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Purchased your theme a few days ago, absolutely amazing!! 5 stars, though I have some questions and suggestions; 1) May I use the images that you use in your preview? And if I don’t where can I buy them? 2) Are you going to make a facebook template/theme of this theme? If you do please let me know, I would buy it immediately. If you don’t, is their a possibility to make one myself from the responsive html version?

Sorry for my bad English, I’am from the Netherlands :)


hi, thanks for you ( purchasing & 5 stars )
1- about images in preview theme : this is with copyrights and we using it for theme demo enough and you can found images sources in theme preview on theme forest here : http://themeforest.net/item/crevision-responsive-wordpress-theme/3538153 , in [ Credits ] under # Images .
2- about facebook template from [ crevision html version ] : we will see that and if we decided for that, we will contact with you.
Really Thanks for your suggestions.

Hello. I would like to ask how I could make a post to be shown fully on homepage? What I mean is that if I go to Durnynas.lt (homepage) then I see only video and a line of text which is cut, but when I go to post http://durnynas.lt/automobiliu-salono-reklama I see full post. How would I be able to see a full post on homepage? :) By the way, “Like” plugin is set to show like on homepage too, but it just doesn’t shows up there.


hi, just do that :
1- go to Crevision theme options > Blog options >
in section [ Blog 1 : Number of Characters in Posts content ] or section [ Blog 2 : Number of Characters in Posts content ] or section [ Blog 3 : Number of Characters in Posts content ], you can increase number of characters to example ( 1000 ), depend on which page template you select when you create your homepage for your site.

I just have set characters to 10,000, but it is still the same. Also I can’t find how to select homepage template for my website.


ok, i see now you let your homepage is [ default index ] by wordpress, so if you want to control with homepage, just do that :
1- create new page example name [ home ] .
2- select template for this page [ blog 1 ] example from ” Page Attributes ”.
3- after that go to Settings > Reading in your dashboard , and check on [ A static page (select below) ] and select the page which you last created example [ home ] in Front page: select, after that you will found this new page become your homepage in your site, and you told me you increase number of characters for blog1, so you will found full text for any post.

I just done absolutely everything what You’ve told, but nothing changed… I guess I’ll have to stay with design how it looks like right now :/ Anyway thanks for trying to help.


really i tell you what you can do for that, but what happened with you, i don’t know , but if you see every thing is okay now, that’s good and i’m here anytime for any other asking…


Maybe somehow I could change that by modifying content-limit.php?


hi, why edit content-limit.php file , just if you select any template page for blog from [ blog1, blog2 or blog3 ] , you will can edit number characters from theme options…

Hi, I just bought your theme and I really like it. I do have a few questions:
  1. I am using the default template, because in the home page templates provided the sidebar with the wordpress widgets do not show up. Can I change this?
  2. In the file slider.php I have changed the size of the slider from 16 to 12 columns. How can I write some text to the right of the slider (in the remaining 4 columns), just like you do in the example of “Single Project 1”? I do not want to add it to slider.php to avoid having always the same text on every page. Can this be done in another way?

Thanks for your help!


hi, thanks for your purchase.
about your asking :
1- you can set any page as homepage for your site, by go to Settings > Reading in your dashboard , and check on [ A static page (select below) ] and select the page which you last created example [ home ] in Front page: select, after that you will found this new page become your homepage in your site,
- about sidebars : when you create the page , just select your [ Page Layout ] with ( Right sidebar or Left sidebar ) and sidebar will appear in your page.
- about type of sidebar : you can select it from [ Select Sidebar ] with default sidebar , sidebar2, sidebar3, sidebar4 or sidebar5
- about widgets on any sidebar : you can easy adding any widgets to any sidebar you selected which you adding page.
also you can see this docs here :
- http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/docs-videos/
- http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/docs/

2- now slider view can take full width in any page , but when you tell you want change column which contain slider, i will take as feedback and will make this for next update , and i will see how to can use slider with any column layout with any page..


About point 2. Ok, I will be waiting for any news. About point 1. I was not referring to a homepage, but to a page template. Let me explain: when I create a new page and I select any of your templates named “Home 1” to “Home 5”, the sidebar does not appear. If I change the template to Blog or Default, it does appear, but not with the “Home” template. How can I use a sidebar with these “Home_1-5” templates?

Thanks for your quick response!


hi, the system for theme have 5 homepage templates without sidebars [ home1, home2, home3, home4 and home5 ] , so you can’t add sidebars for this templates and portfolio pages also, enough you can add to new pages and blog pages and you can using any blog pages or new pages as homepage for your site, by set it homepage which i told you in last comment.. i hope you understand this now.
please, can when you replay make it in the same comment, please do that. thanks..

