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Hi, I purchased the wordpress version on this site. I would like to change the opening hours from Mon – Fri to Tues – Fri can this be changed? If so what file do I need to edit. Many thanks.

Another person looking for the wordpress version – this time update from v 1.4. Spyropress lists v 2.0

Ist “Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax Template” Joomla! 3.4.4 kompatibel ?

try asking on the joomla version page

Hello, I got your Wordpress Theme but it says CSS file missing. Can you please send me the correct download to 145ef6ee-b0c1-44c0-88dd-a7924cdd2eea – 6 Oct 2015 purchased on behalf of Fernando Fernadez Thanks

this is not a wordpress theme only a html template.

I’m trying to have a split Screen on left side of the screen picture 1 on the right side picture 2. I have

eight columns img class=”scale-with-grid LandingImage” src=”images/Tucson.jpg” /a eight columns” img class=”scale-with-grid LandingImage” src=”images/scottsdale.jpg” /a

The is a space between the 2 pictures. I cant seem to find the bit of code that will push the pictures together. Can you help?

add the alpha and omega classes to the div’s

Hi I brought this theme but I need it in a wordpress version, is this possible?

new version coming very soon, waiting for approval now.

Hello Developer ,

Does the contact form work properly? I’m interested in buying this.

yes it does, combination of javascript and php


crcrcr Purchased

I bought this theme but was under the impression it was a Wordpress theme because I suck at reading…is there a Wordpress version available or coming soon? I can still use my purchase but would prefer to run everything on the Wordpress platform.

Yes there is a new version waiting for approval, I will let you know when it goes on.