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How do I create spaces in between the paragraphs in my blog post?


Thanks for fixing style.css ! I noticed you changed .galleriffic_h to .gal_horizontal to play nice with jquery.gallerific.js ’s syntax. Now, the horizontal gallery shortcode works as it should. Keep it up.


Hi! This is my website made with Curio www.enfocarteproducciones.com I have two problems:

1) Dont Know Why categories are not working. When I click on one, all my entries are shown. Not just the ones of that cotegory.

2) In the footer I have the put the Widget “Lasts Entries“ but in your website i see the entrie with the pic. And in my website i see just the texto of the Title. How do i solve it? Thanks!

Please contact us via email and provide info for support.

Hey dude, Im Facundo Santana. I asked u something here and u told me to contact u by email. I did so, and gave u de access data you asked, but i didnt recieve an answer. I need to solve it. Thanks!


I purchased this before I noticed it saying WordPress 3.2. I was using 3.4.1, and the theme although it works has issues. I will look at using 3.2, but would prefer to stick with 3.4. Will you be updating the theme at any point for 3.4?

Hey Yahma. I continue having problems with my website and u dont answer my emails. Please help!

1. I dont know how to update theme. Would u help me? Where do I download the update? How do I install it?

2. I´m having a big problem with last porfolios added. When You enter the Web page www.enfocarteproducciones.com you see all of them. But when u go to “Portfolio“ the first one is not there. I mean, you dont see the on that says Maria Pietranera would u please tell me if u know how to solve it? Do u think that updating the theme would help?

U sent u access data by email.

Hello. I am trying to add a SIDEBAR in normal pages. When adding a page, I click on “Right Sidebar”. But that does not do anything since there is no option to put widgets in the page sidebar. In the widgets page, I can only add widgets to: Blog pages, Contact page, Footer and Social.

Please help!!

Please contact us via email and provide link to your site for support.

How do I change the color of the footer from black to any color I want?

Hello Yashma, I am wondering if you have received my email about the page navigation on the homepage. The page titles are appearing between the white box and the slider, I cannot find a solution to this problem. Also the page titles have no drop down menu to show the pages they are parents of. Any reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for email, will check and respond asap.

When I use the Featured Image function in the homepage slider and portfolio, the image does not appear. I have tried this with png’s and jpeg’s. I sent an email to Yashma and am hoping for a quick response. Perhaps someone in this forum can answer.


Thank you for the wonderful template! I have a question. Can I change the inscription on the button “Read more” in the portfolio? Where? Can you help me?

Hey Yashma, how are u? Im having some troubles with curio theme. this is my website http://www.enfocarteproducciones.com/

First of all Latest Works is not working. When I set the category, all the portfolio work goes to my homepage, and not just the title and the little image.

Inside portfolio I would like to take out the key image that appears above. I want it in my portfolio box in PORTFOLIO, but not inside the item. How do i remove it?

In PORFOLIO i can just inter each of them clicking on the button. I´d like to be able to enter also clicking on the image.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot!


Timthumb isn’t working after upgrading to Wordpress 3.6

Any plans on updating Curio to support 3.6 ??

hey. how do I change the order of the pictures in the coin slider? right now it’s from the oldest to the newest and I want the opposite?


thank you.

Hello! Please contact us via email and provide details such as website link and access data so we could check quickly.

solved this with some php.. thank you for reply..