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Reached out via your support but no answer yet… The latest update has broken some things that I need to get fixed… not sure what’s going on.


I believe its taken care of by now. Lets continue the conversation there. Thanks.

The theme is not currently compatible with Woocommerce 2.3.9 It is using deprecated functions on the cart and login page. I have reached out on the support side but am not getting results. I would really appreciate this getting fixed. We have an active ecommerce site that is down because of this.


I responded to your ticket already. You have some outdated theme files in your installation which you need to remove and install fresh copy again and these errors shouldn’t exist anymore.

All the best!

I’m currently running Version 1.4.6, I want to update to the newest version, but I’m not sure how to do so without messing up my current site. Is there a how-to update? I’m using the child theme with my site too. I just don’t know the steps in order to avoid a disaster.


I’ve updated my site, but now my store is broken. People can add items to their carts, but when they click on check out, they are either taken to a 404 page saying the file is not there or they are taken to a page first, that tells them attackers may be trying to take their information, that’s it may be unsafe, but also gives them the option to proceed.

What has chanced with the update that’s caused this issue? I need to fix this asap.


Hey! Please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will look into it asap. Make sure you also include admin login details and login url.


No problem, it’s been submitted. Thank you.

Pre-sale question. Is it possible to show the navigation menu and the logo on the same row instead of navigation menu below the logo?

Hi there

Nope, unfortunately this is not possible as per current configuration. The only available menu options are shown at the demo.


The dummy xml file provided by you here, .. when I tried to download it, the file is showing virus error. .. Could u send me the correct file plz?

Virus error??? Not sure why this is shown, but there is no chance that it contains a virus. In any case, please download a freshly exported xml file from here:

For any other questions please use our support desk at


I have one question, I’m looking for buy this theme but I have a question, i can turn off or disabled woocommerce? by the moment I wan’t the chart option

Hi there

WooCommerce is a plugin, so yes, you can disable it if you wish.


hello,can you help me install the theme as the demo?

Hi, unfortunately we do not provide theme installations, if you wish there are plenty of freelancers at that provide installation services.

The theme comes with an online documentation that includes all necessary steps to set things up like the demo:

If you need further help, feel free to open a ticket at our support desk here:


ripsin Purchased

Seems the changelog is rarely up-to-date and doesn’t include recent updates… noticed this a few times. Is it possible to keep this updated when new releases are posted? Been poking around looking at what the last two updates include. Thanks.

Sorry about that, we’ve been extremely busy lately. We will update this asap!

Hello. I am going to purchase your theme but before I want to know if there is an option to insert videos in the homepage.

Thank you for your time and have a good day.

Hi there

Yes, you can add video at the homepage, sure.


Is the theme compatible with Woocommerce 2.4.3? I need to upgrade Woocommerce, but want to make sure the theme will continue to work properly with it.


Yes, we updated it yesterday to ensure the compatibility. You can go ahead and update to latest version. Thanks.


stesod Purchased

Hi, Wonderful theme!!! but… “Your theme (Crux Child Theme) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.” I copied the updated files to Crux theme but all pictures on the site disappeared so I put the old ones back. Do Crux have to update or what do I do wrong?


Please download the latest version of theme and update it, that should fix the issue. Thanks.

Still loving this theme, but I have one issue. After the new update to WooCommerce and the new update to Crux 1.5.6, my site is loading EXTREMELY slow on both the front and back end. I only have a few plugins, so I doubt they can be the issue. I only have installed: Aftership for WooCommerce, Envato ToolKit, LayerSlider, StagTools, Stag Sidebar, WooCommerce and WP SuperCache by Automattic. I encourage you to check out the site at and see for yourself. I’m hoping you know a fix for this.

Hi there

Please make sure that you use our support desk for support requests at and not this comments section, as we are not able to monitor and track issues from here.

Please open a ticket and we will take a look asap.



how can I stop the map from scrolling. I am using a mobile device and I do not want the map to scroll when I scroll up the page.

I’m afraid this is default behaviour of the google maps. You can hide the map for the mobile version though.

For further support requests please use

Thanks! John

Hi, I’ve just updated to Crux 1.5.6.

I am just checking to see if I can go from WooCommerce 2.3.x to 2.4.6?

Also, LayerSlider is on 5.3.2, will there be an update for that soon?



My sincerest apologies about the delay.

Yes, you can go ahead and update WooCommerce. And we’ll be pushing an update for LayerSlider by the weekend.

Thanks :)


A pre purchase question.

Is the add to cart and more details that appear over the product pictures a theme integration or a plugin?

Can you choose to just show one or the other?

Waiting for your reply

Kind regards Jens

Hi there!

It’s integrated into the theme. You can hide any of the two with some easy css. We can help with that :)


I cannot edit image alt tags or anything. What am I missing?

Hi there

please open a ticket at and provide us with a link to your site where the problem occurs.


Hi, My name is Robert I’m the web designer for, my client bought the CRUX theme, and unfortunately the shopping cart is giving me problems. The car never gives me a chance to select the CC or paypal payment…the loading animation just continues to load.

Please scroll to the bottom to see….If not put an item in the cart and try to check out.

I really need help with this matter, can someone on your team please help.

Thanks, Robert

Hi there

There may be several reasons from that, such as outdated theme version, plugin conflict etc. Support is provided at so please open a ticket there and we will take a look. Also please provide admin login details at the ticket.


I am so lost, but I cannot find any documentation on how to create a post. Can you point me in the right direction

Every time that I install the woo commerce plugin it cancels my ability to add new posts or even edit the alt tags of the media

Nevermind for some reason when I signed up another admin those privileges were being taken away. When I went back to the original admin it worked fine.

Great, thanks!