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do you got a wordpress version of this

I am sending the updated template through to the wordpress developer tomorrow, who will trun it around within 2 weeks.

so i take it I have to buy this when it comes out.. because i was told that the Surreal Studio themes was this theme, and I ended up purchasing that one. But realized that it not the same theme at all. I feel Like i wasted my money and was tricked. I like this one much better and was talked into get that one.

Sorry I am confused do you want surreal studio or cutting edge in Wordpress, surreal Wordpress has been out for 3 months, cutting edge Wordpress will be about 2 weeks away. How were you tricked?

Hello, I bought your beautiful template, it is really great. However I have a question about the “Get the latest news & offers” when I click the submit button it always return me to the “home” page form. Can you help me solve this problem. Thank you in advance

The idea was to link it to campaign monitor

Ok merci.

Hi – how far away is the Wordpress version of this theme?

about a week

Thank you – will definitely purchase – can you advise when ready or do I just keep checking back here?

Any update on Wordpress Version?

I am having problems making sitemap and SEO can you help me out?

Hello, I have downloaded your theme a few days ago. Before I start working with it I read in comments that Wordpress version is coming out soon. Could I exchange it somehow and e.g. pay the diffedence, or do I need to buy some extras or totaly new one…? Thanks for help.

You will have to buy the wordpress version, sorry

Hello, I need to increase the resolution of the photos to cover more 23” screens. As i can do?


on the parallax images, add background-size:cover;

Ok, but the resolution is not very good. The images are in high resolution.


Hi my name is Silvia I just purchased your template but I didn’t come with the photos? I am interested in seeing how can I get some of the photos that are in the sample link you have online. Please let me know as soon as possible.


They are all from shutter stock, I will make a light box for you

When will it be available for WordPress this theme is awesome..

Should be finished by the end of the week

I want to buy the Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax Template’s WordPress version. Is it available?

Should be finished by the end of the week

I know everyone, including myself, is asking about the wordpress version of this theme. I understand you’re working on it as we speak, but can you give an actual date of when it may be completed? I have a client that would love to have this theme, but I need give him a timeframe of when that may happen. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi great theme! where do activate or deactivate the sliders and their captions? I know where the images go but how do I deactivate the slides I don’t need and their captions? Thanks. Again awesome theme!

Never mind got it thanks

I am having problems making sitemap and SEO can you help me out?

This is the one problem with a parallax site, it is only one page, hard to make a sitemap.

Hi again, I need some help please… I have 4 team members but the fourth one is not displaying on the same row with the other 3 team members. All I did was duplicate one of the team divs. I must say it, my client loooves this theme!

remove offset-by-two on the first team member

You are the best! Thank you!

WordPress yet?

any day now.

Please update the Wordpress version for this template.

Hi, I just purchased the theme, just wondering if you could email me the lightbox so I can organise the images through Shutterstock. Also there appears to be a problem with the supersized slider, when I viewed it on my iPhone, it didnt shrink down, so on the screen was a massive blurry image, and had to keep scrolling forever to get past it how do you fix this? Or do you have another alternative slider that can be added? Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

Can you send me an email and I can send you the lightbox via email. With the slider, I haven’t seen this problem, can you tell me what iphone & iOS you have?

Hi, Wonderfull theme the cutting-edge. I am waiting for the Wordpress version. Is it possible to use the WPLM in combination with the theme? Thanks in advance.

Should be going up by Wednesday 6th.

Should be going up by Wednesday 6th.

Do you heve an estimated time about when is gonna be ready for WordPress, I need to let my client know…?

Thank you…

I am waiting to hear back from my Wordpress developer, will let you know ASAP

Should be going up by Wednesday 6th.