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Great theme! I’m really loving it.

I edited the contact-form-process.php file as was outlined in the documentation. I’m getting an error, however, when I try to submit the form from my live website:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’@’ in /home/content/27/11275027/html/assets/php/contact-form-process.php on line 8

I made sure that there’s only one ’@’ sign in the php file, and it’s for my working e-mail address. Any advice or help is much appreciated!


Could you please send us an email through the contact form on QBKL’s profile page. We’ll take it from there and try to see what happened during the installation/customization that might have caused this.

Regards, Alex

Hello! Thanks for this template! It’s great!

I have a question though. I want to include links to external websites in some of my portfolio entries. I don’t see any samples of this in the template. Can you suggest a good way to do this? Are there any examples of this template having been used in such a way?

Thanks in advance for any response! Matthew

Hi Matthew,

Opening your website in an iframe is not the best solution, as you have no control over the size of the iframe. Your best option would be to make certain items open websites in new tabs for better browsing and visualization. I took a look at your code and noticed that you’ve added an iframe pop-up for the .website class.

Go ahead and remove that definition. Also, on the original link, replace ’.website’ with ’.external’ and also add a target="_blank" attribute to ensure opening in a new tab like so:

<a class="external" target="_blank" href="http://www.fat-hair.com" title="fat-hair.com. Features: Greensock Animation, Responsive layout."><img src="assets/img/port/web-fathair-thumb.png" alt=""></a>

After you’ve done this, open up ‘custom.curriculum.js’ located in ‘assets/js’ folder. Look or the Magnific Popup definition of the ’.gallery’ class:


Inside it, replace this:

delegate: 'a',

With this:

delegate: 'a:not(.external)',

What this does is to tell the script to only count as pop-up items the links that do not also have the ‘external’ class on them.

That should sort your troubles out. Let me know how it goes!

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex, thanks for your help. I was hoping to keep the visitor in the site, even when looking at other work, but I will use the method you present here. Thanks again.

You’re welcome!


Hello! I’m attempting to make my curriculum-based site “live” by placing it at the root of my domain. However when I do so the portfolio entries break. Please compare the portfolio entries on:


with those on:


I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with moving the scripts into a different folder than the one that came with the downloads, but so far I haven’t been able fix it. Can you help?

Thanks in advance! Matthew

UPDATE: I figured it out. Somehow the images hadn’t copied successfully to the new image folder. Thanks!

Hey, I’ve really been loving this theme. My problem is I’m trying to change the “Contact” link in the intro from linking to a section of the page to being a basic mailto link. It doesn’t seem to work, and actually no external links seem to work if they’re in the intro. Do you have any idea why this might be happening?


The whole intro navigation is made as a series of same page links using a jQuery plugin called jQuery One Page Nav. You can found out more about it here: https://github.com/davist11/jQuery-One-Page-Nav

In the assets/js/custom.curriculum.js file you can locate the script line that enables this navigation:

$( '#nav ul' ).onePageNav( { scrollSpeed: 400 } );

Based on the plugin, you can add exceptions via classes. So assuming you want a link to keep its default action, you’d add an ‘external’ class to that link and then, replace the code in the JS file with the following one, that adds exceptions for ‘external’ classes:

$( '#nav ul' ).onePageNav( { scrollSpeed: 400, filter: ':not(.external)' } );

Good luck and thank you for using Curriculum!


Hi there,

This is an awesome template. I’m a newbie to HTML5 but I’m learning a lot through the well-documented files. Thank you! I’m stuck on one area that I’m hoping to get your help with. In my gallery I have both images and videos.

When clicking next on the popup, it recognizes the number of projects but only displays images. When it lands on a video, it displays the message “The image cannot be loaded.”

How can I get the pop-up next button to recognize videos? Is this defined in the custom.curriculum.js file or the magnific-popup.css/js.

Thanks in advance. S

Hey Alex,

I was in a bit of a rush to fix it. After much research I found out that it doesn’t support both image and video. I swapped the plugin with an HTML5 lightbox and it worked. Although slightly tedious in figuring things out the long way, this was a great learning experience.

Suggestions: 1) please include a plugin that supports multiple file types for the gallery. I liked your styling much better. Thanks! 2) If you can update the navigation to show the sandwich icon (3 bars) when viewing on mobile that’d be awesome too. It would allow for more menu links and save a lot of time from having to update the code.

Hi, glad you got it working.

Can you send me an email from the contact form on our TF profile? I’ll get back from you there and help you set up that navigation.

Regards, Alex

That’d be awesome. Thank you so much!!