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hello, nice theme. great job. just one thing. when i add our url tracking codes to the anchors (IE: #salon is ”?utm_campaign=Resoures+Sction&utm_medium=Other&utm_source=Other#salon” it makes the really nice smooth scrolling effect on the page very jumpy, do you know any way to make that not happen? :)

sorry not sure, haven’t done anything like that before.

Where do I change the deliver to email address for contact form?


in the contact_form.php

Can you provide links to the images that you have used for this theme? I would like to purchase them

I will add a link in the description, will let you know when done

The webpage is not displaying properly in iphone 4/5 safari browser when using domain frame redirection or url masking, is this a restriction on the template or is there a workaround to make it show correctly on iphone?

Domain frame redirection, what do you mean by this?

Its a basic url masking or domain forwarding. It seems like this is breaking the Viewport meta tag functionality.

Excellent theme! Really, 5-Star all around!

I have a question about the “Circles” around each thumbnail image. I’m trying to change them all to white squares and only have been able to get white circles so far. Can you point me in the right direction.

I tried replacing in layout-black.css:
.circle {
    border-radius: 50%;


.square {
    width: 100px;
    height: 100px;
    background: #FFFFFF;

But apparently not the easy. Thanks in advance!

change .thumbImage , the best way to find out what to change is using firebug in firefox or inspect element in chrome.

I recently purchased this theme and I keep getting an “upload failure” when I try to install this theme through wordpress v3.5. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Ah, sorry, I assumed this was a wordpress theme. NM.

i recently purchased this theme … and the promos & specials section which i have repurposed as an FAQ does not ‘drop down’ on mobile…

am i missing something? the accordion effect sort of works … but there is no content inside… do it only accordions a little bit.

Maybe try using overflow: auto on the accordion in the CSS

didn’t seem to work … i’ll PM you the address.


the class “acctext” does not display on mobile platforms. i replaced all my acctext with acctitle, this seems to work for android… but it also makes all accordions open on iphone.

just realized something weird is happening with the contact form. if I complete the form on a PC it is sent and received to my email. But when I sent it from a mobile phone, it don’t receive an email. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me??

it seems to have fixed itself after a while. May have just been a server issue.

Hi, this is such an amazing website design and I’m keen to purchase, just wondering if it would be okay for me to completely remove the gallery section as I won’t be needing it?

Yes that is fine, can remove and change order no problem.

Awesome, thanks so much for the quick reply. Just one more question: would I be able to add a blog or is that not really possible? Thanks again!

I added a blog to my surreal template, very similar if you have a look at that.

good job, Is there this web site also in Wordpress?

But this Theme is not the same ob this Theme. Do you understand me?

All the Navigation, also Salon, Award, Prices, Team, Service and Prises.

sorry I thought it was the surreal one, no there isn’t a wordpress version at this stage.

Hello again.

I’d like to ask this. I want to open gallery in a new window or tab, which is not a problem in the <!-- Start Nav Menu -->. But how am I supposed to do it in the <!-- Start Dropmenu for mobile --> ? The : <a href="gallery.html" target="_blank">Gallery</a> doesn’t work here and my knowledge is yet to small to solve this.

Thank you

I will check it out and get back to you

How can I change the address for google maps?

How can I get this code for my address?


Type your address in google maps, click the link button and then copy the code and paste in the template

It is not working.

What address are you trying to display

Your web site seems to be down. I would like to preview your work.

Love this design and have implemented successfully, but I am limited on JS knowledge. is there a way to make the main slideshow image clickable and linking to one of the sections within the page?


// Components slide_links : ‘blank’, // Individual links for each slide (Options: false, ‘num’, ‘name’, ‘blank’) thumb_links : 0, // Individual thumb links for each slide thumbnail_navigation : 0, // Thumbnail navigation slides : [ // Slideshow Images {image : ’./images/slider/image1.jpg’, title : ‘

Responsive Design

’, thumb : ’’, url : ’’ }, ],

Not sure, I will get back to you

I bought your template.In the making,I want to show photo column thumbnail picture change into square,but can not find this code.Tell me how to do,please.Thank you.


I have some troubles with Internet Explorer 8 & 9. The circles (around the pictures for example) are displayed as squares and my customer is unhappy.

How can I fix?


Ie8 doesn’t,t support border radius in CSS but ie9 should be fine

i have purchased the theme .. but how do i now make it go with my domain name?? and how do i make it a website

Use a FTP program and upload the files

Hi great template! but the mobile version does not show the small white wording for each promotional item, under the promotions tab; it just displays the large gold wording. How can I get each promotional detailed description to show on smartphones and ipad?

i have found a fix change the first line to the following: <select class=”dropmenu” name=”dropmenu” onchange=”location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;”>

Amazing theme congrats ! we will you do a worpress theme with this template. I will buy it for sure !!!!! :) Thanks for your answer. Brice.

Not at this stage, I will talk to my Wordpress guys

Hey loving the theme, thanks. I have a problem with the first accordion under promotions when using Safari 6.0.5 on OSX. The first blocks of text are sitting outside of the frame. Image here: This was taken from your demo install. Does the same thing on my install as well.

If you close the tab and open it again it fixes itself. Works fine in Firefox and Chrome.

Any fix for this?

Cheers, Ian

Found a fix – on .accContent in the CSS put display:table;

Worked perfectly. Thanks :)