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That’s great!

Thank you!

i keep getting this error with the revolution slider

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias none not found. maybe you mean: ‘home’

how can i fix it my domain

please register to our forum and ask your question there http://highthemes.com/support

where do i find my purchase code

go to your downloads section, click the download button, and select license file

Before I buy it, I would like to know if you can deliver the PSD file of the theme or if I can buy it.

Thank you. Raul

Hello there!

I am very interested in the Cut Cake theme and would like to know a few things. Is it possible to run it only as a blog? I would like the blog part to show as the home page. Also, is this theme compatible with the GetMeCooking plugin? Thank you for your time.

~ Ashleigh

Hi there, It’s possible to set the blog as homepage, but we haven’t tested that plugin and it may be incompatible

Under Pricing “Check the pricing” how do you remove the ”$” in front of “Your title here $59 – Cake”. Is it a short code I need to type or is it located in?

Thank you in advance.

please ask your questions in our support forum http://highthemes.com/support —-

Anyway, go to includes > shortcodes > shortcodes.php line 586 to remove book butto

        $out .=    '<div class="button">
                        <a class="accent" href="'.$btn_link.'">'.$btn_title.'</a>

and for $ sign line 579

        $out .=            '<h2>'.html_entity_decode($sign) . $price.'</h2>';

Replace it with

        $out .=            '<h2>'. $price.'</h2>';

Also, I tried to add a subcategory to the menu links. It wouldn’t allow me to do this in Appearance > Menu. Were do I add find the menu file so I can create one? Also what line of code would I include in that file?

Thank you again for the above string!

Please ask your questions in our support forum http://highthemes.com/support

I am considering purchasing this template. I need to know if there are customizable options for moving the social media buttons to the header or near the top of the page, even within the menu.

Yes, it’s possible

I’m having an issue with the revolution slider appearing at the top of the home page. I got it to appear, but it has the section separation dots above it instead of it being flush to the top like the demo.

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I plan to buy this topic. But first I need to get some information to see if it will meet my needs:

Can you change the font of the menu and the initial and internal pages as the titles ?

It can put my logo in place as soon as this appears centered on the menu at the top of the page?

It can customize the description of the site to show up in google search as I want?

You can customize the site title in the browser tab putting the name I want is a favicon ?

It can change the color orange scroll bar to pink ?

It can change the footer information ?

It can create new menus and submenus ?

The theme comes with a theme options where you can change

Heading font, navigation font and body font

You can upload your logo, and it will replace with the current one

This is a wordpress theme, you can change page contents, footer, and everything.

You can change the favicon too

The accent color is editable too

you cannot have sub-menu in this theme

Hi There…I’m curious if you have any plans to integrate a cart into this template down the road? Please advise. Thanks!

Hi there, We don’t have it in our todo list right now.


I bought the theme CuteCake and install the demo is not displayed as it appears on the site for you. With so I’m having difficulty using.

Can you help me?

Where can I download the manual of this issue?


Hi there, inside the package that you’ve downloaded, there is a help folder. Please read the help file. We have covered how to setup homepage and navigation just after importing the demo content.


zulmix Purchased

Hi , I bought the theme CuteCake and install , it’s great theme , but when i insert the pototfolio in my template , in web show “Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in C:\xampp\htdocs\Projek Wordpress\Cute Cake\wp-content\themes\ht-cutecake\section-portfolio.php on line 18” , what must i do ? Thanks


Please ask your question in support forum and send me your WP credentials there via private reply


Will the theme support WordPress 4.3?

How can I change the title of portfolio item ’’portfolio’’ and the ’’Project Details’’ ?

I found it ;) But I have still one queastion. How can I set some blog posts on the home page ? like a section..?

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hello, I like very much this theme, and I would show it to the client. is it possible to have a demo?

thank you for the answer :)

Hi there, you can check our demo, but if you mean testing the theme, unfortunately it’s not possible.


Hi, I would to add a font, that doesn’t appears in the list of fonts in the wordpress panel “styling options”. How can I add it? It’s possibile to insert a new font and make it appears in the list of fonts in the backoffice? Or I have to add the font with css file.


please ask your questions in our support forum http://highthemes.com/support

hi, I have to insert a custom font, and add the code in the functions.php. Where can I find the right functions.php to add the code font?


Hi there, Please ask your questions in our support forum. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi – Having trouble installing the image slider. I followed the directions in the documentation but I don’t see steps to install the slider demo. I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thank You!

Please ask your question in support forum http://highthemes.com/support

Hi, I have a problem with the revolution slidershow in the home page.

I set the home section like documentation, and set the slider in the page, but the slidershow created doesn’t appear.

I really need it work, thanks

Please ask your question in support forum http://highthemes.com/support

jaruzek Purchased

I cannot register in your support forum. I just bough the theme but your registration page says that my purchase code support expired in 1970!

Hi there, Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix it asap. Please get in touch using our profile form. I will help you create your support forum account.

Hello I’m interested in buying your theme. I have one question tho. Does it includes woocommerce suport? I haven’t seen “shop” page in the demo

Hi, It doesn’t support WooCommerce plugin.