Hi, I just purchased the theme. Gave it 5 stars. It’s very clean. Hope I can make something good out of it for my site.

Your demo page isn’t working for me though :(

hi, thanks for purchase and your rate
but how demo page doesn’t work ?
do you mean demo content [ xml ] file ? if that you can see this video for that : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQATF4m-4DU.
thanks again…

I wonder why gravatar of the author box doesnt show my picture and just shows the default pic of gravatar. When I hover on it, it says gravatar.com/false


hi, do you check you have avatar on site or no’t ?

blue43 Purchased

Hi, Thank you for that! I had wiped out the time and date thinking it wasn’t needed for the construction page, and that’s why it wasn’t working. Filled it in and it came straight up. Thanks again!


that’s good, i hope every thing is okay now…

Hi, Is there a way to edit the titles on an individual Project page – for Example I would like to change the title ‘Job Description’. I have managed to find the hard coded titles in other page templates but can’t find the relevant php file for the Project page.


hi, all static words in theme, founded in language file , in this direction [ lang/default.po ] , so to change or translate any words in the theme , just do that :
1- download this program form here : http://www.poedit.net/download.php
2- see this video to see how using this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xqcxncNmT0
3- you can found plugins also like that : http://thebuckmaker.com/how-to-translate-wordpress-themes/
but all words in theme found in [ lang/default.po ] file..

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Hi, just purchased this theme and it looks great. Can you tell me how I would add a background image for the header of every page? Thanks

tomglen Purchased

Thanks but I mean the line along the top, above the menu?

okay just change code by that :
header {
tomglen Purchased

Perfect, thanks

tomglen Purchased

or is there a way to make it transparent?


you can see top replay, for last comment and you can use transparent background with any color also, which i explain for you in the top..

Hello, please how i can do work the subscribe form code?

Standard Form Code


3. <!- Start Form Code -> 4. <form action=”#”> 5.

6. <input type=”text” class=”subscribe-mail” value=”Enter your Email” onBlur=”if(this.value '') { 7. this.value ='Enter your Email'; }" onfocus="if(this.value ‘Enter your Email’) { this.value = ’’; }”/> 8.

9. <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” class=”subscribe-submit” /> 10.

11. </form> 12. <!- End Form Code ->

hi, in the theme demo, i use feedburner service and i explain for you, when you will add subscribe form using style classes for that here : http://snippi.com/s/ub1knqk
so to make feedburner subscribe form for your site, you can see that here : http://www.blogaid.net/how-use-feedburner-your-rss-feed
and you will get code for the form, after that using style classes in the form which i explain that in this link : http://snippi.com/s/ub1knqk
hi, can you see this post in support forum :
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Hey Jozoor, when can we expect an update with some of the features mentioned in the comments section?


Thanks for you…

abselmaz Purchased

Any news on when we can expect an update?


hi, we will upload theme version 1.2 today on themeforest, maybe will take one day to will be available for download, just wait that.. thanks for interesting.

jozoor..have you look at my last message?...i sent to you to 2 days ago…about the facebook widget on iphone version


hi, the message date [ Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 4:22 AM ] , no’t from 2days :), and i replay to you in message, wait you..

Hi, will you add more social icons in next update ? (These social icons http://themes.jozoor.com/wp/crevision/white/icons/) I’d like to add a soundcloud icon, but i don’t know how. Maybe if i change an icon on social-icons.png but it’s not really a good solution ^^

hi, this icon [ soundcloud ] no’t found with theme icons, so you can upload icon from media uploader in wordpress dashboard, and using url for icon like that in your site :
<a href="YOUR_LINK"><img src="YOUR_ICON_URL" /></a>

Yes i know that :) I think my first message was not really understandable ^ I ask that to have the same black “tooltip” with soundcloud icon as other social icons ^

hi, to use tooltip shortcode, just do that :
<a href="YOUR_LINK">
[tooltip color="black" title="Test title here"] 
<img src="YOUR_ICON_URL" />
you can don’t use href code, as you like…

Thanks a lot !

Absolute great work!


Thanks vectorspecies ..

Great Work . Thanks a lot dear friend .


Thanks bro…

Hi! Very nice and complete theme! I want to buy it… but I’m wondering if is possible to have the PSD archives, for design’s customizations.



hi, thanks for you
about PSD Files : can you send to us mail after purchase from our profile.. wait you…