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aditia Purchased

hi, egemem, I used your themes for my personal project, really nice, :D My prob, is have error on javascript console “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – theme/style/jquery.ui/images/ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×4030.png” when I created form inside tabs

Thanks in advance


Thanks :)

Find “theme/style/jquery.ui/images/ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×400.png” Copy it. Change the name as “ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×4030.png”

Great theme – any update on when the new colours will be out?



I’m working on it. Very soon :)

is it just me? or the “stats” div is not visible in some pages in the demo. something in z-indexes are messing up the layout


I did it deliberately for demo :)

What exactly is coming in the next update? If it’s just new colours then I’ll settle for the current version.


This weekend..

Niklas_S Purchased


I love your theme but I don’t know how to set the subitems active? When I use the “active” Tag it destroys the style.

What to do?



actually its very easy.

Add display block when you use the active in subitems.

<ul class="submenu" style="display:block;" />

and active subitem

<li class="active"><a href="#"><img src="img/icons/sidemenu/magnify.png" width="16" height="16" alt="icon" />Search File</a></li>

Really nice, definite purchase in the near future. Would it be possible to add a flyout menu at the top menu (small buttons next to the logo)?


I’m not sure, but it’s doesn’t have in new version.

The scrolling on mobile is really buggy. Will there be a fix for that? (iphone 4) Thanks


I have no problem with my iphone 4s & galaxy ace. Would be some problems because it is encrypted on demo.

No i dont think encryption has anything to do with it. Also i tried it on 2 other iphones (3 and 4) and they both experiences the same issue. Will there bw a fix for that?


Can you send me a mail with details on my profile page ?


Awesome theme. I have a quick question that was asked, but not answered publicly.

where can I find, and change the dates that populate in the line graph?



There is already a table of the line charts.

  • tfoot : dates
  • tbody : data
<div class="chart">

<table id="data">


Merhaba asp.net kullaniyorum ben senin templatedeki datagride asp.net c# ile veri listelemek mümkün olur mu, diger yerlerde de asp.net ile islem yapmakta sorun olur mu? mesela Chart lara veri yukleme veya form elementleri ile islem yapmada?


.net dilini pek bilmiyorum. Chartlara Jquery dosyas?n? yada html üzerine gömülü jquery kodlar? içinde de?i?iklik ile veri yükleyebilirsin. Static chart ise table içinde datalar…

Form elementleri ise tamamen html’e gömülü vaziyette.

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Absolutely love the desktop theme however I am quite disappointed with the mobile template. I own a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, using the device with cupcake mobile theme is a nightmare. It is very laggy and I cannot get it to scroll up/down the page. I figured it’d work properly on Android, the most popular smartphone OS.


I got an adroid device (galaxy ace). It’s perfectly working on android browser. Which browser do you use ?

Ziygo Purchased

The default Android 4.0 browser.


Can you send me all the details as mail on my profile page ? Thanks..

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Great theme! I see that Linusholtstiege already asked this question, but what font did you use for the logo?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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Hi egemem,

Great template! I’m very happy with it. Have you consider developing some email templates with this design? It would be great to have a couple of email templates like a marketing template for announcements and a system template for information like “Welcome Message”, “Thank for writing”, “Your password has change” or any other use. I would be happy to pay a few extra bucks for that.



Nice idea.. Added my notes :)

denhay Purchased

any modal popups included in this template?



Hi, do you at all do custom work for pay? We really like your work and we where wondering if your open. We have a start-up company need your type of style in our interface.

This is our email: SlickGFX@gmail.com and or Skype: slickgfx

Thanks, Alex

Can you tell me how to change the theme of Datepicker ? I can’t find the way to change the background-color of today in datepicker and others…


It’s a jQuery UI theme, but i edited for cupcake.

here is theme style : style/jquery.ui/jquery.ui.theme.css

and jQuery UI themeroller : http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/

I’m having issues with the dynamic table when ascending and descending. I downloaded your latest version, went to table-chart.html. When I ascend/Desc, it displays the whole table, and does no pagination. Is there a fix for this bug?


I’m not sure it’s a bug. Check plugin website is http://www.datatables.net/

so many little images man. U really need to use sprites for all those icons and stuff.

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Reallly, like the theme. One question: How do I know if an iPhone style checkbox (class=”field switch”) is selected or not when I post the form? There’s no <input> tags for this element, only two <label> tags.

tnx tom


Not sure for this, it’s a switcher for radio & checkbox.

Check the source of plugin : http://devgrow.com/iphone-style-switches/

Thanks …

Hi egemem,

I’m searchig for custom CMS templates and yours is one of the favourites. Just to clarify for future situations:

> How do you make the support? do you have a support forum or something similar?

Best regards Joao


First thanks, i giving the support on themeforest item comments & mails.