Curio - Clean & Creative Wordpress Theme

Curio - Clean & Creative Wordpress Theme

Update 1.9.4 – 12.05.2012


  • Detailed portfolio sorting
  • Detailed portfolio feature list editor

Files modified

  • Functions directory

Update 1.9.3 – 03.04.2012


  • Fixed issue with portfolio item link

Files modified

  • functions/shortcodes directory

Update 1.9.2 – 21.03.2012


  • Fixed image resize for slider

Update 1.9.1 – 28.01.2012


  • Fixed issue with archive page

Update 1.8 12.30.2011


  • Selector show/hide page title
  • selector to show/hide page thumbnail


  • Portfolio behavior. Now click portfolio thumbnail calls the lightbox pop-up, not redirect to portfolio single page

Update 1.7 12.20.2011


  • Choosing category for portfolio
  • Featured Image for pages


  • Added information how to create custom background color images
  • Added info how to set underconstruction page as main page

Update 1.6 12.02.2011


  • Custom background image support
  • portfolio pretty box integrated. Now you can select lightbox link for every single element, it can be fullsize image or video. You can choose between static image for portfolio item, custom link on featured image or lightbox effect.


  • Homepage active button highlight
  • Aligned images in the content – css fixes
  • Column layout shortcodes

Documentation Updated

  • Custom background image
  • Featured image implementation for blog posts
  • Portfolio documentation for lightbox and custom links for every portfolio item

Update 1.5 11.28.2011

  • CSS3 buttons fix added – blog, contact form portfolio now have css3 buttons
  • Paragraph tag bottom-margin was added. All layouts were adopted for new dimentions

Update 1.4 11.24.2011

  • Added custom css support for every portfolio item and for latest works items
  • For slidershows, galleries and sliders – added colorpickers for headers and caption content. They are available in admin panel
  • Slider elements – category support added. You can show the slideshow item in the mainpage slider or to switch it to any shortcode slider on any page
  • Every slider and gallery shortcode now supports category selection – you just paste shortcode into page once ( e.g [coin_slider category=”my_photos”] ). And then only add/remove items from category to modify content. No need to modify pages for slideshow!
  • “Latest Works” hardcode fixed
  • Services List link support added [services_list thumb="1" link="http://..."]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/services_list]

Documentation Updates

  • Services list section
  • Slider and Gallery shortcodes section
  • Columns
  • Homepage Slideshow Setup
  • Columns
  • Social icons
  • Custom css for portfolio item
  • Styled lists

Update 1.3 11.23.2011

  • Fixed redirect to blog when login from homepage
  • Fixed blog post thumbnails
  • Added detailed information how to set up homepage slider
  • Added code snippets from livedemo for pricing tables and lists shortcodes

Update 11.22.2011

  • Feature_list shortcode issue fixed
  • Slogan section: alignments settings added
  • Custom text support for “Read More” button added
  • Documentation updates: contact form information
  • General options and Homepage options extended info
  • Feature_list shortcode detail added

Update 11.20.2011

  • Added info about contact form
  • Added automatical enabling/disabling of search field

Theme Features

  • Custom Logo Support
  • 5 Slider Types in Header
  • Unlimited color variations for background, headers, links, text
  • Background png patterns support that are ready for every color variation
  • Dynamic sidebars (unlimited) – create your own sidebar for widgets on every page you want
  • Portfolio section with 5 layouts: 1-4 columns and detailed variant of portfolio
  • Portfolio thumbs created automaticly
  • Every post item can have separate description
  • Every page can have left, right sidebar variations on full width layout without any sidebar
  • Timthumb Thumbnail Support Included
  • 2 Unique Pricing Table Skins
  • Psd included
  • Wordpress 3.2 support

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