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Demo does not seem to be working “Server not found” error

Hello Crash, I bought this crap 1 year ago and I started tu use it 3 weeks ago. But its not working. Something is missing, text is missing, my web looks different in different browsers on different computers. No support, no extended support. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

You should talk to Envato if you want a refund. Authors don’t have the privileges to authorise that. Also, support was NEVER a part of buying something on the marketplace. Authors provided support for free out of their own time. As of september 1st Envato introduce a new support framework to make it more clear where authors could opt in or out of paid support. I have opted out.

ps. theres an update as of yesterday for Crush. Maybe try using the latest version.

Regards, Jesse

Hello, When I Install and activate Visualkicks plugins wordpress admin panel become too slow, when I deactivate all Visualkicks plugins it works fine. any idea ?

Probably because previous version of Crush was not compatible with WordPress 4.3. The theme has now been updated. So download the latest version and install the latest plugins.


Anyone have luck with CRUSH running on Wordpress 4.3.1 ?

OMG. I deleted the old version in order to instal the new version. Everything is messed up. There are Headers now (example Contact, About) where those were turned off. And the portfolio pages are missing body copy. Blog posts are empty

Site is completely broken.

Reinstalled 1.6 theme. Seems to work as it did before. New version may be too far removed from the 1.6 version to work

Yeah going from 1.6 will be difficult for you. All that you would need to do is a maybe spend 10 minutes in the customiser as many new options have been added since 1.6. The pages thing you mentioned can be fixed in the customiser > pages section. The missing stylesheet is a common error which probably happened form the download not being complete from theme forest (just re-download it).


Have you terminated support for this theme?

Hi Roman, that’s correct my items are no longer supported. Although I did just put an update for crush out yesterday.

Regards, J

Hi Jesse, do you still support Crush theme in future wordpress updates? also how to login in your demo to test drive some of the designs?

No sorry, I have stopped supporting my themes as I don’t have the time any more. I did just do an update 2 days ago for Crush though. I took the test drives and the other demos down for the same reason I don’t support my items any more. I just don’t have time.

ok, so after this update if wordpress does some new update you will not do any more updates for that, am I correct? Regards

No I’ll try and still update when necessary, I just don’t actively come on here and check comments any more (no more customer support).

Basically, it’s exactly what it was before. What happened is Envato introduced this new support system where people pay money for something they got for free previously (authors just supported there items out of their own pocket).

I’ve just decided to opt out, because I don’t want Envato selling my time for me. Which allows me to reserve the right to take as long as I want to get back to people. Which is perfect really cause I work full time else where these days.

:) Jesse

With the new update the media was not aligned with the portfolio below. Look in my website.

Hmm, I see. To be honest there wasn’t any javascript or styling changes at all in the update. Looking at your code it’s because you have an 11px padding on your grid (the gutter). You can’t divide 11 by 4 so thats probably why. You can change it in the customiser.

Thanks! You’re right! I changed the 11px padding in my grid to 12px and fixed!

Hi Jesse,

I am trying to install the required and recommended plugins but this message appears:

“Download failed. Authorization Required. Plugin not activated. A higher version of Visualkicks – Portfolio is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.”

How do I go about fixing this?

Hi, are you using Crush 2.5? There was an update just the other day. Also, there shouldn’t be a need to download any plugins they are included with the files that you install. If they still don’t install, try removing the plugins (deleting them) and the installing them 1 by 1 via /crush/plugins/.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for getting back to me. I figured out that issue and really love this template.

I know that you no longer support this item, but I am trying to figure out how to access the Crush Minimal customization settings in your test drive. Is there another way for you to allow me to access the settings/custom CSS that were in the Minimal test drive? Even screenshots would be helpful.

Thanks, Emily

Hey emily the minimal demo is still live but I no longer directly link to it any where. But the site itself is still there –

Help it help! Jesse

Hi Updated to Crush 2.5 and WP 2.3 Theme installation failure! Please help.

Refer to below:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

That’s arguably the most common problem when installing a theme and I’m sure you have most likely solved it already, but for any one reading this… re-download your files from as your download was corrupt or incomplete (or your upload… can be either)


Hey Jesse,

I found the solution for the masonry animation problem. I changed portolio posts to unlimited height rather than square, and now filters properly work without inconsistent paddings and margins between portfolio posts. I’d rather see this fixed, though- since it is a problem with the theme itself. When they’re square, clicking filters fail the paddings and positioning between them.

I have a small problem which social icons’ sizes are seen properly on the sidebar when I’m on the main portfolio page, but when I click a portfolio post they slightly change in size. I don’t know what causes this. Here’s an example: (main page) (portfolio post detail)

As you can see, they are kind of rectangular rather than square, and their paddings are weird. What could cause this?


Hello, I have the theme version: 1.8 I read the documentation and Q&A and I understand I need to update. But I do not see the update options on my Dashboard. When I go to Envato, it says ‘you already purchased this item’. I tried to download again, but it is the same as v1.8. Do I need to purchase again?

I see visualkicks do not support anymore. Is this something I can contact Envato about?

Anyone please help me….

If you redownload the package from and check the style.css version you will see it says Crush 2.5.

To update manually on your site using the latest zip package, please see the docs –



djavadi Purchased

Hi Jesse I’m aware that you are no longer offering support, so apologies in advance for the question! I’m running Crush v.1.8, have never installed an update and am now considering updating. Am I likely to lose what I’ve already got (in relation to both content and the design) and if not what is the safest approach to take, when installing? Many thanks! Jo

Hi Jo, I’d 100% make a back up of your site before updating. The theme has gone under quite a lot of changes since 1.8.

You won’t lose any content, that information is stored in your sites database and not theme files.

As for the design, you will most likely need to spend a few minutes in the Customiser adjusting settings as many new options have been added.

All the best, Jesse


djavadi Purchased

Thanks a lot Jesse for getting back to me and for the advice, it’s much appreciated!! All the best. Jo

What happened with this theme?! Demo link doesn’t work…is crush still avalaible? Thanks a lot


andreve Purchased

Hello! Your theme is super! Can you tell me if there is a way to create a second level menù?