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Hi! When released the wordpress version of this theme? Thank u!

I bought the Wordpress version and it has just been removed!!! No Support,no contact. fake

What happened to the WordPress Theme will it be back up soon?? Need it ASAP Thanks.

Really need to purchase Wordpress theme of this asap, do you know when it will be available? Thanks

any news on this then??

What happen to the wordpress theme? I just purchased it and its gone.

It should be back soon.

Anyone interested in the Wordpress version of this theme, feel free to email me –

There already is a wordpress version of this, developer had to fix a couple of things before putting back up.

When will Wordpress version?

I am chasing the developer, will let you know.

When will the wordpress version be back? I have already half built a site with it only to discover it isn’t responsive! I need this theme to work as promised urgently! I’m assuming this is one of the ‘bugs’ – when will an update be available?

I am chasing the developer, will let you know.

Hey buddy, Very nice them. Just wondering if i could please get a link to the lightbox of photos from shutterstock? My email is

Thanks dude.

Will be Wordpress version?

When will er com a Wordpress version?

What is the timeline? Is there going to be a updated Wordpress verison? I would like to buy this template today to build a client website.

Is this theme as wordpress available?

thats amazing!;

Pedi uma ajuda há 2 meses e até agora nada! Decepcionado.

The author, does it make sense to wait for Wordpress version ? If so, when will it be ?

Hi, I need to customize parallax pictuers and can’t find how to remove model-clipped.png and put my own. Please tell me in which file I can find the code where can change the source to that .png for parallax. Thanks.

Great page! but I’m having difficulty have the time display correctly inside the Chrome Browser.

For people have issues with Half-showing FONTS in Chrome only, follow this link and look at the bottom:


can i change the slider to show short video clips instead of static images?


How do i edit the slider images and content at the top of the site above navigation bar. Im using Dreamweaver cs5.5 and cant find where these images are anywhere in the code css or the html. Help would be greatly appreciated.