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Hi, I purchased the wordpress version on this site. I would like to change the opening hours from Mon – Fri to Tues – Fri can this be changed? If so what file do I need to edit. Many thanks.

Another person looking for the wordpress version – this time update from v 1.4. Spyropress lists v 2.0

Ist “Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax Template” Joomla! 3.4.4 kompatibel ?

try asking on the joomla version page

Hello, I got your Wordpress Theme but it says CSS file missing. Can you please send me the correct download to 145ef6ee-b0c1-44c0-88dd-a7924cdd2eea – 6 Oct 2015 purchased on behalf of Fernando Fernadez Thanks

this is not a wordpress theme only a html template.

I’m trying to have a split Screen on left side of the screen picture 1 on the right side picture 2. I have

eight columns img class=”scale-with-grid LandingImage” src=”images/Tucson.jpg” /a eight columns” img class=”scale-with-grid LandingImage” src=”images/scottsdale.jpg” /a

The is a space between the 2 pictures. I cant seem to find the bit of code that will push the pictures together. Can you help?

add the alpha and omega classes to the div’s

Hi I brought this theme but I need it in a wordpress version, is this possible?

new version coming very soon, waiting for approval now.

Hello Developer ,

Does the contact form work properly? I’m interested in buying this.

yes it does, combination of javascript and php


crcrcr Purchased

I bought this theme but was under the impression it was a Wordpress theme because I suck at reading…is there a Wordpress version available or coming soon? I can still use my purchase but would prefer to run everything on the Wordpress platform.

Yes there is a new version waiting for approval, I will let you know when it goes on.

When I receive an e-mail from the contact form, it comes from “name they put”@ASubDomainOn.MyWebHost.TLD – with the quotation marks around the name.

I appreciate that the reply to works, but it leaves this in a reply, which doesn’t look very good if I forget to delete it. Also, my webmail provider detects it as spam (possibly due to the odd address). Is it possible to rectify this… or is this something that needs addressing with my web host?

Incidentally, I love the theme and it’s been easy to customize to suit. One suggestion – there doesn’t appear to be any mention of how to set up the contact form in the manual. Whilst I found the correct line in contact_form.php, no doubt you’ve had e-mails where someone hasn’t set it up correctly, as your address is default! Perhaps you could include this information in the manual… and also (for the less proficient user) that the index / index-black file is where you change the text of the site?

As there’s been no response for a month, I’m pleased to say I’ve fixed this myself – it was an error in the coding in contact_form.php

The from header in PHP’s mail HAS to be an e-mail address. As you set it to be ”$name” (with the quotation marks), my server was adding the part itself. I tried it on a second server and it didn’t bother sending the e-mails at all… for the past 5 hours.

I fixed it by substituting $name with $email – this gives an e-mail address as the from name. I agree that it would be nicer to see Joe Bloggs instead of, but at least it’s working correctly now. On both servers (the second one sent within 10 minutes after the fix).

Perhaps you could rectify this so others don’t have issues?

Is there a Wordpress or Joomla version yet?

still waiting

Hello, I purchased the Cutting Edge theme through Theme Forest and after downloadning, installing, WP says the theme is incomplete and missing style sheets and some other files.

this is a html template not a wordpress theme

I have a problem, I was able to fix the colour no problem and change the gold, however I only have the black skin selection. where can I find the White? the drop down only has black. we changed it after the colour adjustments to black to see what it would look like and now we can not switch back to white

Hi! I have big problem with bought template “Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax Template” – especially with scalling images in section “Team” in mobile devices. All images are 420×420 px and template has a problem with scaling them. Please help me, because i have to run this www.

Site is under URL: login: kaja password: t2p2015

Here is example screenshot from Galaxy S6.

I see, that the problem is after adding in layout.css my own .teamOverlayXX and need to add that in other sections

seems like you sorted it.

Hi there The second problem i’ve found is after changing the screen after rotate to vertical. Here is what happened:

Please help

What to change in custom.js to enable link (clickable) fore one from few images in supersized show?


mularm Purchased

Please help me! How to make slider clickable?????

Is there any documentation to use the template? Thank you for your help

there is a documentation folder included with the download

On a mobile device (Galaxy S5, iPhone 5), the second block of text is hidden in the promotions. Is it possible for this to be shown?

Is it possible to make the slideshow full width (and thus less tall) on a mobile device, rather than “zooming” into the resolution of the screen?

I mentioned a reply in my question from a month ago regarding an e-mail issue. There’s some bad coding practice in there that needs addressing.

One last minor point – the slideshow by default loads image1, then image3, then image2 – not a big deal but I overwrote the sample files and wondered why they were in the wrong order at first!

The contact form does not accept the use of [ÁÉÍÓÚáéíóúÂÊÔâêôÀàÜüÇçÑñÃÕãõ] and I’m using the template in a version in Portuguese in Brazil, I need these characters are properly sent. Can guide me how to fix to make it work?

Problem fixed by changing the contact form.php file:

$headers  = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";
$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8' . "\r\n";
//$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\nContent-type: text/html; charset=utf-8\r\n";
//$message = utf8_decode($message);
$message = $message;

And contact_form.js file changed:

// var reg = /\.">\@([A-Za-z0-9_\\.])\.([A-Za-z]{2,4})$/; var reg = /\w+([.’]\w)@\w+([.]\w+)\.\w+([-.]\w+)*$/;

I honestly do not know why I could solve with these changes, but used as a reference another project that this perfect and replied changes to fix and it worked!


var reg = /^\w+([.']\w)@\w+([.]\w+)\.\w+([-.]\w+)*$/;

To solve the problem the @eggplantuk complaining in this message above just change the file contact_form.php the line:

$headers .= "From: ".$email ."\r\n";

The original file line has the variable $Name if I’m not mistaken, anyway for using $Name the server sends the name +ServerName as the sender.

@eggplantuk [PURCHASED] about 1 month ago: When I receive an e-mail from the contact form, it comes from “name they put”@ASubDomainOn.MyWebHost.TLD – with the quotation marks around the name.

Hi, I,m trying to change the Flickr photo stream to show another users

Here is the stream

I presume I have to edit the line

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

I have tried substituting the user id but nothing shows, do I have to change anything else?

Thanks in advance