style 1 ] in Project Details Style section, after adding this project, it will be appear in portfolio page in your site and link will go to this details, so you don’t need to define link, it will generate auto from wordpress
if you talking about adding any project link in navigation menu :
after you adding project , you can copy full link for see this project details, after that : go to Appearance > Menus and create new link in [ custom Links ] block, which you will add url and label [ name for this link ] and add it to navigation menu.

don’t work.. look at that http://www.fratellidivasco.com/

going to recent work… click on FdV Concerti, Fratelli di Vasco

you go here… http://www.fratellidivasco.com/preview/fdv/

i forgot something but i don’t remember what…


hi, i don’t know why get error, and i test on theme demo , and change permalink for all links like you done work fine and also make default permalink and work fine
are this links was worked fine before ?
can you change permalink for all links in your site to Default and see if will get error page also?
can you try to add new project and test it also ?
wait you… to do this checks .

Great theme, interested in purchasing it today. But I want to know if I can use blog as the home page?


hi, yes sure you can do that, just when you create navigation menu for your site you can make any page is home in links , also in wordpress [Reading Settings ] you can select a static page for your site also, it’s easy for do that, if you can’t do that , just comeback after purchase and i will be with you..


Thanks for the fast reply. I am quite familiar with wordpress, so changing those options is not a problem.

I just want to make sure I can use http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/blog-full-width/ as my homepage, is that possible?

hi, yes you can use use any page you see in theme demo as homepage in your site..no problem with that.
also you have Docs videos here : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/docs-videos/
and text docs here : http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/docs/
to know all thing about theme.

Does this theme have a responsive design for mobile devices?

hi, Yes this theme fully responsive design, you can test it here : http://screenqueri.es/naZ8P


1/ I like the Team option.. except it does not quite fit my purpose.. the texts for each of my team members have very different text content sizes.. in your sample each has 3 lines which makes the team page look perfect.. but in my case nothing aligns correctly.. Is there any way I could make my Team not have three columns but only one ?

I was also thinking of possibly using the accordion or tab short codes for the text content of a team member to keep them all equal-sized.. but short codes don’t seem to work for Team members.

2/ How can I hide the “Launch Project” button in a Portfolio item (under the Job Description section) if I have no need for an external link ? (I could possibly use the Hide It WP extension (Version 1.0.1 | Par Jason Lau) but I don’t know how to target the Launch Project button).

3/ Is there any way to not display the Slideshow in a portfolio project, if it has no images in it.. for the time being, unless I am doing something wrong, one still sees the back and forward buttons if there are no slides.. I would like to be able to make “text-only Portfolio items without having to use slides.



hi, yes i see this issue. but now we can make height fixed for each member box, but it won’t be good , so i will make it like that , we can view some text from details and fixed number of characters and any more text we can put it in toggle to view more, and please wait this in next update, because it will take some work for doing that, and sure it’s important feedback with me..


Great :0) What could be good too for the team is that it could be filterable like a portfolio.. in my case the people are dance teachers, that way they could be filtered according to the type of dance they teach. I imagine that could be useful for other types of teams obviously. PS: I really appreciate that you are willing to adapt to people’s suggestions !!!


hi, thanks for your feedback, and about we hear to our clients about any feedback for our theme, we should do that, to make theme is the best more for you and other clients and to us :), so we like that.. thanks

Can I make reduce the height of the slider? Would it affect its responsiveness? Thanks mate! Great work on the theme…


hi, slider height depend on images height in slider, so when dimensions for image 940×250 , slider height will be 250, so just use images with height you want , and no’t effect on responsive system on slider.

Hi there, I want to use this theme for a project, but I notice that on an iPad/iPhone the menu doesn’t work as it should. For example, when clicking ‘blog’ I go immediately to the main menu item and cannot select any submenu items. Can you fix that, or do I need to always # the top level in that case?

Thanks in advance, Tom


I have checked further and notice that the problem arises when the ‘blog’ menu item is clicked. The pulldown shows but the link for the top ‘blog’ menu item is immediately activated. After that, other sub menu’s don’t work properly either. Sometimes the wrong menu item is highlighted too.

What seems to be the problem is the slideshow. I don’t have an error console on the iPad of course, but when the menu problem arises, the slideshow doesn’t work either. It just places puts all images underneath each other.

I think the slideshow script is conflicting somehow with the menu script, but only when the top menu item can be clicked and there is a pulldown menu.

I have tested the HTML version. What happens there is this:

- when I am on the frontpage, when I click the top level ‘blog’ link, I immediately go to that link and see no pulldown appear.

- when I have arrived on the blog page, then when I click ‘Blog’, I do get the pulldown and can click it.

- when I then go to ‘Pages—> About us’ and next click ‘Blog’, I don’t get that pulldown and go immediately to the ‘Blog’ page.

In short, only when I am on the top menu item ‘blog’ page, I get the pulldown. all other times I will simply go to the ‘Blog’ page.

Hope this helps!


hi, i tested all what you talking about , no’t found any problems with dropdown navigation menu.. also i don’t see any conflicting with slideshow JS with menu.. really i don’t see any errors, sure if i see that i will tell you and sure fixed it, but i don’t see that…


Hm, that’s really strange. I guess I have to find a way to circumvent it then, because we have it on all iPads here.

Thanks for looking into it, appreciate it! Tom

blue43 Purchased


Great theme!

I have just now purchased this template but can’t seem to get the ‘under construction page’ to work. I have followed the instructions given and turned the setting to ‘on’. however it still shows the template on my site, even after I logged out and checked it on another computer. Just wondering if you know what I may have missed?

Kind Regards


hi, after you make [ close site ] : ON , do you set [ Ended Date & Time ] with next date ?
note : after you doing that, you shouldn’t open site from other PC, just log out from you wordpress dashboard and you will can see under construction page.