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hi emegem! please contact me on Skype tallus59 or give your id


added you on skype.

@cosio55 send me the details on my profile .

hero_44 Purchased

great theme i bought it .where dates come to in Statistics Chart i coulnd find it can you help just tell me where dates comes in it


I sent a mail to you. Check it :)

dfarias Purchased

The name of the Header icon set please?


iconSweets 2

Wondering, if you plan on updating in the future, as in HTML5 and such?

I’ll probably have it in HTML5 in a jiffy, but just checking up. That’s one thing that delayed my purchase in this theme. Besides that, I LOVE it. Simple, and not bloated like other Admin themes out there. Keep it up!


I have no plans for html5 now, but i wanna use html5 in cupcake. Thanks for your comment and purchasing my theme :)

tanredy Purchased

How to remove the sidebar and make the rest of the area use the 100% area?


sstrangee answered your question before me :)

quote : Change #page: width to 980px; Change #main: background to background-color:#fff; Add on #main: border-left: 1px solid #d6d8d8;border-right: 1px solid #d6d8d8; Remove the sidebar div from the page.

Also add a new grid for full widht in grid.css : .grid940{ width:940px; padding-bottom:40px;}

Really like this! Bought and starting to use it.

However, I noticed that the .ui-state-default in the jquery.ui.theme.css is referencing ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×4030.png.

However, there is no image named that.

Is this by design?

Because if you fix it by naming it u-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×400.png the header of the dynamic data table becomes a lot darker. Without it, the header is white.

I think without it looks better, but white looks bland… is there something missing or can be done about this?


Thanks for your feedbacks sstrangee and purchasing my theme :)

I edited jqueryui theme and its would be white. You can delete it url path if you want or maybe change it with slightly darker color.

tanuradhareddy, for quick way to do it (until author makes a page that allows it), I did this:

In root.cs:

Change #page: width to 980px; Change #main: background to background-color:#fff; Add on #main: border-left: 1px solid #d6d8d8;border-right: 1px solid #d6d8d8;

Remove the sidebar div from the page.

Nice theme. Whats the logo font? would you like to send me the psd? best regards


check your mail :)

I was testing out your mobile version on my android browser and noticed the pages will scroll vertically, but takes many tries and it’s not smooth at all – the page keeps ‘bouncing’ around. Any fix for this?

Also, do you know if it’s possible to display charts on the mobile version and what about dynamic tables?



Can you send me screenshots (with details) from android browser. (send me an mail : http://themeforest.net/user/egemem )

Yes, its posibble for charts, but dynamic tables not friendly for mobile devices.


Thanks for the reply. I can’t really send you a screenshot, because it’s the actual movement. The screen looks fine, it just doesn’t scroll without a lot of effort, and acts jumpy. It’s the stock android browser that came with Android Gingerbread – latest for my phone. I’ve never seen a page do that before on my phone, so I’m not sure what would cause it. If there’s anything you want me to test, let me know.

So you can use the builtin chart code on the mobile site?

Thanks again.


thanks for the feedback. i need to see how its for fix it. But cupcake mobile still working on ios safari, samsung galaxy s2, blackberrys, nokia phones. I tested on these phones and its really good working. Because its liquid coded, and have to work on other phones without any problem. I will check it out but it doesn’t a general problem.

And charts for mobile; yes you can. Charts using google chart tools and its usable on mobile.

dfarias Purchased

the name of shortcut icon set?


the shortcut icons is mine :)

Hi egemen,

This is a very nice design, but I have one question about the Menu:

How many suboptions can handle the Menu? I mean, it’s possible to have 3 or 4 sublevels within the Main Menu?



you can add unlimited submenu. But not supported sub on sub yet :)


Do you have 100% width version? Currently, your width is a fixed one, i need more space for the charts.

Thanks, Tai


unfortunately, i dont have.

jigmo Purchased

Love this theme! We’ve looked through just about every admin theme on ThemeForest and this was the only one that fit the bill. Is it possible to get the PSD ?


Sorry, just have layered png files for fireworks.

I have problems with the wysiwyg editor, i am unable to populate it again.

Do you have more information of the editor?


open the jquery-settings.js find this.


change .wysiwyg from #wysiwyg.

html part :

<textarea name=”wysiwyg” class=”wysiwyg” class=”st-forminput” rows=”5” cols=”47” style=”width:96.5%;”></textarea>

Hi please can you advise whether the purchase also includes the PSD or graphics source files as well.


Cupcake created with adobe fireworks. And its includes have Layered Png Files for fireworks.

More color options would be great.. Or is there a way how I can change to green for example? :)


I’m working on new color options :)


Very nice, thank you. Stylish grey and green would be great! :D

payter Purchased

omg, im notice after buing this that icons are made by <img> tag and src in there, im just asking WHY ?? :crying:


To use the other icon sets as the same dimensions. That is why… :)

payter Purchased

its very bad practice for me anyway, all icons should be in CSS file … and when you want bigger icons in smaller sizes with CSS you can try this http://caniuse.com/#search=background-size

Please excuse my ignorance… but why are you using style=”z-index: xxx; ” for every single item in the form? What happens if this is omitted?

Otherwise.. congratulations, very nice theme!


i didn’t use the z-index for the form elements in cupcake. are you sure ? :)


Sorry, what I meant was on every holder div for form elements. Please see class=”st-form-line”. I’m wondering what difference the z-index makes.


it’s parting for all line on form. I don’t recommend the z-index for forms. Send me a mail on my profile page if you have more question about this.

Hi, I just purchased your dashboard, and I did look at every single one on TF but found yours the most clean/simple design for my application.

I did have a request, I already see your adding more colors which I’m definitely looking forward to as that was holding me back – wanting black/grey or gold.

I was also wondering if it’d be possible for you to consider a couple other features.

There’s some other templates that have it so when you hover over the message and alert icons like in your demo with the ( 23 ) and ( 8 ) #’s a black floating box will appear underneath them showing your Alert Box and Dialog Box messages listed one after another under their respective icon. I’d love to have that in CupCake.

Also I prefer being able to click on the alert box bar to make it vanish, is there a way to do that instead of the [x] ?

Lastly on the tables unless i missed it, please consider adding a edit and delete icon control for handling records that remove the row and bring the remaining records up.

Thanks for a great template.


thanks sshepherd :) I added that to my notes.