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Quick Question:

I bought Cross Apple from you a long time ago, I absolutely LOVE the theme and use it extensively.

Do I get updates to the theme too? I imagine it’s had many updates since I purchased it, which was a long time back when you first released it!


It depends on yourself, but before you update it, you should backup your data.

please improve mobile compatibility of the theme on phone. The slider does not work, the headers fall of the page, and unable to see drop down menu option. Hopefully this is something that can be looked at, would be a perfect theme if its mobile version was polished.


A new update of wordpress 3.7.1 is available, shall I update?

You can update, but you should backup your data also. This is important any time.


I just have a quick question, what is the best way to customization the css on the theme as it doesn’t can’t seem to have a custom css field in the theme option. I want to make some changes but I do not want to lose those changes every time I update the theme.


Hi, you can add them in: assets/css/custom.css

Whne you update the theme, please backup the file first.

Good that this theme has own SEO setting but it must be an option to disable it. Its not the most advanced Seo Settings in wordpress so it might have an option for user to disable and use other plugin instead of hardcoded settings in the theme.

Great theme but this Seo setting is unnecessary and very Annoying

Thanks. You can remove it in header.php

line: 19

<?php do_action('wp_seo'); ?>

Hello, please how i can set hover menu button like hover on post submit comment?

Sorry, I do not provide customization services for any functionality not already provided within my themes/files.

on the home page there using a short code for getting portfolio. is that any possibility to get the news with the same design ?

Yes, you can find the shortcode in the editor.

Hi, great theme! I have a doubt, is it possible to see drop down menu in mobile phones? Now (I have the last version) it doesn’t work. What file or thing do I have to edit?

Many thanks!

That was all right. Any other ideas? See it at: limpiezassieco DOT es

Hi, we have checked your site, please do it as we told you above, now the name you set is “menu 1”, please change it!

Many thanks!


I have a ‘problem’. I would like to add the rel=”nofollow” tag to a link that is in a button shortcode. How can i correctly add this tag to this buttons?

This doesn’t work i guess:

[button url=”http://www…..” rel=”nofollow” style=”blue” open_type=”self”]Bezoek[/button]

Please help.

Thank you!


I have a ‘problem’. I would like to add the rel=”nofollow” tag to a link that is in a button shortcode. How can i correctly add this tag to this buttons?

This doesn’t work i guess:

Please help.

Thank you!


I want to use this theme for a content site, like a magazine. Will it be possible to use it that way without compromising the functionality? Another thing I want to know is if I can make the header sticky for the theme.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks Bikram

I have problems with portfolio. The single portfolio returns Error 404.

What’s the problem?

I do not recommend this theme to anyone.

It’s the worst I’ve seen, very basic and half the things do not work:

Slider, portfolio, products …

It sucks, honestly.

Can I add more images in top left column of Product Detail Page ? How to Display ?


I want to buy this theme, but the dropdown menu does not work on the iPhone.

Is this mobile compatible?

Regards, Chris

It’s working, you can test it on the page: http://i.hawktheme.com/cross-apple/

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME! THE SUPPORT HERE IS DEAD – YOU PAY FOR VERY BAD CODEING AND VERY BAD PRODUCT! The language file does not work, the Author wont reply to my Emails!

~If you sell in Envato Marketplace you dont want a bad reputation. HAWK THEMES YOU HAVE A VERY BAD REPUTATION!!

We are not dead! We don’t support via emails. Any issues please post it here. For the language file, you should translate it by yourself.

i just bought this theme but i m strugling to make it work is there any guid for this theme plz

Please use the account which has purchased our theme to ask question here.

i found it in documaation but i cant find contact us form

The slider shortcode doesnt work !

how can i fix it ?

Please show us the page with issue.

Please show us the page with issue.


There seems to be a problem with the contact form in the theme. I use the theme for a long time now and never had problems with the contact form.

When i send a mail by the contact form, there is a wrong emailaddress in my inbox. The mailaddress that filled in in the contact form, doesn’t show up, but some mailaddress from my hoster appears.

Please help.

Regards, Roderick

What’s your mean wrong address? Sender address? Or the address you set?

Wheni receive an email from the contactform, the sender address is wrong. It’s not the original address that people fill in in the contactform.

The send address is by your hosting! You can try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mailfrom-ii/

Is it compatible with wordpress v3.8?