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Hello, probably a stupid question, but still – where can I edit Slider text? Usually I edited it simply in index file, but here I can only find this code: ... div id=”slidecaption” ... And no text to edit inside.. I also looked through CSS files and didn’t find anything.. Please help..

In the custom.js file

Can I change the “slider” to a video background instead?

Sill question I know but I cannot work out how to hide the navigation title of the page – so each page i have duplicate titles once the modules have been added

How do you get the map to work correctly?

When I use the the iframe Gmaps gives me, most addresses I have tried have no markers showing (despite them being shown on Google) and it is always at level 4 zoom, again which does not change whatever zoom level I select from Google maps.

Also, when it scales down to be responsive, the map fixes on top left corner instead of the place marker (when you can get one)... how can this be changed because otherwise it is pretty useless?

Not good and no instructions.

hello I have a question. promottions section visible only partially on any devices, but PC (like ipad, android, iphone.. u can only see titles of promotions, no pic, no text). Can I fix it? thanks

can you send me link

Great Theme, Thank you. Everything is fine, only my menu is not fixed. When I scroll the page, the menu goes with the page. How can I fixed it?

OK, got it, Need a Plugin, Thank you!

Hi guys Thy Self[/white_cutting]

where can i find the other shortcodes for the text over parallax and how do i make text smaller? also where can i log into a forum? I have other stuff I would like to look into thanks

hey what plugin are you using to get the split screen landing page? i need that for one of my clients that has two website.

Thanks for the great design

Just purchased the theme, installed and activated the required plugins, and imported the demo data. When the theme is active, it has the main slideshow, but beneath that is the two columned Blog page instead of the full single page layout and the menu doesn’t work.

How can I get the actual demo layout to work?

Please direct your question on the wordpress version

Yep, I realized there was a Wordpress version after the fact and posted my question there last week, but still no response. Would have appreciated a technical answer in that thread instead of one here that simply redirects me.

Hello, insert multiple photos in the Gallery, but they are repeated in the other galleries. How do I add different photos all galleries, please?

I would like to add 25 pictures in GALLERY-01-THUMB + 25 different photos in GALLERY-02-THUMB + 25 different photos in GALLERY-03-THUMB and so on. How do I do that, please?

Hello ?

Hello. Already bought 3 themes their and so far you haven’t given me support, referring to the image gallery. For 2 months I’ve been trying to contact and nothing! Please help me out. Need to add multiple images in different galleries, so that they only appear in their respective galleries. Is this possible? Thank you

ciao , il tema รจ davvero bello ,solo che ho dei problemi nella modifica della home , the widgets relativi al testo come il testo di introduzione e il rich text non si salvano ma si carica all’infinito , e le foto relative alla big slide risultano sempre sgranate perche ? Aspetto un aiuto grazie

hello, the theme is really nice, just that I am having problems changing the home, the widgets related to the text as the introductory text and rich text are not saved but will charge indefinitely, and photos from the big slides are always grainy why? Appearance help thanks


I have problem. Please help me because my site is not update:

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Problem is when I edit page SpyroBuilder. I can,t update text in my page. I can,t also add new text/article.

Hi, just wondering if and when the wordpress version will be back up for purchase for the cutting edge theme?

Hey, I am just curious, to get the front page slider to work, do I need to buy or download a different plugin?

I am having trouble with the fancybox not working on my gallery page. I am also having issues with the sticky nav bar. It is not working either. Please help. The site is on

Who built what? html5css3templates built the HTML version and SpyroPress built he WP version? I’m confused!

I bought the WP version and it has just been removed from Themeforest… What’s the scoop? Very disappointing!