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Couple of questions.
  • I assume removing the cart/store is a simple tick on or off? but need to ask…
  • I’d like to possibly get some other content in that area where your cart icon currently lives, is that an editable section?
  • Is there option for sub-menu within the menu dropdown?
  • Is there an option for a sticky header? or plans for one?
  • I’d like to have the homepage set up similar to the demo except I’d like to replace the ‘team’ section with the blog, is this possible?
  • I’ve been looking for a way to create a page/project and include a section/shortcode where is shows related blog posts, maybe like a shortcode that shows blog posts with a certain tag?

    For example, creating an artist page and within that page there is a section which lists of all the blog posts tagged with their name.

  • Any plans for that landing/welcome page like in the html version?

Thanks in advance, - Tim


Hi Tim, thanks for your interest, Wow, a lot of questions – looks like you need something very specific so I’ll try to answer them one by one.

The cart icon is displayed only when the WooCommerce plugin is active, so it will be hidden when you don’t need the shop functionality. There is no current way to add any custom content in that area – only social icons which you can choose to display either in the footer or in the right side of the header area. This may be a good feature for the next updates. The menu supports sub-menus and there is no sticky header option. You can add the latest posts to any page with the help of a shortcode (filterable by category or tag), but it won’t have AJAX behavior like in the single blog page. This is a small limitation that will be fixed in future updates. There are no current plans for a welcome page, but it’s not excluded for future updates.

Hope these answers help you – there is always the option of hiring a web developer to customize the theme further, if something needs to be changed to your exact requirements.


Thanks, sounds good. I will be scooping this theme up and playing around with it shortly.

how / where do i change the social media links for my website?


Hi, please use the Theme Options to quickly edit the social links displayed in the header or footer area (based on the [social] shortcode). For further concerns/questions get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Great Theme!!! before purchase… could I leave the main page just with the slidebar, menu and logo (without all that appear down)? I’m a new user of wp.. sorry if is a stupid question… thank you in advance


Hi, thanks for the interest. You must familiarize yourself with the WordPress framework in order to use a theme with ease. The theme supports editing the homepage from the content editor, so you’ll be able to have whatever content you want. Hope this helps.


Thank you a lot… last question… There is a way to go back from a project (into portfolio) to the page of the category of the project (not passing fron the general menu)? Thanks


Currently there is no such option – but you can always add a button that links back to the portfolio page. Hope this helps.

Hello Great theme, Just wanted to confirm if video could be embedded into the portfolio section. Looking for a page that can support video content. Thanks


Hi, thank you for your interest. A responsive video can be added in any content area, the project content included, or the project gallery can open a video lightbox.

Hi, I’ve just bought this awesome template, and I was wondering if it’s possible to change the menu icon, or even if we can write something instead of having an icon?

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi, thank you for your purchase. There is no option to control the menu icon – but you can always use some custom style to change it. You just need basic CSS knowledge and the Theme Options > Custom CSS field makes it easy to add quick changes.

Hey there, I have a quick question about the scale of the theme before I purchase it. I absolutely love the theme, but I feel that on a regular computer monitor, the overall scale is too large and I’d like to make it have some breathing room on either side of the page. Is there a simple way to do this? Awesome work on the theme!

Thanks so much,



Hi, thank you for the interest. Yes, that would be possible with a simple Custom CSS snippet and I can help you out with it if you decide to make the purchase. Get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.


First of all it’s a really nice refreshing theme. Well done.

I have question:

If the lightbox option is turned on for the portfolio grid. Is there a way of surfacing the title, description & tags as well as the image. I noticed this was feasible on the non-wordpress template you’ve made for the same theme.

Thanks D


Hi, thank you for your comment. The HTML template was developed before the WP version and some features may not have transitioned to the theme version – the project lightbox feature is one of them, sorry (the theme uses a slightly different approach for projects and a different built in lightbox method).

Hi! First of all, thank you for this great theme! I am currently in the process of building a site for a client using your theme as the foundation. I’m not much of a coder, so I thought I’d try my luck asking you a few questions:

1) Is it possible to have a custom excerpt appear below the title of a project thumbnail?

2) Is there any way to use videos instead of images in the slider? I tried inserting an iframe inside the [slider-item]-tags, but it just appears as plain text.

Thanks again, great work!


Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. The project showcase/gallery doesn’t have any option to add an excerpt under the title, sorry. Also, the built in theme slider doesn’t have support for videos so please use a different slider plugin if this is a requirement for your project. For any other concerns/questions please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form. Thank you.

