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I’ve just installed the Cutrated theme but I can’t find the settings that will allow me to make my homepage look like the homepage infinite example available in the demo with the moz slider. Instead it takes me to another page.

TM_Support Author Team

Hi alexandralsiegel,

Thanks for purchasing the Curated theme, really appreciate it!

Basically you can follow a how-to video in theme documentation (on your download package). The video will guide you to create a page like on demo.

Hope this helps,

Best ^TM

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Great template! However, we’re struggling to get the colour of the categories changed from red to any other colour – like in the demo.

Also, struggling to load a background for the site – like the demo.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

TM_Support Author Team

Hi MillionManMission,

Thanks for purchasing the Curated theme, really appreciate it!

Basically, you can follow the how-to video in theme documentation to configure the category, also change the category color like on demo. In main navigation, only category menu can have different color and have mega-menu. http://www.thememaha.com/curated/documentation/#08

For background, firstly you need to change the layout to boxed. Navigate to ‘Curated > General Settings’, find ‘Enable/disable Boxed Layout’ switch it to ‘ON’. Then you can change the background color, image and position. Save your settings.

Hope this helps,

Best ^TM

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Any idea what in the theme could be causing such insane CPU usage?

I have installed the theme and am using WP Total Cache instead of Boost Maha (which caused a white screen home page). I’m caching everything and it’s still killing my server.

Here’s where you can see when I first installed the them on the live site. http://imgur.com/FBROVXO

Is there anything I can adjust to make some of this load go away?


I fixed my problem by adding these lines to my wp-config.php

define( ‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’ ); define( ‘FS_CHMOD_DIR’, 0777 ); define( ‘FS_CHMOD_FILE’, 0777 );

I had tons of errors in my error log for line 65 of this file: wp-content/themes/Curated/includes/options/ReduxCore/inc/fields/typography/field_typography.php

I guess it was trying to create that folder and couldn’t? I have no idea, but I’ve gotten my cpu usage somewhat stabilized now.

TM_Support Author Team

Hi beerinator,

Thanks for telling me know this issue, really appreciate it!

The problem caused by WP-Retina 2x (if you activated), the plugin checking 2x images when rendering in browser. Try to deactivate it. But when the plugin deactivate, the images will looks not crisp in Apple retina display.

If the problem not caused by WP-retina 2x, please let me know your site url, it will help me to investigate the problem.

Best ^TM

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In the theme options menu there is menu called ‘Editable text’. But how to translate this… There is some quitte important text in there such as related articles, next article, submit comment etc.

I need these to be available in English and Dutch.

TM_Support Author Team

Hi Yasp0,

Thanks for your interest, really appreciate it!

The Editable text in Theme Options is just for single translation, not in multi-language translation.

If you want multi language translation, you need to instal WPML plugin. You can follow the WPML documentation http://wpml.org/documentation/translating-your-contents/

Hope this helps,

Best ^TM

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I purchased your theme and SIMPLY LOVE IT!!

I have two questions though:

1.) The color boxes that tag the different categories like Food, Travel, etc. are they fully customizable? Can my developer just use a hex code and change the colors that way?

2.) Beneath each image, is it possible to rearrange the text so the article title appears on top with the contributor’s name and image below? More like this: http://elitedaily.com/

At present, the image of the contributor, the contributor’s name and the date appear just beneath the image with the title appearing next.

Please let me know and thank you so much!!


Eve :)

mxntay Purchased

Hello, my social sharing does not work properly. When I try to share a post on the blog, it does not populate the right information. Is there something that we can do to fix?

example: http://beta.thrivev.com/thrive-talk-sabrina-prince-how-to-go-from-neurology-to-advertising/

Hi, very nice theme ;)

Question: Is it possible to have a grid with 3 columns with pagination (1,2,3,4 >>)?

Like you have here: http://www.thememaha.com/dv/category/pets/

But instead of the sidebar I would like 3 columns (or 4) of posts and pagination bellow it.

Thank you.

Hi There,

I want to buy this theme but need to check:

Would it be possible to install an ecommerce section as I need to take payments from clients via worldPay?

Is this possible and if so, which plugin would you suggest?



2) Also one other question; With regards to the moving banner above the homepage slider and underneath the navigation – Is it possible to delete this?

As another point related – is it possible just have a click through image there? Want to put ‘Click here to the read the latest issue of…’


3) How would I change the website to view in 75% zoom size, as oppose to 100% zoom size? (To make background more visible) – Do I need to change width in code?

4) Is it possible to change the background, so that I can have side ads on my site like www.shortlist.com or even better than this, in a responsive fashion?

Hi, I am really keen on buying this theme. However the theme doesn’t load properly on Opera browsers on mobile phones.

Please find link below: https://www.mediafire.com/?mjia499b1rebadj

Could you please resolve this.


Awaiting for your response.


Hi ThemeMaha, I am really keen on buying your theme. However, I don’t see the opera issue being resolved. Could you please resolve the opera issue after which I can go ahead with the purchase of the theme.

I am again attaching the Issue. The black band on the top needs to be resolved.

Also there is spacing on the right, which needs to be resolved. I have delayed my project as I haven’t received your response. I can’t delay it further. Request if you can please act on it ASAP.

Thanks, Huzan


Hi ThemeMaha, This is really frustrating. It’s been over 2 weeks & I haven’t heard from you. My project timelines have exceeded and I cannot delay it any further.

Request if you can please acknowledge this message and let me know a fix to the opera browser viewing – Link

Madfiss Purchased

Hey, today u tried out the Maha Shortcodes and used the toggle, but it seems that the toggle is open in the first view. But i want it closed and just opened if somebody clicked it. Did i missed a tag?

Hi, I’m considering to purchase this theme. Will it work 100% on WordPress 4.0.1?


I’m having issues with this most recent blog post: http://www.atasteofkoko.com/fig-blueberry-chia-pudding/

The text, photos, and side bar are not showing up.

Regular post looks like this: http://www.atasteofkoko.com/breakfast-tart/

My error logs are showing the error below.

[17-Dec-2014 20:54:22 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_contents() on a non-object in wp-content/themes/Curated/includes/options/ReduxCore/inc/fields/typography/field_typography.php on line 789

What is causing this? If it is a bug, when will it be fixed?

When is the next release?

teknovore Purchased

Hi, I’d like to suggest an improvement. As is it right now, we can’t center a video inserted in an article. Is there a way to center it? Or do you have to update the theme to be able to do so? Thanks a lot in advance! The Teknovore.com team.

Hello, the YouTube Maha shortcode used to scale the YouTube video to the size of the screen. I downloaded the latest version of your theme, now it doesnt do that anymore, it’s a small video window. How can I fix this? See link http://huntertv.com.au/2014/12/springloaded-gateshead-the-little-scallywagz/