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The portfolio theme to end all portfolio themes. Crush is a super customizable, responsive and highly robust WordPress theme for freelancers, part time bloggers and creative agencies. Our implementation of the WordPress Theme Customizer is second to none. Flip it how you want it, Crush has got you covered.

What People Are Saying

  • WordPress LIVE Theme Customizer (Updates In Realtime)
  • Responsive
  • Online Documentation
  • Retina Ready
  • Fixed & Fluid Width Layouts
  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages
  • Filterable Portfolio Pages
  • Gallery Post Format – Slider & Stacked Options
  • Audio Post Format – Self Hosted & Embedded
  • Video Post Format – Self Hosted & Embedded
  • Link & Quote Post Formats For Blog Posts
  • Clean and Commented Code
  • 650+ Google Fonts Buil In
  • Extensive Typography Options (h1>h6 font families and sizes)
  • CSS3 Image Hover Effects
  • Custom CSS via the Theme Customizer
  • Translatable po & mo files included
  • XML Demo Data Included
  • Favicon Option via Theme Settings
  • Analytics Option via Theme Settings
  • Theme Update Notifications
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Shortcodes
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Portfolio post
  • PLUGIN – Visualiicks Core (custom css, favicon, tracking code)
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Tweets
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Dribbble Shots
  • PLUGIN – Visualkicks Widget Social Icons

Current Version 1.6
1.6b – 11/08/14
Small fix to the permalinks on the portfolio page in regards to titles.

1.6 – 30/07/14

- ADDED: Fixed position sidebar has been added (left, right, top & bottom) currently in beta.
- ADDED: Custom portfolio post links for external or internal projects direct from portfolio page
- ADDED: Related portfolio posts can now be sorted by random or date
- ADDED: Opacity for sidebar, content and footer backgrounds
- FIXED: Sidebar 100% height stability improved
- UPDATE: Theme standard image crop size has been increased to 1600px
- UDATED (functions.php, style.css, custom.js, compressed-scripts.js, theme-customizer-preview.js, theme-customizer-ui.js, theme-customize.php, theme-functions.php, theme-postmeta.php, template-related.php, page-portfolio.php)

1.5 – 14/05/14

- FIXED: Visual shortcodes updated for WordPress 3.9 (TinyMCE 4) compatibility
- FIXED: Added a divider to the Widgets area of the theme customizer
- UDATED (style.css, functions.php, /plugins/, /theme/theme-customize.php)

1.4 – 09/04/14

- ADDED: Isotope fires an additional 2 times to make page loading look nicer
- FIXED: css clean up to help older versions of safari render the page properly
- FIXED: editor now styles lists correctly in the admin
- FIXED: send.php now more reliable with different hosting environments
- UPDATE: contact form email styling has been removed and is now text only
- FIXED: google fonts in chrome not rendering correctly on load has been fixed
- UPDATE: democontent.xml has been updated
- UPDATED (functions.php, custom.js, theme-customize.php, framework.css, send.php, compressed-scripts.js, compressed-styles.css)
- Please note the theme when installed will still read 1.3 and not 1.3b as this is not a major update.

1.3 – 02/03/14

- ADDED: option to turn the mobile menu into buttons in the customizer
- ADDED: portfolio page can now have content placed at the top of it
- FIXED: logo scaling on mobile devices should now be more reliable
- FIXED: comment meta is now left aligned even when page content is center aligned
- FIXED: hide title on the contact page now has it's own option
- UPDATED (style.css, functions.php, custom.js, compressed-scripts.js, compressed-styles.js, theme-customize.php, theme-customize-ui.js, theme-customize-preview.js, page-portfolio.php, framework.css, page-contact.php, theme-postmeta.php, theme-postmeta.js)

1.2 – 11/02/14

- Update Plugins to remove install header error messages
- Footer sidebar no widget notice typo fixed
- In-content footer no longer produces an empty section if switched off
- Margin bottom for gallery stacked images is now a slider option in the customiser
- Standard format now has a 'do not include featured image' checkbox
- BETA - Like option now available for portfolio and blog posts in the customizer

1.1 – 03/02/14

- update the site html compression (so it's stable with inline js comments)
- wrap each section with new class names for better css control manipulation
- if conditions to hide content sections when no content is available
- minor changes to the 'Gallery Settings' wording
- related items posts per page set at 0 now disables the related items sections
- updates to the theme activation message
- commas added to meta terms in titles
- portfolio taxonomies now get the term name instead of url friendly term name
- caption options in the customizer added (above image, below image)
- customizer select defaults now work in 3.8.1 and no longer need to be forced
- comment form stability

1.0 – 18/01/14

- Initial Release

A big thank you to all of the amazing people whose artwork we have used in the demos.
  • Gijs Dries
  • Kim Hamlet
  • Alexander Abulelas
  • Marija Tiurina
  • Tyler Hill
  • Ramotion

  • Questions
    Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section if you have any pre-sale questions. We also highly recommend you Test Drive one of the demos and take a quick peak at our documentation before purchasing.