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Hi guys,

I updated to the latest version of wordpress and everything kinda broke! :( See my site slimygrimy.com

On the front page, the images do not load in slider. None of the tabs work under Order Online. Toggle button stopped working on the FAQ page too. This is a live site with actual customers. Please help asap.

Ok Nevermind. I figured it out. Your theme is very compatible with new wordpress. The problem was coming from new JigoShop Plugin.

Dear HawkTheme:

Thanks for your instructions, I have successfully solve the questions.

(1) At the “single-product.php”, there is a button with text “buy now” on. I have changed the text “Buy now” to “Get a quote”, but I don’t know how to give this button a link and let it go directly to the contact page when people click.

(2)The same question is that: on the all product display page, there is also this button exist, and how can I link it to the contact page.

Ok, That’s all, thanks.

1). Set it in the product post page!

2). It does’t support this.

First of all: great theme. One thing that I’m stuck with is: the Custom Top Banner doesn’t show up on any page. Slider works like a charm, but the custom top banners don’t even show up. How can I fix this?

Nevermind. Fixed it. Goodluck with your theme!

Hi would you please let what plugin I have to use to sell products with this theme? I installed woo-commerce but it is not giving me shopping cart. or is there any other solutions for it? please help.


No, it does’t support any shopping cart.

So why it has products and buy now button?

hi HawkTheme in portfolio_list_slider : 1- i change the recent portfolio to random 2- change a user click navigation to automatic Now : can i change the automatic navigation to countinus and slowly navigation ? i mean that portfolio_list_slider Slowly and automatically move …

please help me


in: assets/js/custom.js

about lines: 113-115

For some reason the menu of the theme on my iphone is not working like it should. I get the normal menu and not the responsive version.. I have installed the latest version. website: www.mijnloi.nl

Any help would be appreciated!

I think you have changed the responsive menu, please use it.

Dear HawkTheme:

Can I run a bilingual website with this theme and how?

I think you need to use a plugin.

Dear HawkTheme: Thanks for your reply, could you please tell me whether it is WPML Plugin or not? But I can not find it within World Press, do you know where it is?

Sorry, it’s not my theme’s duty.

hi HawkTheme i set a banner for a page that use blog template but banner dont show in front-end why? link : http://www.nis-ict.com/blog/ please help me …

1). Go to the theme options: Cross Apple => Blog => Assign page for blog => Set the blog page.

2). Sorry, I’m not sure I can understand you.

thanks a lot for your replay again question 2 : i mean : in page that show single portfolio item , like this page in demo


i want show portfolio description text first side by side of thumbsnail and if description text to long , show countinue of description text below of thumbnail (full width) ...

please help me …

thanks a lot

Sorry, it does’t support the feature.

Hi, can i change the background on top of the slider to pure white ?

If you have the skill of css, you can change it to any colors.

Hi i copied and pasted the code for Home Page Layout 2 and the page looks nothing like the one on your website. also Wordpress would not accept a setting of -1 for the blog page as you directed in the documentation

1). Please make sure that you have selected the template: Home

2). Please use the Firefox to set the number.

Hi! Is this theme able to support multiple portfolios? And if so, how? (My company purchased this theme, and it’s been great! Just trying to add some new content…)


No, it does’t.

hi how do i turn off mobile site ? thanks!!

Remove the css in: assets/css/responsive.css

I have a problem when selecting the menu. I do it from themes> customize.

But the save button does not work, can not be pressed.

I upgraded to the latest version, is why


Are you talking about the custom menu?

i have a small issue how do i assign products to there right pages all of my products show on all pages i cant figure it out.


Sorry, I’m not sure that I can understand you. Please explain more clearly, and show me the page with issue.

Hi, how do I change the effect of the text in the slider_slides_js?

It does’t support to change the effect.


In portfolio items, there is a picture and texts comes beside it. If you enter a large text, it continues its widths and it makes the layout looks bad. So is there any way to arrange large texts to continue bellow picture and takes full page width?

Please guide me about that.

Sorry, it does’t support the feature as default.


I noticed a problem with my Cross Apple theme, which I can’t solve. My website is “nofollow”. It has to do with this line: <?php do_action(‘wp_seo’); ?>

Usually I can edit the “follow” or “nofollow” status simply in the wp-admin panel. In this case, I can’t find where to edit this.

Could you please help me?


Regards, Roderik

in: wraps/wrap_theme.php

about line:26


How can I set the price to “Sold Out”


There is no option for it. You can set the price as blank.

I could not set up in the shop with paypal issue please help.

This is does’t support any payment.

hi there

your theme looks good to me.im intrested to buy it but i have a little question,can i sell products on it as a ecommerce website?thanks

No, it does’t support ecommerce plugin.