Fantastic theme! So easy to implement and looks fantastic.

I’ve been implementing this for a client today and had one question; is there a way to make the blog post always maximise/expanded?


Hi, thank you for your comment. Currently the blog post content is available only via an AJAX request when the title is clicked (so the answer is no). You’ll need to modify the blog template to achieve your requirements – I recommend you use a child theme for this.

Hello I want to buy this awesome theme, but want to ask a question. Can I remove the functionality of shop and use the shop page as for displaying other content(book review etc.). ?


Hi, thank you for your interest. The shop functionality can be removed by disabling/not using the WooCommerce plugin. You can then create any additional page for your content, instead of the shop page, sure.

Awesome theme! love the buttons and navigation. One question, Is it possible to have inside each project page a link to other related projects or any other projects? So i won’t have to go again to the top, open the menu return to the portafolio page and select another? Thanks.



Hi, thank you for your interest. Sure, you can manually add a related project thumbnail or a next button to point to another page.

hello, how do i edit homepage slideshow / photos?

great, thank you. my last question is why do “project” links go to other photos? I’m trying to input slideshow or something, but it doesn’t go to that: when i click on “maternity” it goes to other home slideshow? http://www.lindsaychristine.com/

on the “edit project” backend, i’ve input a slideshow using shortcode, but it doesn’t show once clicked on!?


You need to understand how a lightbox works – it opens only a single image with the featured image of that post and offers a (lightbox) gallery with all the other featured images of the projects on that specific page. If you want to link to the project details make sure you set the [projects] shortcode attribute lightbox_popup=”false” (use the shortcode generator if it’s easier).

If you have any other concerns/questions please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Quick question… can I display blog posts in the similar fashion that portfolio posts are displayed (i.e. ajax sortable via category or tag)?


No, that is not currently possible.

Hello Liviu, is it possible to insert the contact form just under “our team” section rolling as one page?


Hi, thank you for your interest. Sure, the Contact Form 7 plugin shortcode can be added anywhere on a regular page.


Great! Can you help me with that?


You simply paste the form shortcode in the page content, that’s pretty much it. I left an import contact form in the purchased .zip file, for reference of the contact page form.

Hi Liviu, I really like the Blog and Portfolio archives with Accordions and AJAX loading content, really unique by the way. But for me, full width page is too much and I don’t like sidebars. Is it possible to decrease full width page (960 by sample) for these archives pages ?

Thanks !


Hi, thank you for your interest. The theme can be customized further via simple CSS and the archive page makes no exception. Use the Theme Options > Custom CSS field and modify the width of the post list to your preferred width.

Hi there!

This theme is amazing! I wanted to have a more extensive blog, but because that’s not an option, and I really want this theme, I was thinking of using the portfolio section to blog.

Knowing your blog better than anyone, do you think I could pull this off?



Hi, thank you for your interest. You can certainly use projects for blog purposes – they are just like regular posts (only displayed different).

Is there a way to show the featured image for blog posts?


Yes there is, you can set an option to show a small thumbnail for the featured image in the blog post list (it is available via Theme Options, for the preview I kept things simple).


Thank you so much, my last and final question is about the navigation, is there a way to let it span across the page, rather than be a drop down?


No, the navigation is available only via the drop-down menu.

Hi Liviu,

I just purchased the theme and in the process of customizing it. I was given a photoshop file obviously I need to cute out the images. I have a couple questions:

1) Since it’s a responsive theme, do I cut out the largest size image I can from the PSD and the theme CSS will scale it down? If yes do I follow what’s an the demo size to get the aspect ratio? (eg. 4×3, 16×9)

2) None of the icons are images within the CSS so to replace icons how would I do that? Do I just cut out the images from the psd and replace the font icon with this?

Thank You so much! Cheers.


Hi, thank you for the purchase. Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. The theme will scale any image to the width of it’s container and keep the original aspect ratio of the image (I recommend 16×9)
  2. The easiest way is to replace the entire circle with the icon with a static image, but you could customize the font icons as well with some custom css and web fonts knowledge (this requires some web dev skills)

Hope this helps, cheers!

I noticed on all of the product pages the images are square. if i have rectangle product images how can i change the setting for allowign the images to be 100% tall vs a preset size? this is both on the list page and the product detail page.



Hi, the size of the images for the shop is dictated by the WooCommerce plugin – check out their settings or fire up a question to their support staff for a better response.