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qaid Purchased

Hi SaurabhSharma, I’m also very interested in an updated theme.

Look forward to the update and keep up the awesome work!


Hello qaid,

I will try my best as soon as I am able to.



I have a number of sites using the Cruz theme. On 21st April 2015 Google will remove them from all mobile searches, as the theme is not responsive. Will you make Cruz responsive? Otherwise I’ll need to migrate all of my sites onto a new theme.

Hello Simon185,

I will try and release responsive version within a week, or before. You will not need to migrate to other theme.



GfromKC Purchased

Am working on installing the new update, thanks for this! One question: is the secondary menu no longer part of the theme?

Hello GfromKC,

Yes secondary menu was removed and replaced with a single wide menu. This is better for responsive menu too. You can add the secondary menu links in main menu so that they appear next to main menu items.


Hello Saurabh, My company’s website currently uses the Cruz theme, and it was set up before my time here. I’m trying to do some updates, and I realize that we don’t have the included documentation. I wonder if there is some way I could get a copy of it? It would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

Hello ReubenTimely,

The documentation file can be found inside main download zip of cruz theme. In order to get latest documentation it will be required to log in to themeforest with the account from which the theme was purchased. You will need to ask Company staff about that account credentials and then log in for the latest updates and downloads.



wanza454 Purchased

I’ve upgraded to version 3.2 from version 2. My logo has shrunk on the top left. It seems the default size has been reduced, but when I resize my browser window, e.g., shrinking the window, the logo increases. What can I do to fix this? The logo looks silly on the main page in its new reduced state.

Hello wanza454,

Can I have your site URL please. I will check and suggest appropriate CSS. In the meanwhile you can try adding this rule inside cruz/user.css file:

.brand {
    max-width: 100%;