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I like this theme and have decided to choose it, but I found a few flaws, some that I’ve fixed myself, 1 that I got a reply on support forum that would get fixed in a later version, but I still have 1 unanswered post in the support forum after 5 days.

This is the post: http://www.pixelwars.org/forums/topic/excerpt-in-the-blog-overview-instead-of-features-image/

Kind regards, Thomas Schmidt

Hi, replied, sorry for the delay.

Hi there, I just purchased and installed the theme but I’m not able to visualize the modern menu, I am using the classic.

It is by default enabled modern menu?

Is there a sample site so i can edit that instead?

Hi, the sample data included to the package.



tnccnt Purchased

Merhaba, Menuyü küçülterek ya da küçültmeden birden fazla menu ogesi gostermek mümkün mü? Ke?fi biraz zor olabilir di?er sayfalar?n. Te?ekkürler.

eger sadece sayfa arkaplan rengi degisecekse, metin renkleri de degismeyeckse yardimci olabiliriz.


tnccnt Purchased

Gerektiginde yazmak uzere support forumuna kayit oluyorum. Tesekkurler.

tabi ki, tesekkurler.

Hey Guys,

Great theme! Using Classic view. Trying to get my portfolio items to show up on my portfolio page but no go. Any idea?

Cheers, Tina

Really fun theme and out of the box in terms of something different.

Wouldn’t recommend if buying for a client build as just far so complex to use in the back office where little mistakes can effect the whole site. Support service is bad which is a real shame, but its a new theme, I would pay more for real support! If you want to stand out then go for it, its a great theme.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Can this theme support the display of more than one resume or vcard?

Hi, do you mean adding two resume pages to homepage? It is possible.


I am trying to create a second blog on my site but the page doesn’t work. First of all, is this possible? If so, I am using the following guide:


My site: http://www.talhafazlani.com/

The page: http://www.talhafazlani.com/data-visualisation/

Let me know.


Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


I recently purchased this theme, and it’s beautiful, but I have had a lot of issues with it. Specifically, I cannot get new pages to register on my navigation bar. My site is just a front page with no other links. I might have to ask for a refund if the theme doesn’t end up working.

Nevermind, I take back the beautiful part. After installing the theme and spending several hours on attempting to customize it, it looks nothing like the demo. I am extremely frustrated and unsatisfied.

Hi, sorry to hear that, we will help you to setup the theme in our support forums.


Hi, does this theme support WPML plugin?

Hi, not tested with that plugin.


CAn I change the preload effect?

Hi, sorry it is not possible by default.


Two issues, that annoys me a lot:

1. I have updated to the latest version but there is still issues with the positioning of the tooltips.See: http://puu.sh/iGRUg/52f0b02242.png

2. When you load the page for the first time, chrome reports the following errors: http://puu.sh/iGRYh/4ff10fafcc.png and the green loading bar in the top just goes slowly to the right, never ends. This also results in the blog page not loading it’s layout: http://puu.sh/iGS1t/42359a5e69.png After refreshing the page, it’s okay: http://puu.sh/iGS2P/c648da88f8.png but it should work when loading THE FIRST TIME.

I’ve been waiting for a fix for months now, please let me know what I can do to fix it or when an update will be provided.

Kind regards, Thomas

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

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Thank you, it works now. But I asked a question more than 2 days ago and nobody answered still.

Hi again, just replied, sorry for the delay.

Hi again, just replied, sorry for the delay.

HI, I’ve set up the menu and its all working except when I create a portfolio item it displays on my resume page? I’ve checked that its all correctly linked but its not working. Please assist.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


ddwag1 Purchased

I’m looking to override the scrolling tool that’s being used. How do I go about doing that?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.