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I’m having the same issue as travisgeorgehair. I have put in a support ticket with Envato, but an hoping that someone has already found a fix for this.


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Im having issues using this theme in wordpress, it says I’m missing the style.css stylesheet.


metooha Purchased

Is there a wordpress version I can have? please email me at

exist this template in wordpress? thank yuo Lino

Where is a wordpress version of that theme?

Hello I bought the wordpress version but I could not download latest version. How can I download it ?

Hi how far is possible to create multiple separate pages website instead of onepage scroll page website from this template. I like this theme but i want separate pages. please let me know


I notice this theme doesn’t have an active state color for the different sections / menu items. If it can be added, please let me know. I’d like to purchase a copy.


If the theme is not for Wordpress. Where can be used then ?

Hello: Great template, Thank you! I would like to know where is defined the animated loader indicator displayed over the videos. I found it into the css as “supersized-loader” but I don’t know how to stop it. Also, let me know how to remove it.

I appreciate your help.


Also let me know how to center the videos. Thanks!

hii design is very nice please can we slow down slider speed to 10 sec please tell and how in which file we have to edit thanks in advance

Hello is there support for this theme anywhere?

yes, what would you like to know?


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Hello I am having trouble uploading this theme via wordpress theme – upload… I am not sure what I am doing wrong?


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Can you tell what you have updated to the theme “Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax Template”? So I don’t need to update the full theme

Just updated pretty photo javascript file