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Really nice one.

does this come with the html/css done?

or just the psd

Just the PSD , read the zip contents he posted.

Great template! Will you code it to HTML ?

The PSD is awesome. I hope you create an HTML version.

mind boggling design man….have it coded in HTML and i will buy this for one of my sites:)

Hi anjankumar I will coded it. But i don’t know when… I have little coding experience, I’m also trying to code it to HTML , but these days I’m very busy to work on it.

Need someone to code it? ;)

I will definitely buy it if its coded to html and wordpress also..Great work kuntiz..

is there no coded for this template i want buy this one

Hi, This is a great gallery and more than likely will buy it but I have a question. If I buy this and you come out with a newer version do I have to buy the new one also or am I able to upgrade to the newer one? Sorry if im asking a dumb question but am kinda new at all of this and if a newer version will be coming out soon and I have to pay again Ill have to think about waiting or just say the heck with it and just buy it now you know what I mean, lol….. But really great work, thanks for allowing us to purchase this template. :)


etheco Purchased

Great template just perfect for a project i am starting :D love it. Currently coding it up now :)