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Hello is this theme still actively supported? What about use on WP 4.0 – regards.


yes it is still supported, the theme is ready for WP 4.0


Hi there, I have just purchased your theme and want to access the support forum. When I put in my purchase code it says it’s invalid however it is correct. Can you pls advise? Many thanks,

Hi, ok we will check our support forum if there’s any problem, thanks for your information.

Hello , I love your template , everything is going fine, but I get the map on the contact page . I’ve tried everything, I mean Scatter symbol is happening ? Thank you . Working with wordpress 4.0

The issue also has my theme has a built-in shortcodes editor. , does not appear. As I can install ?


may I take a look at the url?

Hello Indonez, I can’t access your forum page because they ask me my license certificate which I don’t have even if I check in the download section of themeforest. I only have “regular license” but no code with it. Can you help me ?

Nicolas Chabolle

did you register trough this link? http://support.indonez.com/

yes I did but I can’t fill the form because I don’t have any purchase code to write. How can i get this code to access the forum ? Did you find a quick fix for the map not showing up in the contact form ? Here is my site : www.traduction-tibetain.com

i fixed the map problem

Hi Indonez,

Can you please point me to the area in the css where I can make the image slider height smaller?

Thanks, Theresa

Hi, you can use this selector #slideshow-container

Thank you that worked!

Another question for you Indonez – in the phone view of the site, the navigation menu automatically defaults to showing my Contact page first in the menu… How do I change which page is displayed in the mobile menu in the phone view?


Also, I noticed that when I click on “Contact” that is displayed first, it doesn’t work. The menu item looks like it is clickable, but when clicked to go to that page, nothing happens…

One last question – how do I slow down the client “slider” on the homepage? Thanks!

Nevermind about slowing down the slider – I figured that out! Just need help with that mobile menu!

Hi, we’re still investigating this issue

Hi, this theme looks very good.

Is it compatible with WPML and the current version of Wordpress?


Hi, we’re still working on the wpml compatibility, but yes it is compatible with the latest(4.1.1) wordpress

Is it compatible with Wordpress v.4.1.1?

yes it is compatible with 4.1.1

I just bought the theme and the slider doesnt seem to be working

Also, can I make the font larger or bolder. Its very light and hard to read

Hi, I need to see your site, would you mind PM me in the suport forum with your login detail? here’s my profile in the support forum


as for the larger font, which text that you want to make bigger?