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really really amazing!

does it have any sort of plugin so that it can use 2 or 3 different quality images depending if its loaded by a mobile, a desktop or a retina ready display?

The next template I am working on was going to be retina ready, maybe I need to add it to this also.

Just lovely! Good luck with sales :)

Wow this is the best one page out there, so i really hope you gonna do Wordpress template of this very fast i ready pay double for it :)

Lovely color palette and I like that 3d parallax with the woman with the dress over pictures, great effect! Good luck with sales, great item!


Amazing template – 5 stars!! :-)) I also bought your template Surreal…. Great work!

I send you an email with a question….

wordpress would be great

Hi friend a need support in section stats.

Not work images.

Please help my.

please send me a link so I can have a look

Not sure what the problem is, the first 2 are working just need to replace the other images?

I was wondering if you could change the Flickr feed in the gallery to Instagram feed ?

Kudos. I have seen alot of Responsive Themes out there, but this one is Jam Packed with eye catching features. I see many uses for this. Bookmarked!

I try to add as many cool features as I can, others seem a bit boring in this day and age.

I’m interested, but I found a bug – it’s on your live preview. In the promotions section, the first dropdown that’s expanded by default has the text and image spilling out of it as seen here:

It corrects itself automatically when you open a new section and then reopen the first one, but by default it looks messed up. Is this going to be fixed soon?

I only have it happening in Chrome, I am working on a fix now.

Great template & good work: well done! Is there any chance of morphing this into a WordPress theme soon ? Once again, nice template…

Where exactly can I modify the titles in the slider like “Fullscreen Slideshow” or “Responsive Design”. Thanks

Inside the custom.js file

Hi :) Might you have the PSD files to go with this?

I am working on these this weekend and will do a new release

Hi There, i’m familiar with wordpress and use this to design websites – what software would i use to utilise your theme …it’s really great and i have a friend who would love to use this theme. (sorry for basic question, i’m only familiar with wordpress)

This is just a static HTML template, being only one page you don’t necessarily need a CMS, if you know a little bit of HTML code you should be OK to update text & images. If you want to add more sections, it is just a matter of copy and paste.

It look great and I will purchase it for wedding photography as I am sure it can fit to that too !

That’s great thanks

Hello and thank you for this template. I absolutely love it! It is so easy to follow yet so powerful. Amazing work. I normally do not spend money on stuff like this but this time I felt obligated to do so because I felt I had to reward the author. You should charge few more bucks for this in my opinion. I wish you best of luck and once again, thank you.

Can I add a woocommerce to this template – love it!

Is it me? When I look at your demo in IE or other all displays just fine… in Chrome, the words are cut in half (horizontally). ?

this is a corrupt version of oswald on your computer, remove it and install it again.

thank you very much… this was just bugging me to death. :)