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look you’ve got some trouble on blogpost page. Pictures are inlined into preview text of each post. You may use post_excerpt function to display text without any kind of link,picture,...

btw it’s a very good template and i’m considerate to buy it. Or inspire my own design to it. A very good work ;)

P.S : can you post some snapshots of the admin panel integrated to the template ?

Can you have more slider items on the home page?

Yes you can, right now it’s limited to 5 in code, but i can change that for you if you want

Yes please, if you can email me at justin at that would be excellent!

Hi Selador,

I’m having trouble with this theme in IE7 . The image banner is floating over to the right and the page is cutting off before the footer. I have a screen shot of it here, can you take a look at it?

I see… Original version is working fine for me, i’ve tested it in 3 ways for IE7 , take a look But when i test yours i get the same result as you, so it must have been something you’ve done, but it should be an easy fix. Make an account for me and i’ll take care of that for you

Many thanks. What is your email address?

it’s dejanc at gmail dot com

Brillant Theme and, very good Support from the developer. I’ve had some issues regarding the Blog page and withing a short time the developer answered my mail and solved the problem within minutes.

Thumbs up!

thank you very much!

UPDATE : Thanks to buyers couple of IE bugs where located and fixed, so who needs fresh version email me

how do I get my pics to show in the home page?

they are latest posts from “portfolio” post type, you have to assign them featured image as described in documentation

Thanks. It works good. Now the portfolio image on the single portfolio post doesn’t show in Google Chrome or IE7 . But it does show in Firefox. Please help :)

love the theme is there anyway for the top banner to become an automated slide show?

Basically it could since that slider will slide anything, but you’ll need to make some css adjustments for it

Great Theme! Is there a way to have the homepage imager slider rotate automatically, rather than click through?

Thanks! Yes it it possible, you have to add this in footer.php after




I added:


after the line with:


and the slider ended up going blank. Any suggestions?

I figured it out. The text, copied from here, had special characters for the quotes.



Since I know the client will ask. Is there any way to set the duration between image swaps?

Hey, I like your Theme very much.

But what I have to do when I want a site look like this way:


just a quick question

i am using the theme to for a community radio website if you look i have used the name and changed it to “listen live” through the admin it links by default to the home page

can i get the listen live to go to a live stream?? ie can i change the link on the listen live wording?



A client of mine has purchased this theme. Is there a support page or manual on it?


I am having a couple of issues, one of which has been asked here before, but I don’t see an answer ever being given. I have the word “Skills” showing up on my posts and I can’t seem to find how to get rid of this. Has anyone figured this out who is having the same issue?

Also, for some reason in my “In the News” section any post that is there simply redirects to the home page if the title is clicked. I’ve tried sorting this out via the permalinks and searched within the stylesheets, but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance for your help.

And another question:

On the front page there is a button called “read more” and on portfolio pages it has to do with “projects”. Since this site is being used for something else “projects” doesn’t really communicate. And also, sometimes the links are pointed in the wrong direction anyway! So, where are these buttons located and how can their text and links be edited?

Hi thanks for the theme!

I added $(“div.tabs”).data(“slideshow”).play(); which made the slideshow move automatically, but is there a way to set time between slides? Thank you

Hello. How do I activate the shortcodes to implement the home?

What’s the shortcodes for the title like demo?


This code, as suggested, does not work. Returns the white space on the slider. Why?


Hi, my twitter feed suddenly stopped working. Any idea why? Could it be that I’m still running WP 3.2.1?

Hi! I’ve got a problem:

Why the pages gives the error 404?