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Hi Egemem,

Awesome template – I’ve bought a few but this one is the best yet! 5 stars!

FYI – two small bugs for you – unfortunately in IE8 (it works perfectly in Firefox no issue). These bugs are from your demo site – I didnt test yet if they are ok in the downloaded version – but I thought your demo site should suffice?

Below are screenshots and the issues for you.

http://i43.tinypic.com/1t4r6h.jpg – the table fonts are all wrong http://i39.tinypic.com/2lus4u8.jpg – the top line/border of the alerts boxes (and also the ‘selected’ menu on the left hand side) are missing

They are small things – but thought you should know.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your feedback. Who loves the IE, hehe :) Anyway thanks again, i will try the fix it.

actually – the issue doesnt happen on the downloaded version – just on your demo site?

One thing that occurs on all browsers, and on the demo and download version: your “shortcut icons” do not have a transparent edging – this is obvious on your demo site as they are on a grey background – but have a square white background.

Easily fixed – but once again thought you should know – great template!


I used png32 transparent images, it doesn’t support ie6.


No – the issues isnt ie6 – the issue is ALL browsers – see here from Firefox: http://i44.tinypic.com/2mwb8de.jpg


it’s button shadow :)

tspaeth Purchased


Still a great theme – I just discovered that you use the jquery-ui-(custom) in version 1.8.11 – any plans to upgrade that to a more current version? Sometimes it is just hard to use the html templates offered here together with any of the java- or php-frameworks due to the fact they bring in an own jquery version…


First thanks :) I have no plans for that yet. I’m working on new color themes.

In the demo shows a dynamic table but on the files I downloaded I didn’t find it?

Edit: just download it again and it was there


check the table-chart.html

edit : ohh you found it :)

Hi, when you will gone finish the update for new colors? I’m looking for orange base.

Amazing theme, keep update to buy it on orange


The new version will be available two weeks (20 Feb or earlier).

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Hi, I have purchased the theme and it is incredible! I just wanted to know if there is a plugin or some way to validate input, thanks!


unfortunately :)

A little question, is it possible to make the profilebox div to adapt to its content? Because I’d like to display the fullname of users here and it can be quite large. (if it is not possible to have a dynamic width, how could the width be increased? If I just change the width: 146px settings, it’s broken)


You can reduce the font a little bit or delete the “Logged in as”, use the double line. The other way, delete the profile image (if its not important for you). Profile box has got a dynamic width..

When will the new be available? We want to buy this. any due date?


I’m not sure, but i’m working to prepare until 20 February.

Does this support Right to Left?


unfortunately :)

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Hello, great job! I’ve bought the template few days ago. Can I have the update version (with dynamic table search and paginator)?. Thanks

Tiepolo Purchased

Sorry. I’ve found what i was looking for. Thanks again.


you found it :)

Hello Egemem! First: thanks for this amazing template!

I have a question: is there any way to keep all side-menu (include sub-menu) in expanded state every time when my page loaded? Thanks in advance!


Find submenu ul

Add this code in ul style. “display:block;”

example; ul class=”submenu” style=”display:block;”


Awesome, it’s works! Thanks a lot! :)

Good Work!


Thanks :)

How can I change the the event array on the calendar?


open jquery-setting.js and find this line /* Full Calendar */

Are these correct for the full width page? I looks like I have a little extra whitespace on the right side of my page.

    border-bottom:1px solid #D6D8D8;
    border-bottom-right-radius: 4px;
        border-bottom-left-radius: 4px;
    box-shadow:0px 1px 0px #DFDFDF;
    border-left: 1px solid #d6d8d8;
    border-right: 1px solid #d6d8d8;}

/* 940 */
.grid940{ width:940px; padding-bottom:40px;}

.grid940{ width:940px; padding-bottom:40px; margin:0px auto;} ;)

I haven’t fully tested it yet for issues but don’t see why they wouldn’t work, I wanted a centered grid, so added the following:

/* 450 */
.grid450-center{ width:450px; padding-bottom:40px; margin:0 auto;}

made the same change for 340, 360, 740. Might be a worthwhile addition to your official code for some people.

do this support ajax.. im trying to duplicate a facebook profile page using cupcake for my social network as in this example: http://www.aalyssa.com/interact/community/profile_notloggedin.asp?memberid=2 the links that says wall photos so on i want it similar to facebook functionality which i think is possible using ajax… please let me know.. thanks! by the way this script ROCKS


so do you offer any ajax- like functionality for this script.. or can u point me somewhere that has compatible scripts or add-ons that i can incorporate – really in need of a miracle


unfortunately :) i don’t support ajax and cupcakes using jQuery..


no problem i figured it out brother for future reference ...............................................................................................

$(document).ready(function(){ $(’.ajaxtrigger’).click(function(){ $(’#target’).load($(this).attr(‘href’)); return false; }); });

a href=”ajaxcontent.html” class=”ajaxtrigger”>Load Ajax Content -/a>

div id=”target”>

/div >

thanks again.. vall

hi egemem, nice template, any chance for full width layout??


You can use full width as 980px. A few people asked for it.

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where can we see the dialog modals?


There is no dialog box, yet :) I’m working on it.

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Suffers from poor structure in the mobile template. I’m pretty disappointed.

For instance:
  • What should be unordered lists, are divs with orphan anchor tags.
  • While the header is outside of the page structure, as it should be, the footer is within the page structure. This makes implementing this into a CMS unintuitive and a major pain.
  • Uses the XHTML1 .0 doctype instead of HTML5 .
  • Uses unencoded characters (really?)

Needless to say, I am really bummed out that the quality of the markup does not match the quality of the design; which is fantastic.