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my programmer uploaded the template to our work server and its not working. What is he missing here? want this site up and running soon! help!

Should work fine on any server works on a different server. I’ll contact the web host. Are there certain requirements for the host server?

We’re all the stock photos from Shutterstock?? I’d like to use some of them on my site! Especially the ones you used in the 3D settings.

yes they are all shutterstock

Awesome! Thanks! And btw, just had to move the files to a different folder on the server and viola! Works like a charm! Can’t wait to have it done! Gonna be hot!

Does this template upload like a normal wordpress template? Log in to the panel and install a theme? I’m confused. We have a new salon and this would be amazing.

No this is a HTML template only, not wordpress

I can’t seem to find the text on the home page for each slider (Responsive design, Parallax Background, Directional Hover gallery etc.) Could you please tell me where I can find and remove/edit the text? Thank you.

inside the custom.js file

Hi! Awesome template! I canĀ“t wait to use it :) I need the images that you used for the 3D-effect, as well as some others from shutterstock. Can you please send me documentation on exactly where to find your images on shutterstock?

Can you send me an email and I will send you the lightbox link

Thank you, i have sent email now. Great support! 5 stars!

changed type in the custom.js file for the home page slide by overwriting on the words you had there. now the home page is black with the prompting arrows and my logo. any ideas?

never mind.. i fixed it! lol! not sure what happened. can you send me the light box link too? Thanks!! I found most of what i need on shutterstock but i think im missing one. Its close to done! Very soon and it hot! love this template!!

i see that when hovered over the services photos the photo disappears and type shows beneath it. i found where to change the type in the index file. but the type appears white on a white background. where do i change the background color or type color?

Hi, I have a question about this theme: must I use it in an open source platform like joomla or wordpress or something similar? I like it but I have no experience about site so I think that’s more simple for me using wordpress etc. Thanks for your help! Simona

Because it is just one page, it is easy to just leave it as HTML and upload as is.

This is coolest, nicest and most fun website layout I have EVER seen. No lie. I’m about to purchase it tomorrow, but I’m not going to use it for a salon, spa or such, but rather to sell my products. Before I buy, I had a question or two if you don’t mind:

. Would I be able to add e-commerce to this? (maybe it already has this functionality, but I’m new to e-commerce so bear with me) . Are there any options for changing out the trim color, like the gold to something else for example?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Again, GREAT theme!

Yes you could always add some cart functionality, none existing at the moment. Should be relatively easy to change colors by just doing a find & replace in the CSS

its done and live!! so excited to get this online! and it was totally customizable! i jumped in and took over a lot of the changes myself which was a learning experience but totally doable! Changed the gold to hot pink to go with our color scheme. Still needs a few tweaks, but it looks Chic!! Love it! thanks!!!

I will send you a link shortly

never got the lightbox link. really need to get that done since its live. would greatly appreciate it!! Also, sitemap is easy FYI> google making a sitemap and used a site that asks questions and makes it for you. just cut and paste. is working great!!

You should have it on your email now.

Hello. I’m interested in purchasing this fantastic looking template but I need to know a couple things first.

1. Would I be able to add new pages/sections to the site? e.g. If I wanted to have an additional page/section that looked and worked like the “Services” section, could I just duplicate that page and make a new one from it?

2. Can I delete pages/sections that I don’t necessarily need?

Again, fabulous template. Looking forward to your response.


Yes easy to add and delete sections, no problem

Thanks a million. I’ll be purchasing it early next week. Cheers.

When will you have the wordpress version?

Bro I am in July now. :) Just came in to peep inside see whether Wordpress version was released yet. How long will it take? :)

Very close now will let you know when on

HI, has changed the version of the API twitter, with the old version no longer appear tweets. You can get an update? pls tnx

working on this now.

Still no solution?

I just need to do an update, next few days, sorry for the delay.


I’ve bought this template on one of my accounts. Can remember which one, but anyway – I’m almost done with the editing. But no matter what I try, I can really get the email form to work? the contact_form.php

I have made 6-7 before, but this one just won’t work. From scratch with this template, what will I have to do?

Hi did you have time to look into it yet ?

I cant see anything wrong with the form, might be something to do with the server its on?? maybe try removing all javascript except the contact form and just see if there is a conflict somewhere.

There’s a bug on the statGrid with single statItem, on webkit browser based, the onhover function doesn’t work!

I try with Chrome and Safari on OSX.

Shazmin 17 days ago Flag When will you have the wordpress version?

html5css3templates AUTHOR 16 days ago Flag hopefully at the end of June

Hello, we bought this template, but we are very interested in the wordpress version, is there any news about the release? please keep us updated :)

Is this going to be optimized for mobile???

What part are you talking about?